21 Charming Modern Farmhouse Living Room Ideas

Kaitlyn Pacheco
Written by Kaitlyn Pacheco
Updated February 1, 2022
Family sitting on couch together in living room
Photo: Maskot / Getty Images

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Modern farmhouse styling blends together a homey and rustic feel with sleek and clean lines. Get the look by incorporating a soft color scheme, inviting accents and decor, and versatile furniture pieces. The best part? You don’t have to completely overhaul your room to achieve this aesthetic and can include pieces you already have. Check out some chic modern farmhouse living room design ideas to bring into your home.

Modern Farmhouse Color Schemes

Set the stage for your modern farmhouse interior living room with the right color pallet.

1. Warm Reds

Farmhouse living room with red accent chairs
Photo: Capuski / Getty Images

Part of the modern farmhouse decor style is to create a cozy and inviting atmosphere. You can achieve this by adding splashes of color to an otherwise neutral pallet. The warm reds and oranges in the textiles blend well with the natural red tones of the wood in this space. 

2. Cool Blues

Modern living room with natural light and distressed white floors
Photo: Victor zastol'skiy / Adobe Stock

Play up natural light sources in the living room by using a bright and airy color palette. Choose powder blue furniture with gray accents against bright white walls to open up the space. Then incorporate a few farmhouse touches in the form of dark metal birdcage chandeliers.  

3. Cozy Browns

Living room with stone fireplace and leather sofa
Photo: urbazon / Getty Images

Modernize the traditional farmhouse aesthetic by including warm tones in the space. Paint the walls a light neutral and opt for a rich brown sofa as an accent. Then, adorn light furniture pieces with rust-colored throw pillows. The contrast between the light walls and deep hues of the couch and stone fireplace makes the perfect combination between charming rustic and contemporary design.

4. Tone-on-Tone Neutrals

Monochromatic neutral living room
Photo: The Hidden Touch / Adobe Stock

Another trendy and chic color scheme is to opt for neutral tones throughout the room. Soft colors, like this muted beige, provide clean lines and emphasize statement pieces in the room, such as the distressed vintage end tables or shiplap fireplace accent wall.

Modern Farmhouse Accents and Decor

Sprinkle in various accents and living room decor to put your own personal spin on the modern farmhouse style.

5. Rustic Exposed Beams

Exposed beams in rustic-style living room
Photo: Astronaut Images/KOTO / Adobe Stock

Exposed beams add drama and depth to the room, and they can accentuate the natural architectural features in your home. Distress the beams to add countryside warmth, and pair with a shabby chic coffee table and chandelier to complete the look.

6. Painted Door

Little girl looking out blue front door
Photo: Cavan Images / Getty Images

If your front door leads directly into the living room, one farmhouse design idea is to create a focal point by painting the door an unexpected color. This soft sky blue complements the crisp white walls and brings the outside views indoors.

7. Playful Book Nook

Book nook with tufted armchair and houseplants
Photo: KatarzynaBialasiewicz / Getty Images

Appeal to the book lover in your life by creating a designated place for reading complete with homey wood shelves. A comfy tufted chair surrounded by fresh greenery provides the perfect setting to curl up and read your favorite book.

8. Functional Sliding Barn Door

Green painted sliding barn door
Photo: annebel146 / Adobe Stock

Sliding barn doors can be both decorative and functional when creating a rustic living room, without taking up valuable floor space. Close off the room when you’re looking for a more intimate setting, or keep it open so you can easily transition throughout the space. What’s more, you can paint the door a contrasting color to give it that “wow” factor.

9. Natural Elements

Wooden bench and natural plants in living room
Photo: Natalia Shabasheva / Getty Images

Modern farmhouse decor embraces natural elements with a contemporary twist. Sprinkle in earthy textures such as pampas grass and distressed wood furniture to juxtapose with the clean lines in the room.

10. Farmhouse Chandelier

Large open-concept living room with industrial chandelier and stone walls
Photo: bmak / Adobe Stock

Light fixtures play a huge role in pulling off the modern farmhouse look. This black candelabra-inspired chandelier makes a statement while balancing out the vaulted ceilings and stone walls in the room. 

