6 Reasons to Get a Home Inspection Even if You Don’t Plan to Sell

Lawrence Bonk
Written by Lawrence Bonk
Updated September 30, 2021
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Just like you visit the doctor for check-ups, your home needs regular inspections, too

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Home inspections are a must when buying or selling a house—we know this. However, there are plenty of reasons to hire a qualified home inspector, even if you aren’t planning on buying or selling soon.

Maybe you want the peace of mind knowing that all systems are working as they should, or simply that the major rainstorm last month didn’t cause any hidden leaks.

Many experts recommend having your home professionally inspected every two to five years. Here are six money-saving reasons why this is a good idea.

1. Catch Potential Problems Early

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One of the primary reasons to get your home inspected by a competent professional is to catch repair and maintenance deal breakers early. A simple issue, such as a leaky kitchen faucet, can turn into a full-on flood if left to worsen. 

Early detection can save thousands. Regular home inspections help uncover these costly home issues before they have a chance to grow and put a huge dent in your bank account. The inspector’s written documentation on the condition of your home will also help you budget for future renovations and repairs.

2. Get an Honest Evaluation of Your Home

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Most home inspectors have no ulterior motives and won’t attempt to sell you unnecessary equipment, tools, or repair services. This means you’ll get an honest and unbiased evaluation of your property (warts and all). 

To get the most impartial home evaluation, make sure your inspector doesn’t have any affiliations with the contractor that may end up working on your home. Also talk to your contractor to confirm they aren’t affiliated with the realtor who may sell or list your home in the future.

3. Let a Professional Look Everywhere You Don’t Want To

Nobody enjoys heading into a dank crawlspace, an unfinished basement, or that oft-forgotten corner of the attic. However, problems can creep up in those areas just as easily as in other places in your home. 

A good inspector will go over every inch of your property, even the parts covered in spiderwebs. 

4. Perform a Radon Detection Test

Radon is a natural, odorless, colorless gas that enters homes through foundation cracks and can cause serious respiratory problems. There's no way to know you have radon without performing a test, so be sure to include it as part of your overall home inspection package. 

If your home gets a clean bill of health, you’ll rest easy. If the inspector finds increased levels of radon, they’ll have actionable suggestions regarding mitigation. 

5. Thwart Potential Mold Growth

Mold. Just hearing the word is enough to send many homeowners into a panic. It breeds easily. It smells awful. It’s tough to remove. Plus, certain types of mold can cause health problems if left untreated. Mold loves moisture and humidity, so it often lurks in hard-to-find areas of your home like basements, attics, crawlspaces, and other nooks with exposed plumbing. But luckily, a qualified home inspector can locate mold spores in the tiniest crevice and spot it before it grows into something more serious.

6. Check Electrical Systems

man examining home electrical box
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Home inspectors will pay special attention to any potentially dangerous components of your property, including your electrical system. They’ll examine your system in detail to ensure it is working properly and that it poses no additional risk to your family.

If your inspector uncovers a problem in its early stages, you can hire a qualified technician to address it.

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