How Much Do Caesarstone Countertops Cost?

Taylor Sansano
Written by Taylor Sansano
Updated September 15, 2022
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  • Caesarstone countertops are manufactured with up to 90% quartz material.

  • The average price is $2,500 for the material only.

  • Most jobs range between $1,900 and $4,800.

  • Caesarstone comes in many colors and finishes, which impact the overall cost.

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Caesarstone is a well-known brand of quartz surfacing made with up to 90% quartz material. The average Caesarstone quartz countertop costs between $75 and $125 per square foot installed. Unlike natural stone, Caesarstone countertops offer endless design possibilities with multiple styles and colors to choose from. Quartz is popular with homeowners who want the durability of natural stone with the cost-effectiveness and versatility of manufactured surfaces.

Minimum CostNational Average CostMaximum Cost
$1,900 $3,350$4,800

What Impacts Caesarstone Prices?

The average cost to purchase just the Caesarstone material is $2,500. However, the price for each project depends on a few factors, including style and finish.


Caesarstone is an extremely durable material that can accommodate a variety of decorative edge profiles, including bevel, ogee, half bullnose, and waterfall. The cost of edge treatments varies with the countertop fabricator, but on average, this fee ranges between $30 to $60 per linear foot.

4 types of Caesarstone countertop edge styles, with bevel edges averaging $45

Color and Pattern

Caesarstone countertops are available in over 60 styles and colors under four distinct collections. The average Caesarstone slab price depends on your chosen color and style. Slabs that are more difficult to obtain or require a special order will cost more. 

For comparison, slabs from the Classico collection average $55 to $60 per square foot, while slabs from the luxury Concetto collection start at around $400 per square foot


Caesarstone offers five finishes: polished, natural, honed, concrete, and rough. Finishes that are easier to produce, like polished, are more wallet-friendly than an upgraded finish like honed—which requires additional processing to remove the polished look that appears naturally during manufacturing.

Compared to cut and color, your chosen finish will have the smallest impact on your final Caesarstone price.

How Much Does It Cost to Install Caesarstone Countertops?

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Let’s revisit that $75 to $125 per square foot cost and the factors influencing it. The amount you pay will depend on contractor fees, like those for fabrication and removal, and your overall kitchen design. An overhang for seating, multiple cutouts, or backsplash will contribute to the project cost.


Some installers charge a fabrication cost, including the price of creating the layout and template, cutting the countertop to size, and creating your desired edge treatment. 


In addition to cutting the Caesarstone slab to fit your kitchen's layout, installers will make cutouts to accommodate fixtures like sinks, cooktops, and electrical outlets. The more cuts—especially elaborate ones—the more you will pay. 

Support and Leveling

Overhangs require extra support—and so do uneven surfaces. If your surface is not level, installers will need to level the surface using shims to avoid the potential for cracks in your countertop later on.


Many homeowners choose to add a backsplash to their countertops. If you go this route, factor in the cost of additional Caesarstone material and installation time.

Countertop Removal

Unless you’re starting from scratch, you’ll have to remove your old countertop when installing a new Caesarstone slab. Consider adding removal and disposal services, if not included, to avoid damage to your cabinets or flooring.

DIY Installation vs. Hiring a Contractor 

Installing a countertop is a fairly in-depth project that most homeowners shouldn’t consider handling on their own because it requires accurate estimating to avoid overspending, careful cuts and placement to circumvent cracks, and knowledge of finishes to create a smooth surface. Not to mention that a 50-square-foot slab can weigh up to 700 pounds

If you feel confident in your skills, have access to the proper equipment, and can secure a helper to assist you with installation, you could save $10 to $30per square foot on labor costs by doing it yourself. 

Instead of doing all the installation work yourself, you could handle a few steps, like removing your old countertop, to reduce the amount you’ll pay a countertop installer.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Usually, the average Caesarstone countertop is more affordable than natural quartz. Experts have figured out ways to make this engineered surface more budget-friendly without sacrificing quality. 

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