5 Tips for Switching to Solar Panels

Written by Samantha Cole, Solar Energy World
Updated June 30, 2015
Solar panels on top of a house
You might have to remove trees if your house it too shaded for effective solar panel use. (Photo courtesy of Ruthy B., Concord, Massachsetts)

Energy usage and surrounding landscape are just two things to consider before installing solar panels.

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Solar power is a great way for homeowners to offset their energy bills and reduce their impact on the environment.

To help you choose a solar contractor, and help you determine what to expect when switching to home solar power, keep these five tips in mind:

1. Consider your energy usage

Clearly, if you're choosing home solar power, you can expect a reduction or elimination of your electric bills. If you truly want to reduce your energy bill as much as possible, take a good look at your current electricity consumption. Do you regularly leave lights, appliances and other electronics on when not in use? Are your windows drafty, or does your roof need replacement?

Achieving net zero energy usage is a mix of solar power generation and energy efficiency. An energy audit is a great way to identify points of energy loss in your home, and sometimes a simple fix can make a huge difference.

2. Look at your landscape

Solar panels convert sunlight into electricity. To do this, they must be exposed to sunlight, so shading must be avoided. If your home is surrounded by trees, seriously consider whether or not you'd be comfortable having them removed.

3. Consider your roofing situation

Because a rooftop solar power system will be attached your existing roof, be sure that it's in good condition. A qualified solar analyst should be able to answer your questions and examine your home to make a recommendation.

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4. Research your contractor

Take a good look at your solar power installer of choice. Learn their affiliations, their licenses and be sure to have all of your questions answered. Browse for reviews of the company and look for not only the great reviews, but also how the company handles negative reviews and conflicts.

5. Learn everything you can about solar power

A solar analysis will give you the chance to learn what you can expect from choosing solar power. It's a time to learn about the financial incentives, costs, savings and everything else that solar power entails. This is also the time to ask questions, and address any concerns that you may have. Additionally, keep an eye out for other opportunities, such as classes or workshops that explain what you need to know about solar power.

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Editor's note: This is an updated version of an article originally posted on March 27, 2013.

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