21 Small Entryway Ideas to Welcome You Home

Paul Pogue
Written by Paul Pogue
Updated March 30, 2022
A woman greeting guests at her front door
Photo: Klaus Vedfelt / Getty Images

Entryways that are anything but cluttered or boring

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Small home entryways often get overlooked, even though they set the tone for guests. This space can even impact your mood for the day as you leave the house. 

Luckily, even the smallest entryways can be clean, organized, and nicely decorated. Get inspiration for your home from the small entryway ideas below. 

Organized Entryways

Piles of coats and cluttered shoes in a small entryway can be a huge source of stress for homeowners. Get inspired by these entryway organization tools that double as decor. 

1. Organization Nook

An all-white mudroom with a shelf, bench, storage baskets, and coat hooks
Photo: Jason / Adobe Stock

An organization nook includes a seating bench with storage baskets, a long shelf, and wall hooks for hanging coats and backpacks. Add decorative throw pillows to complete the look.  

2. Cubby Cubes

A gray-toned residential entryway with black cube shelves, a bench, and a mail holder
Photo: Iriana Shiyan / Adobe Stock

Cubby cubes are great for large families with kids. Use them to store shoes, backpacks, keys, or even display your favorite decor. Add storage baskets to keep clutter hidden. 

3. Coat Rack

Coats hanging on a wooden wall coat rack
Photo: Ian Nolan / Getty Images

A coat rack is a must for an organized entryway, especially if yours doesn’t have a coat closet. Consider the following types of coat racks for your front room:

  • Wooden peg coat rack

  • Standing coat rack

  • Simple wall hooks

Entryway Decorating Ideas by Style

Let your personal interior design style shine while maximizing your space with these entryway decor ideas. 

4. Farmhouse Chic

A bright, neutral entryway with a side table, large flower vase, and decorative mirror
Photo: PC Photography / Getty Images

Add a touch of farmhouse chic to your entryway by incorporating a combination of these design and decor elements:

  • Light wood side table

  • Chrome accents

  • Vintage decor

  • A basket and throw blanket

  • Dark floors

  • Light walls

  • A patterned rug, mat, or stair runner

5. Modern Monochrome 

A home foyer with white walls, a black door, and dark hardwood floors
Photo: Joe Hendrickson / Adobe Stock

Incorporate these ideas into your entryway for a fresh and modern look:

  • Dark hardwood floors

  • Black front door

  • Black iron light pendant

  • Black furniture with white accents

  • A gray area rug

  • Greenery for a pop of color 

  • White shiplap accent wall

6. Cozy Minimalist

A bright and minimalistic entryway with a mirror, wall rack, and small bench
Photo: Dariusz Jarzabek / Adobe Stock

Less is more when it comes to minimalist decor, and it goes a long way in a small space. If this is your style, keep it simple with a coat rack, a small bench, and some greenery. Make your minimalist entryway cozier by adding string lights and decorative candles. 

7. Bold, Bright, and Colorful

A bright and colorful peach and turquoise home foyer
Photo: Ursula Page / Adobe Stock

If you don’t love neutral colors and minimalist designs, bright colors and eclectic decor might be more your speed. Pick two bright shades of complementary colors and use one for your walls and the other for your front door. Tie it together with an accent table, vibrant flowers, and unique decor.

Entryway Wall Decor Ideas

The walls of your foyer are a great space for adding homey decor, especially in smaller entryways where space is limited. 

8. Partial Accent Wall

A home entryway with white walls and a partial wood accent wall
Photo: onurdongel / Getty Images

Utilize the wall space in your entryway with a partial accent wall. This can be done with a strip of wallpaper, paint, or something three-dimensional like this wooden slat wall. Finish the look with a hanging mirror and sideboard for added storage. 

9. Photo Wall

A small, simple entryway with a decorative photo wall
Photo: Paul Maguire / Getty Images

Your family ‌makes your house a home. Create a warm and welcoming front room by displaying your favorite family photos in a row of matching frames or a large mismatched gallery wall

10. Artwork

A home entryway with an accent table and a unique framed painting above it
Photo: Allison / Adobe Stock

A piece of artwork has the power to evoke emotion while also tying a space together aesthetically. Add a piece of artwork to your entryway that makes you feel happy, calm, or motivated whenever you leave or come home. 