11. Organized Storage Solutions

Woven storage baskets in white cabinetry
Photo: krblockhin / Getty Images

Woven baskets can help organize your living room so all of your belongings have a designated place. The warmth of the baskets complements the sleek white cabinetry for a chic storage solution, encouraging you to keep your space neat and orderly.

12. Eclectic Accents

Eclectic farmhouse living room
Photo: RUBEN RAMOS / Getty Images

Part of the modern farmhouse style is to create a homey environment that is welcoming and friendly. Incorporate home decor that is meaningful to you throughout the space to serve as conversation pieces. Eclectic knick-knacks, worldly souvenirs, and antique treasures sprinkled throughout the room allow you to show off your personality.

13. Industrial Vibes

Eclectic modern farmhouse living room
Photo: RUBEN RAMOS / Getty Images

Mix modern farmhouse styling with industrial elements for a trendy update. Light, distressed flooring and wood and metal accents pay homage to the modern farmhouse look. And the rug, black art, and modern table lamp fit squarely in the modern industrial camp. Meanwhile, the trunk that duals as a coffee table and storage solution bridges the gap between the two design styles as it’s both utilitarian and comfortable. 

14. Reclaimed Wood Mantle

Reclaimed wood mantle in modern farmhouse living room
Photo: LUGOSTOCK / Adobe Stock

Reclaimed wood is another staple in the modern farmhouse style. Use a chunky piece as a mantle, and contrast it with a trendy herringbone tile on the inside of the fireplace. 

Modern Farmhouse Furniture

Invest in some modern farmhouse furniture pieces to really nail this look.

15. Cushy Sofa

Textured gray sofa in living room
Photo: Jodie Johnson / Adobe Stock

A comfortable couch is one of the basic furnishings to have in your living room. Opt for a neutral color to pair well with any accents you choose to add in. Because the farmhouse feel relies on creating an inviting place to gather, it’s important to have pieces that will encourage you and your guests to hang around in the room.

16. Vintage Pieces

Distressed coffee table in living room
Photo: stockvisual / Getty Images

In with the old and in with the new—combine vintage and new furnishings to bring together farmhouse and modern elements. Give new life to a vintage treasure or sentimental hand-me-down by sanding and repainting it. The best part? The paint job doesn’t have to be perfect, as farmhouse styling embraces the lived-in look. 

17. Tufted Armchair

Gray tufted armchair in living room
Photo: brizmaker / Adobe Stock

Add a gray tufted accent chair in a corner for a place to relax. The moderness of the armchair contrasts well with the upcycled hutch that provides additional storage. Mix fabrics and textures with rugs, pillows, and blankets to tie everything together. 

18. Oversized Ottoman

Large open-concept modern farmhouse living room
Photo: bmak / Adobe Stock

An oversized ottoman can serve as a statement piece in the room. The sleek upholstery pairs well with the chunky wooden legs, and you can either create more seating when needed, or place a tray with snacks and drinks on it for you and your guests.  

19. Floral Settee

Floral couch in modern farmhouse living room
Photo: UnitedPhotoStudio1 / Getty Images

A rich patterned floral settee adds drama to the space. Combine it with a neutral color palette and white curtains so it becomes the main feature in the room.

20. Open Etagere

Modern living room with etagere shelving unit
Photo: Prostock-studio / Adobe Stock

A versatile etagere provides a sophisticated place to store your trinkets, succulents, and favorite books. The open shelving creates a clean silhouette and a dedicated place to display your unique mementos. For even more of a farmhouse vibe, copy the open-shelving trends popular in farmhouse kitchens and display mason jar flower arrangements. 

21. Built-In Window Seat

Built-in window bench in living room
Photo: Aleksandra Zlatkovic / Getty Images

Accentuate windows in the room by creating a built-in bench underneath. A white seat with gray upholstery is a simple, yet impactful addition and allows you to focus all of your attention on the views outside. Equip the space with blankets and pillows so you can cozy up and watch the sunset on even the coldest of evenings.

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