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There are almost half a million plumbers in the US alone. Each state has its own licensing and certification rules for plumbers. At Angi, we provide the best reviews to find and hire plumbing pros that can help install or repair any type of pipe or plumbing need. You can see our list of plumbers along with ratings or browse plumbers near you to match with a plumbing company quickly.

Learn more about plumbers including the cost of plumbing repairs, common plumbing problems, and questions to ask before hiring plumbers—plus many more plumbing details.

Common Plumbing Problems

The interior of a modern bathroom (Photo by CreativaStudio/E+ via Getty Images)
Bathroom RemodelingBathroom Cabinets & VanitiesBathroom Floor and TileBathroom SinksBathtubs and Showers
Make the reno easier for you and your family
Modern bathroom with rainhead shower (Photo by boris -
Bathtubs and Showers
This is an easy fix for even a novice DIYer
A modern bathroom having both a shower and a bathtub (Photo by alvarez/E+ via Getty Images)
Bathtubs and ShowersBathroom RemodelingBathtub Liners & Refinishing
If your bathroom is ready for a redo, consider these remodel ideas for a shower upgrade
A shower head with blue tiles in the background (Photo by Antenna via Getty Images)
RemodelBathtubs and Showers
Simple showerhead replacements typically cost $75 to $150, but can vary based on style and any requested plumbing repairs
A modern shower with white tiles (Photo by Dan Reynolds Photography/Moment via Getty Images)
BathroomBathtubs and ShowersBathroom Floor and Tile
Prevent stained or clogged shower grout with these tile grout cleaning tips