Everything to Know About Fiber Cement Siding

Scott Dylan Westerlund
Updated June 17, 2022
A house entrance with fiber cement siding
Photo: Iriana Shiyan / Adobe Stock


  • Fiber cement is a top siding choice because it lasts up to 50 years.

  • Many people select it because it’s durable, low-maintenance, and boosts curb appeal.

  • Fiber cement resists fire, pests, severe weather, and rot.

  • Fiber cement siding is considered a good choice for any climate.

  • The perks of fiber cement siding come with a higher price tag.

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Have you cemented your decision to use fiber cement siding on your house? While you may already be familiar with the pros of fiber cement siding, it's important to get the full picture before you begin installing boards. Keep reading to cover all sides of fiber cement siding.

It Will Cost You Around $6 to $10 for Every Square Foot

Fiber cement siding costs an average of $8 per square foot. The typical homeowner pays $14,200 for whole-house siding with fiber cement. While this places fiber cement on the higher end when compared to other siding options, most homeowners decide that the durability and easy maintenance justify the price. Plus, because fiber cement siding adds to the value of your home, it’s generally considered to be a good investment.

It's a Dream to Maintain

A cozy patio in the backyard of a fiber cement siding house
Photo: lawcain / Adobe Stock

Fiber cement is a cut above options like wood when it comes to maintenance. Other than washing it about once a year with a garden hose and a soft brush, upkeep is minimal. Check out these other fiber cement perks:

  • Highly fire-resistant.

  • Repels termites and other insects.

  • Holds up to high winds and severe weather.

  • Not easily damaged by hail, falling branches, or errant baseballs.

  • Resists mold, mildew, and rot.

Fiber cement siding offers safety and durability with minimal maintenance required.

It's Usually Made of Four Ingredients

While fiber cement products vary by manufacturer, the basic composition of fiber cement siding used on houses today consists of sand (fly ash), cement, cellulose fibers (wood pulp), and water.

It Can Last 50 Years

One of the myths about fiber cement siding is that it lasts forever. While that’s not exactly true, you can expect to get a hefty 50 years of beauty from your new fiber cement siding. That can certainly feel like forever compared to the 15 to 40 years you get from most other siding options.

Always defer to the warranty provided by your manufacturer for specifics about your siding’s expected lifespan. While your siding may last five decades, there's a chance you'll need to repaint it every 15 years or so.

It Offers Great Style Variety

There are several types of fiber cement siding available to homeowners, including panels, planks that look like wooden boards, and shingles. And fiber cement siding can easily conform to whatever aesthetic you're creating. Siding contractors near you are able to offer a variety of colors and patterns that mimic everything from wood grain to stucco. That means that fiber cement can be on your list whether you're going for a farmhouse, modern, or traditional look.

It's Not Intended for DIY Installations

There’s a huge assortment of fiber cement styles available, but that doesn’t mean you can just walk into your local home improvement store and see them all. Checking out all your options requires a chat with a pro who has access to products from all of the country's fiber cement manufacturers. 

Having fiber cement siding installed professionally isn't just about getting access to products. The heft and complexity of fiber cement create a situation where installation by skilled technicians is required. Unlike "quick" siding options that snap in place, fiber cement siding is attached using either nails or corrosion-resistant screws.

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