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meth paraphernalia found in meth lab house
Biohazard RemediationReal Estate Agents
Contamination due to cooking methamphetamine presents a big problem for Hoosier homeowners, Realtors and law enforcement.
Biohazard tape
Biohazard Remediation
Biohazard remediation professionals specialize in the safe removal of biohazardous waste, often from the scene of a crime, animal infestation or accident.
hazardous materials sign
Biohazard RemediationDumpster and Garbage Collection
Before you toss it, check the label. Hazardous items — like batteries and ink cartridges — should be disposed safely, which doesn't mean at the curb!
popcorn ceiling texture
A few factors affect the cost to remove popcorn ceilings.
Asbestos project in the works
Dear Angie: How can I tell if a house still has or once had asbestos? – Beth S., Redondo Beach, California