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  • Mom and child read under blanket

    6 Furnace Safety Tips Every Homeowner Should Know

    Staying warm in the winter shouldn’t come with risks. Regular maintenance and some cautiousness will go a long way toward keeping your home safe. Follow a few safety tips to ensure your furnace doesn’t become a safety hazard for your family.

  • Young Woman Waters Her Houseplants

    5 Types of Whole-House Furnace Humidifiers That’ll Keep Your Air Comfortable

    Not only do whole-house humidifiers keep you breathing easy, but they also prevent dry air from damaging your beautiful wood floors and furniture. Before getting one, consult this list of the best whole-house furnace humidifiers you can buy.

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    How Much Does It Cost to Repair a Furnace?

    What you’ll pay for furnace repairs depends on many factors, including what parts are malfunctioning, where you live, and even the time of day. Here’s a breakdown of what can go wrong with your furnace and the cost to fix those issues.

HVAC Repair Pros

Five Questions to Ask Air Conditioning HVAC Pros

Big or small, your project is a significant investment. That’s why we recommend interviewing at least three qualified HVAC professionals before making a hiring decision. Ask the following questions to determine whether a pro is the right fit for your project.

1. Should I be aware of any technology changes?

Air conditioning manufacturers are constantly innovating. Talking to your prospective pro about new features and technical specs will ensure you get the right unit for your home — and that you hire a pro who is up to date with the latest in AC tech.

2. How will you ensure my AC unit is the right size?

AC units come in different sizes. Installing the wrong unit will negatively impact your energy efficiency and comfort. Be sure you pro plans to perform a heat-load calculation before they begin any installation or repairs. These tests determine which AC unit size is right for your home.

3. Are financing options available?

Financing options make it easier to afford the AC unit that will work best for your home. It’s best to hire pros who have installment or payment plans available.

4. Are seasonal energy efficiency ratio (SEER) ratings important?

SEER ratings determine the efficiency of your unit. Hire a pro who understands these ratings and who is able to match the right unit to your home. Installing an inefficient unit can raise utility bills and create an uncomfortable climate in your home.

5. Will you inspect my ductwork?

Your ductwork should be sized to match your unit. If you’re installing a new unit, ask your pro to ensure your ducts will work with your new unit. It’s a bad idea to hire a pro who refuses to look at your ductwork.

Five Questions to Ask Your Heating Pro

1. Are you experienced with my type of system?

Heating systems come in a huge variety of designs, from cutting-edge geothermal units to old-fashioned radiators. It’s important that your pro has experience working with your type of unit.

2. What hours are you available?

Most heating repairs take place inside your home. Be sure your pro’s schedule will work with your own.

3. What brands do you carry?

Many HVAC companies carry only specific brands. It’s critical that your pro is able to provide the right replacement parts for your type of system.

4. What’s your payment schedule?

Some heating system repairs can incur major costs. Be sure your pro offers payment plans or financing options if you’re tackling a big repair or installation. 

5. Do you offer service contracts?

Service contracts ensure your heating systems receives regular maintenance. This is especially useful after a major repair or replacement. Don’t forget to ask your pro about contract options.


  1. How much do HVAC companies typically charge?

    The average cost to hire a HVAC contractor is between $40 and $100 per hour, while some may be more expensive, there will typically not be any cheaper option that would be qualified and licensed to do HVAC work.

  2. How much are typical HVAC repair costs?

    The average cost for a repair is around $200 and $1,500. However, each project is different and costs can range from $200 to fix a refrigerator leak, to several thousand dollars to install or repair an A/C unit.

  3. Should HVAC technicians be certified or licensed?

    Yes. Every state has their own requirements for licensing and certifications for HVAC contractors.  Be sure to check our state licensing tool to review the local HVAC guidelines.

  4. What questions should I ask a HVAC contractor?

    There are several questions or things to know before hiring a HVAC pro to do any work in your home.

    •   Do they have proper licensing and certification?

    •   Do they charge for estimates?

    •   Can they provide references?

    •   What brands to they carry or service?

  5. How many HVAC contractors are in the US?

    According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics in May 2020, there were 344,020 HVAC contractors employed in America. Their average salary was $25.68 per hour, with an annual wage of $53,410. Florida has the most HVAC professionals employed (33,210) with California (32,410) following just behind. Alaska has the highest average hourly wage at $38.28 per hour.