What is the price to re-stucco exterior of a house1800 sq. ft. in Los Angeles?

Updated June 15, 2021
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Question by mneal: What is the price to re-stucco exterior of a house1800 sq. ft. in Los Angeles?

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Answered by LCD: For a bare stucco house (unpainted, maybe with 30's or art deco colored stucco) simple pressure washing and a skim coat to repair minor surface damage and recolor might run around $1-2/SF range. Full sandblasting to remove paint (assuming non-leaded paint) and an overlay "brown coat" - the surface coat - might run more like $4-5/SF range plus or minus, full replacement tearoff and replacement from the studs up with new lathe/underlayment, water barrier, steel bonding layer (mesh or pierced steel meshor such) and stucco would likely be more in the $5-12/SF range in most cases, depending on your current layering and how the new work is done. (My recommendation - never do a stucco wall without sheathing behind it - the ones done with just stucco over wire over water barrier are much more prone to cracking and to getting holes knocked in it by balls or yard tools hitting it.

Of course, go with undocumented cash-paid, uninsured and unbonded labor and might come down 25-40% - so there is a lot of variability in pricing in many areas. Though of course with that you also get highly variable quality or even ability to finish the job at all. So check out Stucco (your Search the List category for this) contractors on Angies List, check on insurance and bonding and such (moreon that in link below), and get at least 3 bids. And be sure what is being about windows and doors - trim and flashing and caulk and such, because that generally would be redone with anything other than a light skimcoat, and best to get the caulking brought up to snuff before even that before it is covered up.

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