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Recent Land Surveyors Reviews in Amarillo

  • Hall Surveying & Engineering
    It went very well. I recently needed to call them about the property line and they were very helpful. They stand behind their work
    Sheila P.
  • C & C Surveying Inc
    I had an existing survey but could not locate the front two property markers. I contacted Steve with C and C and he quoted me 1 to 2 hours of field work and a week turn around. He completed the job within a few days and charged me for one hour of field work. I would strongly recommend this company for any survey needs and plan to use them in the future
    Scott Y.
  • Heatley Surveying Co
    Bill Heatley first surveyed for us in 1999 when we purchased our property. Conditions for the survey were very difficult. The property had not been surveyed for decades, was overgrown, and most of the survey work had to be done in creek bottoms. He was able to meet our contract deadlines and worked diligently for several days until the survey was completed. The survey he submitted was very professionally done and was readily accepted by the title company and mortgage company. Cost was $2000.00. In 2008, we sold 7.5 acres of our land and Mr. Heatley was the surveyor. Again he was very prompt and submitted the completed survey in a few days. As the buyer paid for the survey, I do not know what it cost. In 2010, we bought the 7.5 acres back and Mr. Heatley did the survey for us. He had to add a 60-foot easement as a requirement of our mortgage company. The survey was completed quickly and there were no problems with the title or mortgage company. In 2010, our neighbor questioned the property line between us. Mr. Heatley walked the property line with me and answered all of my questions so that I could 'speak with knowledge' when working with the neighbor. He did not charge me for his time. In 11/2011, Mr. Heatley did a new survey of our property for refinancing. He was prompt and professional. He always provides multiple copies of the survey for me, which is very convenient when I am working with title and mortgage companies. He charged $600.00. Property line disputes with our neighbor continued and it began to look like we would be involved in legal action. I called Mr. Heatley and told him of the problems and asked him to come to the property and put red flags along the property line for us. He was unable to do this, but went to our neighbor and worked with him at length. He was able to work out a solution with him. On March 20, 2012, he came to our house and explained the solution. A legal written agreement has been offered by the neighbor, reviewed by Mr. Heatley and signed by us. Mr. Heatley advocated on our behalf and effected the situation so that neighbors can work with each other again. He did not charge us for his efforts. Now with the agreement with our neighbor, we will be needing another survey. We will surely use Mr. Heatley for this. Trust is important when you need accurate and competent work done and Mr. Heatley has always come through for us
    Jane N.
  • Jack L Ward & Associates
    Very professional and kept us up to date on survey progress. We explained that we needed a survey in a hurry to compete a sale of some property. They were very accommodating and completed the survey in a very reasonable amount of time. I would definitely use them again.
    Joe H.
    We spoke a lot on Friday and he wanted me to send him an email requesting his services, so I did. I wanted to find out where the property line is. He said that he could give me a document telling me where it is but I would have to call them back and have them explain it to me. That's when I realized I would have to be running after him to get an answer since he had no financial obligation to me. He did return my call that Saturday afternoon but ultimately it did not seem like he had the time for my project
    Gaspare P.
  • Kerr Surveying LLC
    I thought that they were very over priced. They were pretty quick. They have done the job within a week but they were supposed to call me when they were here on the property and they never did. I actually had marked two posts already so they only had to mark two.
    Robin D.
  • Birdwell Surveying
    I called and spoke to the receptionist who had me fax in my warranty deed to get the ball rolling. The receptionist said they had a lot of work and would do the survey in about 4 weeks. Mr. Birdwell called me back after a couple of days and said he was working in my area and would get the survey done either this week or next, that is since he was working close by he would drop by and do the survey for me. After this week and the next passed I waited another week then called to find out when they would do my survey. I spoke to a man who said Mr Birdwell was busy and he would ask him to return my call. I never received a call back even after 3 weeks. I have since called two more times and left messages asking for someone to call me back and give me an idea of when the survey would be done. No return calls at all. It has now been 6 weeks and no return call. Nothing. I have no idea if they even plan to do my survey! Am I still on the list to have a survey? What happened to the original 4 week estimate? What happened to the estimate of "this or next week" Mr Birdwell gave me 6 weeks ago! If they would at least answer their phone and/or return my call and let me know what is going on that would help, but then again do I want to pay these people to do work for me after they don?t have the decency to even return my phone calls??!! Answer=N
    Johnnie E.
