Mold Removal and Remediation

Indoor Air Quality

Even if a prior moisture problem has been fixed, once the mold has grown, the threat remains until the mold spores are physically removed, says Flappan. (Photo courtesy of Angie's List member Christianna C. of Chicago)
Mold Removal and Remediation
Mold contaminants in the air you breathe and on the surfaces you touch in your home can make you sick. One highly rated provider explains the common culprits.
Senior project manager Austin Reid of Mold Masters uses a moisture meter to test moisture content in the wall to find potential demolition areas that contain mold. (Photo by Sara Cozolino)
Biohazard RemediationMold Removal and Remediation
Mold can be a scary thing for homeowners to tackle. Hiring reputable companies to handle the mold testing and mold remediation can help alleviate the stress.
mold growing on wall
Mold Removal and Remediation
What you can’t see can hurt you: Learn what to use, and which materials are good candidates for DIY mold cleanup.
bathroom remodel problems
Bathroom RemodelingCommon Plumbing ProblemsMold Removal and Remediation
Keep an eye out for these four problems that could derail your bathroom renovation before it starts.
Mold in air duct
Air Duct CleaningMold Removal and RemediationIndoor Air Quality
Indoor mold growth can occur in air ducts but can be controlled with a few preventive measures.