16 Clever Ways to Meet Your Neighbors + Inviting Home Decor Tips

Kaitlyn Pacheco
Written by Kaitlyn Pacheco
Updated March 23, 2022
excited woman meeting neighbor
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Whether you’re shy or social, there are many ways to introduce yourself to neighbors

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When it comes to purchasing one home over another, a sense of community can make or break the decision for nearly 50% of young prospective homebuyers. From watching your property when you’re out of town to keeping you in the know, there are benefits to building relationships with your neighbors. 

Whether you’re a social butterfly or more of an introvert, there are plenty of opportunities to introduce yourself, especially if you’re new to the area. Learn how to meet your neighbors through these creative conversation starters.   

1. Have a Garage Sale

woman in mask buying clothes at garage sale
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Are you looking to downsize and declutter after the move? Consider having a garage sale. Post a sign in your yard to let passersby know you’re selling. This gives you the opportunity to encounter new faces and strike up a conversation. 

You can even find a professional garage organizer to step in and help arrange all of the items you’d like to sell.

2. Exercise Outside

woman jogging down the street with two dogs
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A good way to let neighbors know you’re approachable is to spend some time outdoors. Whether it’s riding a bike, doing yoga in the front yard, or jogging around the block, you’re likely to see or run into someone while exercising. If they look interested, invite them to join you! 

3. Walk the Kids to the Bus Stop

If you have children that take the bus to school, accompany them to the bus stop. There’s a possibility that other parents in the neighborhood may be doing the same. You can start a conversation by asking about the school or local after-school activities for the kids.

4. Start a Neighborhood Newsletter

Do you enjoy writing? Channel your inner journalist and learn about the happenings around the neighborhood. From news about street closings or local activities to promotions of fundraisers and garage sales, there are plenty of content ideas to cover. 

Use this as an opportunity to knock on a few neighbors’ doors for insight and exchange contact information.  

5. Leave a Greeting Card

If your neighbors are more indoorsy, a warm and friendly greeting card is a simple gesture to get their attention. Use it to introduce yourself through a short and sweet message, including your name and contact number. Leave the card on their doorstep or slip it into their mailbox as a nice surprise.  

6. Plan a Pet Playdate

dogs playing in dog park
Photo: felixmizioznikov / iStock / Getty Images

If you have a dog, take them out for a walk or to the local dog park. Dogs will generally make the first move to meet someone new. Also, consider shopping at a nearby grocery store for your pet supplies. 

You may run into a neighbor shopping in the same pet aisle, where you can spark up a conversation about vet and groomer recommendations, and even arrange a pet playdate.

Pet Playdate Invite Printable Sheet

Download Pet Playdate Invitations Here

Don’t have pets, but love animals? Inform a neighbor that you’re happy to dog- or cat-sit for them whenever they’re out of town!   

7. Ask for Advice

two women sitting on a couch talking with coffee
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If you’re new to the area, approach a nearby neighbor for advice. You can inquire about any neighborhood events or popular restaurants to try. 

Did your neighbor recently renovate their walkway? Use this to initiate a friendly conversation. Compliment them on the job and ask if they can recommend you to a local contractor.

8. Organize a Book Club

people in bookclub sitting around table in coffee shop
Photo: SolStock / E+ / Getty Images

Are you a bookworm? A book club is a fun way to share your love for books with other people and develop a habit of conversing with new faces. Post a flyer in your apartment building, neighborhood bulletin, or local coffee shop with details of a popular must-read and the meeting location where you plan to host a discussion.

9. Lend a Helping Hand

Showing hospitality to a neighbor is not only an opportunity to get to know them better, but it can also help develop a sincere relationship and sense of community. Offer to shovel the snow for an elderly neighbor or to help paint the wall of a nursery for expecting parents. A little kindness goes a long way when it comes to being a good neighbor.

10. Host a Meet-and-Greet

If you’re more of an extrovert, hosting a meet-and-greet can show how welcoming and approachable you are. Invite your immediate neighbors over and have snacks and drinks prepared. This will encourage casual conversation and a chance to connect.

Download Meet-and-Greet Printables

Download Meet-and-Greet Printables Here

11. Get Involved or Volunteer

two women wearing masks working a food drive
Photo: SDI Productions / E+ / Getty Images

From joining a community watch or organizing a neighborhood cleanup, there are plenty of ways to get involved. Volunteering can show your neighbors that you care about the community and help you cultivate new friendships. 

12. Ask for an Introduction 

Sometimes people run into a familiar face in a new area. When this happens, you can ask them to introduce you to other neighbors they know. If you already have a good relationship with the person, they’ll likely put in a good word that’ll encourage their associates to get to know you better.

13. Connect on Social Media

closeup of people using their smartphones
Photo: VioletaStoimenova / E+ / Getty Images

One perk of social media is that it already does the work for you, from friend and group chat suggestions to events and professional services in your area

Take advantage of hashtag searches using the name of your neighborhood or town. Join any interesting groups that show up as local and post a quick greeting or introduction.  

14. Attend a Neighborhood Meeting

Neighborhood meetings are a convenient way to meet your neighbors, including others who also may be new to the area. This also gives you the chance to learn and keep abreast of what goes on in the area. 

Share your contact information with the coordinator and other attendees to keep in touch. 

15. Send a Welcome Gift

Gifts are sure to put a smile on someone’s face, especially when they’re unexpected! Since gift ideas for a neighbor can be tricky if you don’t know them, stick to something general yet appreciated. It can be a treat for their pet, a home decor item, or a gift card to a local department store.  

16. Throw a Housewarming Party

people drinking at a dinner party
Photo: ferrantraite / E+ / Getty Images

Last but not least, you can meet your neighbors and show hospitality by throwing a housewarming party. The process may take some time to organize, but having one is inevitably festive and promotes socialization. Not sure what to cook? Tell your neighbors it’s a potluck and to bring their favorite dish. 

Is your housewarming date during the holiday season? Consider merging it into a holiday party. Below are a few home decor printables to welcome and entertain your guests:  

"Welcome to Our Holiday Party" sign on couch
"Have Yourself a Merry Little Cocktail" picture frame
"Kids' Corner (No grown-ups allowed)" picture frame
"Gift Area" picture frame on table

Download Holiday Party Printables Here

While meeting new neighbors may not always be easy, these ideas are sure to help break the ice. Getting to know people in your area helps build community and creates a sense of belonging. If you enjoy having guests over but could use some help tidying, a local professional house cleaner can help. 

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