13 Cabinet Storage Ideas Outside the Kitchen

Julissa Arangure
Written by Julissa Arangure
Updated February 11, 2022
Warm room white bookshelves storage cabinets
Photo: Andy Dean / Adobe Stock

Kitchen cabinets aren’t the only stars of the show

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If you’ve jammed your kitchen cabinets with non-kitchen items, you aren’t the only one. There’s simply not enough storage for all those knickknacks along with your cooking utensils. Thankfully, there are plenty of cabinet storage options outside the kitchen to fulfill your organizing dreams. 

If you’re thinking of adding extra storage space to your home, a wood cabinet installation costs about $130 to $200 per cabinet. However, there are other drawer-like solutions to your clutter. We’ve compiled some of our favorite rooms that can provide extra storage for your home.

Laundry Room 

A laundry room can pile up pretty easily if we let it, so the more storage space there is, the better. If your laundry room needs remodeling or you’re looking for places to store your detergent and linens, don’t be afraid to get creative with cabinets. 

1. Add a Base Cabinet

White laundry room windows sink
Photo: Lisa Courtney Design

Lisa Griffin of Lisa Courtney Design stripped and replaced old laminates with a beautiful base cabinet and wooden countertop finish for a natural aesthetic. She made this laundry room simple and effective for her family by using organic elements and installing a clothes-drying hanging rail. This weeklong DIY project is well worth the time.

2. Keep It Clean and Classic

Clean white laundry room title drawers
Photo: Artistic Home Interiors

This bright white and gold color palette designed by Christine DeGracia of Artistic Home Interiors gives kitchen cabinets a run for their money. Adding lower and upper cabinets with drawers helps keep all of your essential laundry items in one place without the mess. The crisp, clean, and classic cabinet style will make you want to do laundry all day long. This is what we call #laundryroomgoals.

3. Make It Functional

Light blue laundry room storage
Photo: Tri-Eagle Homes

This laundry room was built for a new mom who wanted to bring more vibrance into her home, despite the endless amount of laundry. Because this particular room lacked natural light, Tri-Eagle Home wanted to provide a gorgeous blue sky feel. A flexible working space is a must, so they added extra counter space, cabinets, and washbasin to give the homeowner plenty of room to work with. 

Walk-In Closets

An organized walk-in closet comes a long way, especially when you’re trying to save time. Having extra storage in your closet is perfect for jewelry, undergarments, bathrobes, and shoes.

4. Have Everything in Full Display

Wooden closet with clothes
Photo: Moore Chen Design

This floor-to-ceiling closet display by Moore Chen Design was designed to have everything placed in front of you, making it all the easier to get ready every day so you’ll never have to say “I have nothing to wear.” The sleek, modern cabinetry has plenty of room for all of your wardrobe and accessory needs, including large boxes for discretely storing personal belongings. 

5. Organize Your Shoes 

Closet storage shoe rack shelves
Photo: Photographee.eu / Adobe Stock

Open shelves can enhance a room depending on what you display. A modern shelf filled with colorful shoes can add a touch of personality to any space. When it comes to shoe ware, organization is key to keeping them clean and damage-free. Additionally, you can mix and match handbags and perfumes for a more fashionable look.

Home Office

6. Custom-Made Continuous Cabinetry

Purple storage drawers desk poster
Photo: AhA! Interiors

Together with her partner Albert Rutkowski, Paulina Hospod of AhA!nter!ors designed and built this dusty blue continuous cabinet with gold handles to match other areas of the house. This idea began with a sketch and developed into a dream home office in a matter of nine weeks from beginning to end.

7. Keep Drawers Locked

Shelves dark drawer shelves plants
Photo: Jon Imperial

For this multipassionate architect, having desk drawer space for all his architectural tools, documents, and hard drives was a must. Having recently transitioned to a full work-from-home schedule, Jon Imperial’s home office renovation achieved both functionality and elegance through the dark wall colors and moody tones. His walnut cabinets include locks for extra security.

8. Elevate Your Loft Space

Open room shelves desk clothing rack
Photo: Seventyfour / Adobe Stock

If you have an open loft space, you can combine several shelving and cabinet options together for a seamless and appealing space. Open bookshelves are great for folders, books, handbags, and decorative plants. Keep in mind that having everything on display may require weekly cleaning and dusting to keep the area looking nice and neat.

Garage Storage

9. Consider Steel Lockers for Heavy Items

Wall to wall red cabinets storage
Photo: Core Interior Design

Steel lockers bring a new dimension to cabinet storage. They are perfect for garages and outdoor kitchens because they can support heavy items and require minimal assembly. Their doors can be made to be fully locked, keeping all of your gear safe. This set was just what Core Interior Design’s client needed for having his tools handy and well-kept.

10. Label Your Bins

White storage bins labeled
Photo: Simply Luxe Organizing

If you aren’t sure what to do with your garage shelves, Simply Luxe Organizing has the solution. Adding labels on these open storage bins helps keep track of inventory and allows for easy-to-reach access without breaking the bank so you can focus on all of your home improvement projects. 

11. Include an Unexpected Color

Tool storage workspace teal
Photo: nacroba / Adobe Stock

If there’s ever a time where you can’t find something, chances are it’s in the garage. Garages are notorious for collecting clutter because it’s usually the least visited area of the house. However, steel drawers and cabinets help keep all of your tools, car supplies, sporting equipment, and infrequently used items in place. Don’t settle for boring, and add some spark to your space by using unexpected colors.


12. Make It Multipurpose

Black and white wallpaper shoes coat hooks
Photo: Oxr Farmhouse / Wilhouse Designs

As a mother of two, Andrea Wilson of Oxr Farmhouse needed a mudroom that contained everyday messes while still keeping it fun and playful, making it the home’s hub. This area serves as a place to store coats, backpacks, and shoes and also works as a homework and craft zone for her and her kids. Having desk drawers is an important part of the design. 

13. Combine Different Textured Storage Baskets

Bench storage pattern baskets
Photo: Kindred Designs

Storage baskets come in all shapes and sizes, and Kerri Reesey of Kindred Designs By Kerrianne knows how to mix them well. Rattan and cotton rope give this mudroom the texture it needs without overwhelming the eye. Baskets are great for storing warm gloves, hats, and clean socks. Throwing in a patterned cushion, which you can switch every season, completes this look. 

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