Keep Pool Water From Evaporating With These 5 Helpful Tips

Paige Novak
Written by Paige Novak
Updated May 4, 2022
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Dive in to learn how to reduce water loss

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When the sun is hot and the afternoon stretches out in front out you, the last thing you want is to notice a low water level as you’re about to cannonball into your pool. If you check for leaks and come up empty, the problem is likely evaporation. 

If you suspect the sun is making your water run low, here are some tips to fight back and reduce pool evaporation.

1. Try Liquid Protection

An easy and quick fix for pool evaporation is a liquid pool blanket. This is specifically formulated liquid you pour into your pool, commonly made from some combination of alcohol and calcium hydroxide. Together, these liquids create a barrier between the pool’s surface and water, keeping the water at a more constant temperature and lessening evaporation rates. 

Remember to follow the manufacturer’s instructions on your liquid pool cover for your pool’s specific size and needs.

2. Get a Pool Cover 

When your pool stays at a constant temperature, it stops the water from rapidly heating and evaporation. This is when a pool cover comes into play. 

A pool cover, no matter what type, helps keep your pool at a constant temperature and reduce the rate of chemical consumption (meaning you’ll use less pool chemicals because the water evaporates more slowly). And (bonus!) they also act as a shield from outside debris like leaves and twigs from falling into the water.

3. Give It Some Shade

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Add shrubs, hedges, or any kind of greenery to the perimeter of your pool to shield the water from the beating sun. 

This shades your pool so the sun doesn’t heat the water, leading to a faster rate of evaporation. If greenery isn’t your style, then wood paneling or a pergola overhead is another DIY trick that shades the pool and reduces water evaporation. 

4. Turn the Temp Down

You know the feeling when you jump into a cool, refreshing pool on a scorching day? If you want to cut down on water use, then it’s time to embrace these chilly temperatures. 

Because warm water evaporates faster than cold, cranking your pool heater is a common cause of water evaporation. Stick with a colder pool temp, and you’re sure to reduce water loss. 

A good rule to follow is the 2-degree rule, meaning your pool should be 2 degrees colder than the temperature outside (up to 86 degrees Fahrenheit). 

5. Turn Off Any Features

Features such as slides, fountains, and waterfalls contribute to water loss because their motion heats up the pool, accelerating evaporation. You can still enjoy them while you’re taking a dip, but always turn them off when the pool isn’t in use.

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