7 Guest Bathroom Essentials You Shouldn’t Forget

Updated March 14, 2022
A contemporary guest bathroom
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Because they need more than just a spare towel

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Your home is your castle, and if you want to treat your houseguests like true royalty, then you’ve got to give them the best accommodations. And while a fully-stocked kitchen and a cozy guest bedroom are important, you also need to remember to stock up on some essentials to create a luxury guest bathroom. We’ll cover everything you need to make your guests feel right at home. 

1. Create a Clean and Clear Space

Before you get shopping and stocking up on the tangible essentials, one of the first steps in creating a great guest bathroom is to do the prep work. Give the bathroom a thorough cleaning and clear out any personal items, such as prescription medications or other personal care items that you wouldn’t share with guests.

You should also make sure to leave enough space for them to spread out and unpack their own belongings. That means you should take anything you’ve been storing in the bathroom or that doesn’t quite belong there and trash or relocate those items until your guests leave. 

If you’re running out of time to clean while preparing for your guests, this is also where a local house cleaning pro can come in handy. 

2. Opt for Plenty of (Well-Organized) Storage

Once you’ve nixed the clutter and gotten your guest bathroom all tidy, it’s time now to focus on organization and storage. Use plastic bins and wicker baskets for the orderly storage of bathroom toiletries and guest linens.

Be sure to label baskets, bins, and bottles for your guests’ convenience. And if your bathroom is lacking in space, then get creative. Take advantage of the blank space above the toilet, under the sink, and along the walls for adding storage shelves. 

3. Stock Up on Toiletries and Linens

Wooden toothbrushes and other toiletries in a guest bathroom
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If you want your guests to feel welcome, then one of the best things to do is show them that you’ve been planning ahead with their comfort in mind. Stock your guest bathroom with items your guests might need during their stay, such as soaps, shampoos, lotions, disposable razors, hairbrushes, toothbrushes, and over-the-counter medications such as aspirins and antacids.

You should also focus on stocking your bathroom with some bath accessories, including fluffy towels and bath sheets, a non-slip bath mat, and a shower caddy or shower liner with pockets. Think about anything that’s made your stay special or you’ve found helpful when traveling, and make sure your bathroom has those items and more. 

4. Store Some Cleaning Supplies

If your guests are in for a longer stay, make sure you have plenty of cleaning supplies and a large, clean wastebasket on hand. These additions are not to encourage them to be their own cleaning crew, but rather to allow them to quickly wipe up after any toothpaste spills or nail polish incidents as needed. Storing extra cleaning supplies under the sink will also make it much easier to clean the bathroom before your guests arrive and after they leave.

Remember, too, to plan ahead for the little inconveniences: Have a clean plunger, brush, and holders within easy reach for your guests.

5. Think About Safety Supplies

When you’re prepping your home for guests, it’s essential that you focus on the functionality of your bathroom. For instance, it’s a good idea to install grab bars in showers and tubs to help prevent falls, so you can accommodate guests that have different needs with ease.

You can also add a gripping bath mat for the tub/shower and non-slip, waterproof rugs for the bathroom floor. It’s also not a bad idea to have a stocked first-aid kit in your medicine cabinet for those unexpected cuts and scrapes.

6. Make Sure You Have Good Lighting and Plentiful Outlets

If you have a bit of time before your guests come and you want to go the extra mile in creating an inviting space for them, then turn your attention to your lighting and electrical fixtures. Try to ensure that you have enough working electrical outlets for your guests’ needs. At the very least, your guests might need a place to plug in a hairdryer, a cell phone charger, an electric razor, or other items to get ready in the morning or settle in at night.

If you’re looking for a task that’s a bit quicker, changing out your lightbulbs to adjustable brightness LEDs and ensuring you have ample lighting is a great way to spend your time. These touches can make all the difference and take only a few minutes. Adding a lighted makeup mirror over the bathroom sink or vanity can also be a bright idea. 

7. Invest in Inviting Decor

Nobody wants to get ready for the day or unwind at night in a stark, unwelcoming space, so you’ll want to add some cozy decor to help your guests feel at home. And while you want to make every room in your home feel like yours, for your guest bathroom, go for decor that’s a bit more universally appealing. Family photos belong to common areas and your own personal spaces, such as your primary bedroom. 

Decorating with natural elements, such as greenery and florals, can give your guest room a nice spa-like feel, and you can never go wrong with calming neutral colors.

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