3 Ways to Mount Your Fireplace and How to Choose the Right One For Your Home

Julissa Arangure
Written by Julissa Arangure
Updated January 11, 2022
built in fireplace in white living room
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  • There are three main ways to mount a fireplace. 

  • A wall-mounted fireplace can be treated much like a picture frame.

  • A gas fireplace can be vented or ventless.

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Fireplaces aren’t just for cold weather—although they feel like heaven on a breezy night. These pieces can also add flair to your living room, den, or wherever they’re placed. While deciding which type of fireplace you’ll install is important, when it comes to your decor, the way it’s mounted can be even more important.

We’ll help you narrow down your options and choose the best fireplace mounting style for your home and your family.

1. Free-Standing Fireplace

close up of fireplace during the winter
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A free-standing fireplace does not have to be built into anything, so true to its name, it can stand alone wherever you decide to place it. It can come in several different shapes and forms and can also resemble a traditional wood-burning fireplace. Some even come with storage and cabinets to help keep you organized. 

A free-standing fireplace is best for someone who is looking for flexibility or practicality to the cold winter days. The benefit of a free-standing fireplace is that it requires minimal installation, bringing down the cost, and can be placed anywhere in the room.

Which Fireplace Type Is Best for this Mounting Option?

A ventless gas fireplace would be ideal as a free-standing fireplace since a vented gas fireplace depends on outside air for combustion and would need to be mounted to a wall for outside access. With a ventless gas fireplace, you can install it in the middle of the room if needed. Keep in mind: You’ll still need a natural gas connection and propane to install this in your home.  

An electric fireplace can also be a quick and easy solution as a free-standing fireplace but, you’ll need an electrical outlet close by.

2. Wall-Mounted Fireplace

modern living room with fireplace
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A wall-mounted fireplace goes on a wall or a cabinet and can be handled much like a picture frame. You can easily move these electric fireplaces around to fit the bedroom, home office or living room. You’ll have to make sure that the screws and mounts you choose will handle the weight of the piece. 

These types of fireplaces are suited for someone with a modern home aesthetic and who wants a low-maintenance option. You can find many styles to suit your decor, some of which can resemble a traditional fireplace as well. 

Which Fireplace Type Is Best for this Mounting Option?

An electric fireplace is essentially a heater with the look and feel of a wood or gas-burning fireplace by using LED lights to mimic flames. An electric fireplace costs an average of about $700 but can be as low as $200. It is usually mounted on a wall in your living room, resembling a flat-screen TV, or inside a non-working fireplace that is already set in place. 

It is extremely easy to install, safe for the whole family, and very low maintenance since you can just plug in and enjoy. However, if you are looking for a fireplace to warm up your whole house, this may not be the one for you. 

3. Built-In Fireplace

woman adding wood to the fire at home
Photo: Jennifer Brister / Stocksy / Adobe Stock

Perhaps the most common and traditional mounting method is an inset fireplace. It is placed at ground level inside a wall. You can design a mantel around it made from traditional stone and brick or have a more modern approach like cement and wood. If you’re constructing and installing a wood-burning fireplace from scratch, you could pay upwards of $30,000.

This type of mounting is great for someone who wants to keep their home decor traditional and classic. However, a built-in fireplace may require more annual maintenance and cleaning to ensure your family is safe. 

Which Fireplace Type Is Best for this Mounting Option?

A wood-burning fireplace creates the most ambiance with its crackling wood and warm cabin feel. They are usually installed in an exterior wall because they need proper ventilation. This option is especially great for someone who does not want to depend on electricity alone to stay warm. 

If you want the traditional look and feel without the fuss, you can even install an electric fireplace insert into your existing built-in for a quick upgrade. 

Which Fireplace Is Right For My Home?

Several factors can play into your decision to install a fireplace. Before you make the final decision on which mounting method you want, keep these things in mind.

  • Location: Where your fireplace will go is important. No matter what room, you’ll need to figure out if it’s in the center or more towards a corner space. Will you need to decorate that area, or will its sole purpose be to warm up the space?

  • Budget: Because there are various options to choose from, figure out how much you can spend on the fireplace, utilities, installation, and additional materials needed. 

  • Maintenance: How much time you have to spend on starting your fire and cleaning will be a key factor because some require more work than others. For example, a gas fireplace will be a lot easier to work with than a wood-burning fireplace. 

  • Style: You’ll want a fireplace that will go with your vibe and aesthetic, so a traditional wood-burning fireplace may not be the best for a contemporary modern home. 

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