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Outdoor kitchen charlotte

Member Photo of the Day: A Smoking Hot Outdoor Kitchen

Charlotte's mild seasons give this homeowner ample time to sample and enjoy the good life on his new patio, complete with fireplace and outdoor kitchen. Yum!
tree branches with fall leaves

Finding a Tree Service You Trust is a Tall Order

Trees are large, visible and valuable assets to your property. Learn how to check that the tree service you hire is qualified to properly care for your trees.
Energy saver thermostat

What Temperature Should You Set the Thermostat to While on Vacation?

Rather than turning off your home’s AC when you’re on vacation, it’s best to boost your AC settings by about 5 degrees in summer, and cut them by about 5 degrees in winter. With this simple step, you’ll conserve energy while protecting your home!

Why Is Fertilization Important for Trees?

Soil loses nutrients that contribute to tree health through leaf removal and plant selection. A certified arborist can fertilize your yard to help.
Diseased tree trunk

Care for Your Trees Responsibly with Integrated Pest Management

Responsible care for your trees begins with integrated pest management. One highly rated provider explains the benefits for your trees and the environment.
fire pit-Virginia

Safety Tips for Using a Fire Pit

Before you gather around the outdoor fireplace this fall, make sure your fire pit is far enough away from buildings and trees so they won't become fire wood.

Should You Repair or Replace Masonry?

Washington, D.C., and Charlotte masonry contractors help homeowners make repairs and replacements.
Preparing dinner on gas stove.

How to Hire a Natural Gas Line Plumber

Whether you’re getting a natural gas line installed or repaired, it’s essential to hire an experienced natural gas line plumber. Find out what questions to ask and how to make sure you’re hiring the best pro for the job.

Ex-Police Officer Finds Passion in Piano Tuning

The owner of North Carolina's Alyce & The Pyano Man followed his passion, turned in his badge and took up tuning, repairing, refinishing and appraising pianos.
Gold ring jewelry in hand over notebook appraisal

Searching for a Unique Gift? Consider Custom Jewelry

Charlotte jewelers suggest designing custom jewelry when buying engagement rings or one-of-a-kind wedding bands to wear yourself or give as a unique gift.
heat pump close-up

Should I Get a Heat Pump or Gas Furnace?

In Carolinas' milder climate, homeowners may decide the efficiency and versatility of a heat pump outweigh the warmer air a gas furnace provides in winter.
laminate flooring in a room

Laminate vs. Hardwood Flooring

Considering new flooring for the kitchen? Consider laminate, which is more suitable for rooms with high moisture content such as kitchens and bathrooms.
Ceiling fan

3 Easy Ways to Pay Lower Energy Bills

Make the right moves with ceiling fans, curtains and thermostats to stay comfortable and still save on the energy bill at your house in the new year.

New Law Keeps Electronics Out of North Carolina Landfills

The e-cycling law mandates the proper disposal of old electronics and sets a "responsible recycler" certification in North Carolina.
Wasp nest

Wasps Give Bees a Bad Name and Kids a Painful Sting

The insects you hear buzzing outdoors in Charlotte may be harmless honeybees or aggressive wasps that call for professional pest control or exterminating.