Why You Should Hire Professional Piano Movers

Alison Kasch
Written by Alison Kasch
Updated July 12, 2021
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Hiring a professional piano mover can help ensure your prized musical possession arrives safely

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Moving your antique grand piano to a new home, or even just a different room, isn’t like moving any old piece of furniture—there are keys, pedals, wires, and other components that can be very expensive (or even impossible) to replace. Not to mention it can also weigh upwards of 1,000 pounds, so hiring professional piano movers is the best way to protect yourself and your beloved instrument. 

Finding the right mover involves verifying qualifications, comparing costs, and choosing the best guarantee, but with a little know-how, you’ll be able to find the right pro for you in no time.

How to Find a Professional Piano Mover

One of the many reasons to hire professional movers is that they will help you avoid personal injury and damages to your belongings. That said, not every mover will know how to get a piano out of a house safely, so it’s important to hire movers with piano-specific experience. 

Ideally, you’ll want to find local piano movers who specialize in transporting this type of instrument. They will have the equipment needed to move the instrument and can take apart and reassemble the piano if needed. You can find pros via online databases, a Google search, or by reaching out to your pianist pals to see if they know anyone.

Before Hiring a Piano Mover

There are a few important things to do before hiring movers in general, but these become especially crucial when you’re moving your treasured piano. Whether you’re moving it across town, across the country, or even just to a different room (a lesser-known service that movers offer), the same due diligence applies. Below is a breakdown of the homework to do beforehand.

Plan Your Grand Piano Moving Project for Accurate Quotes

Before you contact any professional piano movers for a quote, note the distance you’ll need to move your beloved instrument. Long-distance moves cost significantly more, so figuring out the numbers beforehand will help you get a more accurate estimate.

Next, measure the length and width of the piano, then note the weight if possible. If you happen to have the original owner’s manual for the piano, there may be specs to reference. Otherwise, here are a few average weights to give you a closer idea:

  • Upright piano (up to 60 inches tall): 500–1,000 pounds

  • Medium grand piano (5 foot 6 inches–5 foot 9 inches tall): ~600 pounds

  • Grand piano (5 foot 10 inches–6 feet tall): 700 pounds

Check Your Professional Piano Mover’s Qualifications and References

When hiring any kind of moving service, including a specialized piano-moving service, it’s always a good idea to check out references beforehand. There may be reviews online, or you can ask your pro directly for names and contact info from past customers.

Questions to Ask Your Professional Piano Mover

  • What type of guarantee do you offer for your piano-moving services?

  • Are you and your workers fully insured?

  • Do you have references?

  • Can you safely take the piano apart and reassemble it if needed?

  • Do you have the appropriate boards and dollies to safely move a grand piano?

  • What are your base rates for moving an upright piano?

  • At what size, weight, and moving distance do your rates increase?

Hiring Your Professional Piano Movers

Once you’ve chosen the piano mover you wish to work with, it’s time to settle all the details. This process includes a full, detailed contract in writing, as well as a financing plan if needed. You’ll also need details and pictures of the piano’s current condition to protect yourself if anything goes wrong.

Get a Contract and Arrange Payments With Your Piano Mover

Your piano mover should give a detailed breakdown of costs, with a solid number that you’ll pay in the end. This breakdown will protect you from any unwanted surprises when the time comes for payment.

Keep Records of Your Piano Moving Project

Before moving day, do a complete review of your piano, noting any cosmetic damages or issues with functionality. Take lots of pictures and record yourself striking each key. This will provide you with dated evidence if anything goes wrong with the piano movers.

Next, be sure to oversee the project yourself. Don’t go overboard, but ensure the movers use the proper equipment and care as promised.

Know Your Rights and Avoid Mover Scams

While there are many reputable professional piano movers out there, there are a few rotten apples within the moving industry, so keep an eye out. Be aware of how to avoid the rogue mover scam, which entails so-called movers charging double or triple their promised rate or even driving off with your priceless grand piano. 

Be sure to check any references and avoid paying in full upfront. If your movers show up in unbranded trucks or attire, this can also be suspect. Trust your gut instincts and always get everything in writing.

After Your Movers Have Finished

Your piano is a valuable possession in more ways than one, which makes the cost to hire movers well worth it. Once your piano movers have safely delivered your instrument to its new home, do a full examination to ensure nothing got damaged during the process. If they delivered it with the care it deserves, be sure to leave them a positive review.

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