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6 Genius Garage Organization Ideas

Laura Hennigan
Written by Laura Hennigan
Updated November 12, 2021
A tidy, big and bright home garage
Don Mason/The Image Bank via Getty Images

Reduce clutter and frustration with these garage organization tips that make the most of your space

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Between vehicles, lawn equipment, bikes, and all the other random supplies that have nowhere else to go, many garages are in a constant state of disarray. Thankfully there are a variety of strategies and products designed to get everything in order. These six garage organization tips will help you eliminate the clutter and create more usable space.

1. Sell, Donate, and Throw Away What You Don’t Need

The first step to getting your garage organized is to eliminate clutter. If you haven’t used an item for a year or more, it’s time to get rid of it. Hold a garage sale to sell excess sports equipment or the fancy snowblower that just sits there every winter. Pass along or donate all the kids’ toys and bikes they have outgrown. Finish up by filling your trash cans or rented dumpster with the ancient bags of potting soil, half-used birdseed, broken weed wacker, and everything else you’ve been holding onto “just in case.”

2. Clear Out Toxic Materials

Leftover paint, motor oil, batteries, antifreeze, cleaning products and lawn fertilizer are all considered hazardous waste. If you cannot use up or donate these products, they will need to be disposed of properly, not in your regular trash pickup. Most counties offer drop-off locations for these types of materials, often as a free service for residents.

3. Make a Zone Map for Your Garage

Draw a simple sketch of your garage, then label the areas you would like to organize and what you would like to go there. This map could include designated zones for yard supplies, bikes, holiday decorations, and sports equipment.

Determine how much space each one will take up and which items can be moved off of the floor area. For example, your lawnmower needs to be on the ground, but you could place those Halloween inflatables on overhead racks.

4. Invest in Solid Shelving

While plastic shelving is cheaper than metal or wood racks, it’s also flimsier and won’t hold as much weight. Investing in some heavy-duty shelves will allow you to stack more items and make the most of your garage storage. There are a wide variety of garage shelving options available, depending on how much space you have.

In addition to standing units, wall mounts, cabinets, hooks, and workbenches can all help keep things organized and off of the floor.

5. Label and Categorize Your Supplies

A closeup of screwdrivers hanging from a pegboard in a garage
Melinda Podor/Moment via Getty Images

Making use of storage solutions such as totes and boxes is helpful, and labeling the outside of each will help you quickly locate any item. Store similar things together, such as yard tools, holiday decorations, and car maintenance supplies, so you can find them in a pinch. Be sure that frequently used supplies, such as trash bags, are easy to access.

6. Create a Garage Organization Schedule

Once you complete your garage organization project, don’t forget to maintain it. Setting aside time to clean during each season to do a quick cleanup will help ensure your garage stays organized and will keep the clutter at bay.

Tackling your garage organization project may seem like a daunting task, but with a little patience and a few simple storage solutions, you can easily complete this task over the course of a weekend.

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