8 Storage Shed Ideas for Your Backyard Escape

Paige Bennett
Written by Paige Bennett
Updated February 1, 2022
A cute garden shed in backyard
Photo: chuckcollier/ E+ / Getty Images

You won’t want to hide these unique hideaways

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After trying to squeeze your garden tools, exercise bike, and totes of holiday decor into a spare closet, you’ve finally decided to invest in a backyard storage shed. Regardless of what you plan to put inside, the truth is, this type of structure is going to be something you have to look at every day. Shouldn’t you like how it looks in your yard? There are plenty of ways to make a storage shed an attractive part of your property—just take inspiration from these eight storage shed ideas.

1. A Quaint Cottage

A garden shed with white wood siding
Photo: Courtesy of Jamaica Cottage Shop

A storage shed doesn’t have to be an eyesore, regardless of what you stow away inside. Take inspiration from this cottage-inspired shed from Jamaica Cottage Shop, which features an adorable, arched door. A simplistic approach using black paint for the door and white wood siding adds visual contrast that draws the eyes to the unique door. Even if you just keep some rakes and bags of fertilizer inside, this shed is a charming addition to any backyard.

2. A Homey Shed With Windows

A garden shed with windows
Photo: Courtesy of Yulia Yarosh

Is this a shed or a home? The attention to detail on the exterior of this shed from Yulia Yarosh makes it look like a small home. There are windows, perfect for adding light to a shed used as a studio or office space, that are complete with greenery-filled window boxes. String lights add a cozy vibe, and the dark trim makes the white home stand out, even when surrounded by snow.

3. Make It Multipurpose

A garden shed with black siding
Photo: Courtesy of Best Practice Architecture and Rafael Soldi Photography

Designed by Seattle-based Best Practice Architecture, this simple shed has had a major makeover to become a striking multipurpose space for a family. Most sheds have minimal, if any, windows, but this structure boasts tall windows. The exterior is matte black, which helps it stand out in the yard without detracting from all the greenery behind it. Inside, the space serves as not just storage but also an office and exercise room.

4. Vibrant Hues

A blue garden shed
Photo: Courtesy of EZ Portable Buildings

If a black-and-white shed isn’t quite your style, why not go bold? A storage shed doesn’t have to just be functional—it can be an attractive addition to your property, as evidenced by this bright blue storage shed designed by EZ Portable Buildings. This color adds a tropical feel to the shed, but feel free to make your shed any color your heart desires. Just keep in mind you’ll probably see it every day, so choose colors you truly love.

5. A Custom Home Gym

A custom home gym
Photo: Courtesy of Some Elbow Room

For the most inspired DIYers, you could skip buying a shed and opt to build a shed from scratch. That’s the case for this motivational home gym from Some Elbow Room, which is built inside a small, handmade shed. Large windows across from a floor-to-ceiling mirror bring in plenty of light. Design elements, like a modern light fixture and an accent wall, make the simple shed feel like a boutique gym. Even if you don’t build a shed from scratch, take inspiration of this chic interior design to upgrade a prefabricated shed.

6. Upcycle to Save Items From Going to the Landfill

An upcycled garden shed
Photo: Courtesy of Kerry Loves Gardening

Sheds have a shelf life of up to 25 years, but after that, many of them are sent to landfills. But DIYer and passionate upcycler Kerry of Kerry Loves Gardening was able to rescue such a shed and turn it into a rustic creative space, where Kerry dries cuttings for workshops.

"This shed was destined for landfill," Kerry told Angi. "It had been refused by loads of people as a freebie due to a rotting base and leaking roof. I have completely changed it inside and out and designed my own roofline, which hasn’t leaked at all."

Even the exterior is adorned with upcycled items, such as floral decorations and paint from a recycling shop.

7. Add a Deck

An garden shed with a deck
Photo: Courtesy of Flowerdore

Another way to elevate a basic shed is to surround it with a deck. The cost to build a small deck like this is about $30 to $60 per square foot, and this added hard surface can make it easier to drag items in or out of the shed. This project from Flowerdore features narrow garden beds along the side of the shed and against the deck. The deck then becomes a perfect spot to sit while planting or weeding.

8. Craft a Space for Creativity

An studio shed with speklsandstripes
Photo: Mimi of @spekls.and.stripes

Whether you build a shed or opt for a prefabricated version, this type of structure is a blank canvas that you can customize to suit your needs. While many sheds hold garden tools, you could also install some cabinets, shelves, counters, and a potting wheel to make your own artsy oasis. Here, sculptor Mimi has turned a shed into a pottery studio. Open shelves store recent projects and supplies. A simple wall mural and patterned flooring lend an imaginative and inspiring aesthetic.

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