11 Small Changes to Totally Switch Up the Look of Your Home

Audrey Bruno
Written by Audrey Bruno
Updated February 10, 2022
Modern apartment living room with plants
Photo: KatarzynaBialasiewicz / iStock / Getty Images

A few new decorations are all it takes to turn your home into a totally new space

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When your current setup is no longer doing it for you, it may feel like you need to completely renovate your home to suit your new tastes. But the truth is, there are so many little switches that can have a massive impact. Everything from laying down a large area rug to changing your light fixtures can be enough to make your space feel new and improved. 

These 11 designer-inspired decorative ideas will show you that you don’t have to spend (or do) a lot to switch up the space that you already know so well.

1. Revamp an Old Piece of Furniture

Green tv stand with plants and baskets
Photo: Courtesy of Angel Wood via @woodhomestead

Restoring old furniture pieces is a great way to inject your space with a new life without getting rid of tradition. 

When Angel Wood from @woodhomestead realized she needed a new TV stand, she took a look through what she already had. Although her current TV stand wasn’t in the best shape, removing the doors and adding a new coat of paint to this vanity was all she had to do to make it look as good as new. “It solved a lot of storage issues I was having and cleared out what was once a cluttered space,” she explains. 

2. When in Doubt, Add a Big Mirror

Big mirror with back frame in a bedroom
Photo: Courtesy of Afaf Zahira via @zeopatra

Along with being perfect for checking outfits, there are so many other reasons Afaf Zahira from @zeopatra loves having a big mirror in her home. “I love the feeling of a calm, uncluttered space, but at the same time, I love decor, and having a big mirror adds a lot of personality while also opening up the space,” she tells us. 

3. Make an Impact with Drapes and Curtains

Bedroom with green curtains and blue wall
Photo: Courtesy Lucy Winterton via @the.house.of.mo

When you want to add a splash of color or an interesting pattern to your home, but aren’t prepared to commit to painting or wallpapering, opt for vibrant curtains instead. Lucy Winterton from @the.house.of.mo added these velvet, mint drapes in her bedroom. They highlight the natural light in the space while also complementing the darker colors throughout the rest of the decor, making them a simple, yet powerful addition. 

4. Switch Up Your Lighting Fixtures

neutral colored bedroom with oversized lamp shade
Photo: Courtesy of Trish Lynn via @coletteinteriors

Light and color temperature can have a huge impact on the way that we feel in a space, and investing in new light fixtures is a great way to switch that feeling ASAP. This space from Trish Lynn of @coletteinteriors creates drama and texture with an oversized rattan lampshade, but you could just as easily create another kind of atmosphere with the same approach. For example, a chandelier will add glamor, while minimalist pendant light will keep things simple.

5. Give Your Staircase Some TLC

Home staircase with pink runner rug
Photo: Courtesy of Emily Fenn via @home_on_milton

Staircases often get left by the wayside in terms of design because we don’t spend much time on them. But this lovely pink and blue arrangement from Emily Feen of @home_on_milton demonstrates how much influence this neglected fixture can have on a home. Simply adding a fresh coat of paint and a new runner is enough to make it shine. 

6. Mix and Match Textures

Cozy reading area with leather armchair
Photo: Courtesy of Rebekah via @builditthrifty

This cozy corner from Rebekah of @builditthrifty creates comfort with a variety of different textures rather than just one or two. A mix of sleek, hand-washed leather, soft plush rugs and pillows, raw wood, and a DIY accent wall create balance rather than chaos. But you don’t have to use all these different textures at once. Try adding one new material to your space at a time and go from there. 

7. Reupholster for a Whole New Look

Chair reupholstered with colorful floral fabric
Photo: Courtesy of Rachel Durbin via @traverseinstyle

Reupholstering family heirlooms is a great way to preserve their structural integrity and update them for the 21st century. “I chose a bold, floral fabric because I felt it had a traditional floral element, but in a much more modern direction,” Rachel Durbin from @traverseinstyle tells Angi. Doing so created a piece that’s been an influence on the design of her home ever since. “That chair made me itch for more,“ she adds. 

8. Soften a Space with a Large Area Rug

Living room with white large area rug
Photo: Courtesy of Amy Newton via @amynewtoninteriors

Designer Amy Newton of @amynewtoninteriors loves rugs because they have the ability to transform just about any space. The one she used above adds softness, light, and warmth all at once to a room that would have otherwise been full of cool tones and hard surfaces.

9. Add a Vibrant Accent Wall

Ocean vibe bedroom accent wall
Photo: Courtesy of Eileen Lane via @eileenlanedesign

Though painting an entire home (let alone an entire room) is no small undertaking, putting up an accent wall is a low-lift project with a big impact. By focusing on just one wall rather than an entire space, designer Eileen Lane of @eileenlanedesign creates what is essentially an oversized piece of art and infuses this home with beachy ocean vibes in only a weekend of work. 

10. Embrace Plant Life

Olive tree in a big planter
Photo: Courtesy of Katie Perri via @katieperridesign

Investing in plants is a quick and easy way to add a punch of color to your home while also purifying the air. You can go big and devote entire bookshelves to plants or keep it simple like designer Katie Perri does with this elegant olive tree.

11. Win Back Square Footage with Shelves

Kitchen with wood shelves and plants
Photo: Courtesy of Emily Welch via @emilywelchstyle

As long as you have the right tools, putting up shelves takes practically no time to do, can cost as little as nothing (hello, scrapwood), and wins you back so much interior real estate. These chic kitchen shelves from designer Emily Welch show that even just a couple of pieces of wood and some screws can become a showcase for your most prized possessions.

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