How Magnetic Christmas Lights Can Simplify Your Holiday Decorating

Jenna Jonaitis
Written by Jenna Jonaitis
Updated October 17, 2022
A father and his daughter hanging Christmas lights outdoors
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Magnetic string lights make decking your halls as easy as possible

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Decorating for the winter holidays is a highlight of the season for many. If you enjoy outdoor Christmas decorations, magnetic Christmas lights might be a great choice for you that can also save you precious time. You can string magnetic lights along any ferrous metal surface, like your roof’s edge or metal fence. Within minutes, you can hang strings of white or colorful lights on your home and throughout your landscaping.

What Are Magnetic Lights?

Magnetic lights are types of Christmas lights that have a magnet secured to the base of every socket, so each light bulb can easily attach to any ferrous metal surface. Magnetic lights come in a range of lengths from 25 to 500 feet but can be cut and spliced to form any length. You can choose LED or incandescent bulbs, though LEDs are more energy-efficient and can save on electricity bills.

What Styles and Colors of Magnetic Lights Are There?

A woman holding a bunch of Christmas lights
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You can find magnetic Christmas lights in a range of styles, sizes, and colors, including white, red, green, purple, blue, and orange. You can even customize your strands to be a combination of colors.

Where Can You Hang Magnetic Christmas Lights?

Magnetic lights secure to ferrous metals such as steel and iron, meaning you can hang your Christmas lights on metal strips around your roof’s edge, on a metal fence, railing, or on galvanized steel gutters. You can also line a driveway or sidewalk with nails or lawn stakes, then secure the magnets to the nail heads or stakes. You can even place magnetic hooks on your ferrous metal surfaces and string up non-magnetic lights that way.

Magnetic lights aren’t best for tree decorations, as there is no ferrous metal to which the magnet can attach.

How to Hang Magnetic Christmas Lights

Magnetic lights make holiday decorating easier than ever before. If you have a metal roof or another metal surface, you can add magnetic clips and holiday lights for a festive and low-effort look. If you’re hesitant to get on a ladder, consider hiring a holiday lighting professional to take care of harder-to-reach spaces.


Magnetic lights are the perfect way to hang holiday lights on a metal roof without the use of nails. With magnetic clips (look for C-7 or C-9 clips), you can turn any strand of lights into magnetic lights by simply clipping each light bulb into the magnetic clip. They will stick to the metal surface and work like traditional Christmas lights. 

If you’re handling this project DIY, be safe by having a buddy hold your ladder while you work, and don’t start this project during unsafe weather conditions (like an icy roof or wet driveway).


If you want to add festive strings of lights to your driveway, you can do so with magnetic clips. You’ll need to put ferrous metal stakes in the ground first in order to use the magnetic clips. Once you have your desired pattern laid out, put Christmas lights in each clip or use a magnetic spool of lights, and stick it to the stake—and your holiday decorating is done! 

How to Test Magnetic Lights

To test if magnetic lights would work for you, see if any magnet will attach to your roof’s edge, fence, or railing. Magnets don’t connect with materials like aluminum, copper, and vinyl.

How Magnetic Lights Simplify Christmas Decorating

A man hanging Christmas lights on peak of a house
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Decorating for the holidays with magnetic lights can help save you time and prevent damage to your roof and home. Here are the main benefits.

Save on Installation and Takedown Time

Magnetic lights cut down on installation time because you don’t need to hang each light individually. When securing your magnetic lights, place one end of the strand at point A and stretch it to point B. You can make minor adjustments to how the lights align. 

You can take down magnetic lights in minutes by simply pulling them down at one end and letting the magnets detach from the metal.

Make Swapping Bulbs Easier

If you need to replace a light bulb, you can pull the individual light down and exchange it without messing up much of the other lights. You can also easily straighten the line of lights as needed.

Less Invasive to Your Home and Roof

A magnetic light strand doesn't damage your home in any way. There’s no need to pound nails or use screws, mounts, or glue on your home’s exterior. You can avoid holes, water damage, and roof deterioration.

Form a Straight Line Quickly

It’s easier to make a straight line with magnetic lights rather than having to hook and align all your string lights. Simply pull and adjust any lights to form a straight line and a clean, professional look.

Holds Up in Inclement Weather

Magnetic lights can withstand severe weather, such as heavy winds and snowfall. The magnetic lights won’t break or pull on your home’s exterior.

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