11. Round Mirror

A clean and modern entryway with a rustic
Photo: Allison / Adobe Stock

Round mirrors are a trendy piece of decor that can help a room appear brighter and larger by reflecting light. Added bonus: you can conveniently check your teeth, hair, and makeup one last time before leaving the house.

Floor Ideas for Your Entryway

The floor space in your home entrance is just as much of a blank canvas as your walls. Use these entryway floor ideas to create a trendy and welcoming front door area you’ll love. 

12. Decorative Rug

A little girl standing on a cherry print rug at the front door
Photo: Cavan Images / Getty Images

A decorative area rug can bring personality to any room of the house. Choose one with a colorful, cheeky pattern for a playful and charming vibe. Or, pick a classic design for elegance and sophistication. 

13. Patterned Flooring

An entryway with a coat and shoe rack and patterned tile floors
Photo: John Keeble / Getty Images

Tile or laminate floors are great for entryway rooms because they are easy to clean. The downside is that they can feel plain depending on the type of flooring. Spice up your floors with a pattern that fits your unique taste. Use a stencil and paint or vinyl peel and stick adhesives. 

14. A Welcoming Doormat

A front door decorated with bright flowers and a doormat that says “home sweet home”
Photo: nicstock / Adobe Stock

Make guests feel welcome with a personalized doormat. From simple phrases like “Welcome” to custom designs that include a funny quote or the family name, doormats are an inexpensive way to add personality to your space. Layer it with a larger patterned mat to complete the look. 

Entryway Tables

Trendy tables are an entryway staple. Not only can they be used to display more decor, but a table with drawers is the perfect spot to securely drop off your keys, wallet, and other knickknacks without the clutter. 

15. Small Side Table

A gray foyer with a lamp and picture frame on top of a small side table
Photo: Iriana Shiyan / Adobe Stock

A small side table is all you need if your entryway is short on space. Use the table’s surface to add small decor pieces, such as a lamp, a flower vase, or a framed photo. The drawers can be used as extra storage to keep a small entryway clutter-free. 

16. Repurposed Accent Tables

A bright home entryway with decor sitting on repurposed side tables
Photo: Tara Moore / Getty Images

Decorating your entryway doesn’t have to be a costly project. Instead of buying a new side table, repurpose an old dresser, chest, or trunk. Or, do a DIY flip with a thrift store find. 

Other Trendy Decor Ideas for Small Entryways

Welcome guests to your home with these stylish decor ideas. 

17. Oversized Mirror

 An entryway with seating, an oversized mirror, and a side table with decor
Photo: irina88w / Getty Images

If you have the space, the entryway is the perfect place for a trendy oversized mirror. Not only do mirrors make a small space look larger, but an oversized mirror allows you to do a quick, final look-over of your outfit before leaving the house. 

18. Exterior Decorations

A residential exterior with a blue door, decorative signs, a doormat, and flower wreath
Photo: Jason / Adobe Stock

If your entryway space is limited, use the space outside your front door to make a welcoming first impression. Add a personalized doormat, a seasonal wreath, or even a bench to put on your shoes or enjoy on a nice day. 

19. Classic Chandelier 

An upscale front entryway with a crystal chandelier
Photo: Ursula Page / Adobe Stock

In small spaces, it’s important to draw eyes up towards the ceiling to make a room appear larger. One way to do this is with an eye-catching, clear glass or crystal chandelier. Alternatively, opting for a solid-colored light pendant will break up the space and make the ceiling appear shorter than it actually is.  

20. Bold Front Door Color

The view of home interior from outside of the baby blue front door
Photo: John Keeble / Adobe Stock

Don’t be afraid to pick a bold front door color just because you have a small foyer. A bold color, light or dark, won’t necessarily make your entryway appear smaller. Instead, it will give the small space a bright and lively feel.   

21. Stained Glass Windows

A cozy yellow home entryway with stained glass windows
Photo: P A Thompson / Getty Images

Play into your small entryway and make it cozy by adding unique stained glass windows. Pull in surrounding colors from the walls, floors, and decor.

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