  • Accu-Tech Services
    We are first time owners of 6 acres of land since the beginning of this year (2010). This investment was for future planning of having a life after retiring the Army in a few years and having our own space in the country for generations to come. The guy who serviced us was a known friend for 4 years and member/supporter of the same local Saddle Club. We were recommended to him by a friend to us all who witnessed that all we had to give was only $4500.00. We trusted him after the verbal agreement that this was a friendship deal to help us from seeking well known contractors who are costly for service. I was deployed in Afghanistan at the time everything took place with high appreciation that someone is looking after my spouse for dealing with the home, bills and children altogether. I had my own plans to honor the services done to our new property with free favors and family gatherings on my expense when I'd return. I called every-other-day from thousands of miles in war to later hear my spouse report that the guy shows up on sporadic days and times to work. We were making final boarding payments for our horses and were planning to relocate them on our newly purchased land. My spouse pounded over 400 T Poles by hand and sawed down cedar trees before construction equipment was used to clear the rest. I'm thankful with all my life for a good wife who works hard and never done such work before. We payed the man $3000 by check up front and $400 cash to ensure him we were serious about the agreement. Around a month later during the completion of his work; he blindsided my spouse with an estimate he made up on the spot on the back of a business card for $8800. He last received a check for $1000 and wasn't seen on our land again but left all of his equipment without permission and never intended to retrieve it from our property. My spouse made several calls to him and his son to pick up his equipment and no one responded. I returned from deployment a couple of months later to see the abandoned equipment myself. It was very unprofessional and disrespectful. As it looked, the job was done but not to a professional standard. Everything was uneven and had large rocks left all over that my spouse and me picked by hand. We even had to remove left over stumps left behind to keep the horses from tripping over them. I couldn't expect more because it was a $4500 job. We gave up calling and asked around anyone from the Saddle Club of his whereabouts and intentions. Reports came through that he had no intentions of moving his equipment until we pay up his fabricated amount of $8800. After hearing the same bad news from more than a couple of sources we sought after legal advise to prepare to charge storage for his abandonment. 5 months had already past and he suddenly called on my answer machine in the morning when we were away having some family fun. We returned his call in the evening only to hear him explain how he trespassed on our property and rolled his 18 wheeler and flatbed out; not knowing he stole a picture by cell phone of our combination lock during the beginning of him clearing our property. I mentioned that he's not allowed to trespass without permission from us as the owners of the property. He made up a story that he's protected by Texas law to go on any property and take what he think is his without need for consent of the owners. It was only conclusive that he took action without permission only because word has circulated around the Saddle Club that he would be charged for damages and storage for his abandoned equipment. About a week or so later, he sent his family and 2 other Saddle Club members as help out to collect his remaining abandoned equipment at nearly 10PM. I caught them standing outside my entry gate because I changed the locks. They as well didn't have permission to be on our property and were taught the same philosophy from their head of household to think they have special Texas Laws to permit them to cut locks and tread over anyone's property. The main individual was no where in sight, but his family were completely opposite of his vulgar personality. So, I allowed them in only on the condition that they were to take all remaining equipment off our property and never to return. They did so after having to jump start the auger. Over a week later, my spouse and me received letters with an invoice higher than the business card estimate. It was showing $13,483.50 of never seen before fabricated estimates that weren't even discussed before and during any work that ended 5 months ago. This was the first and only receipt of a professional, itemize estimate we'd seen months later. As mentioned before, we all started this as a verbal agreement as friends and not as clients to a businessman. Most people know that if a professional business is to conduct any work, they will provide all known costs up front and have it in writing to hold their clients responsible to the written and signed contract, if they agree to all costs. We left a message on his answering service and he later returned the call. He was immediately confronted about what was going through his mind to hike up the price twice over the 5 month period without verbal consent or a signed written agreement. The conversation was pointless and he couldn't stay on the subject. He was swearing in every sentence and lied periodically, even on the local Sheriff Department of their cooperation to permit him to trespass and cut locks on both occurrences. I called the Sheriff Department Dispatch to confirm his dates and times afterward. There weren't any dispatches for his case existing. He was completely disrespectful with his history of actions towards us along with the abandoning of his equipment. He's a bully and made it honestly hard to keep my composure not to react disrespectful in return. Nearly an hour passed with him violently rambling about making a trip to tear down our fencing believing that he has to right to do so if we don't pay the invoice. Sounds like blackmail, right? We have horses roaming our property and are alert for his actions if they're to take place. If the actions do occur, it's unimaginable of the outcome if the horses were to not only injure themselves but also cause a collision on the public road immediately outside our entry gate. The conversation ended with the guy spending the last minutes rambling the same spill with my spouse. He actually had the nerve to demand us to cut him a check for the ridiculous amount or partial of it on the invoice before hanging up. I blew off the steam and sent him a final check for $100 which was the remaining owed of the original $4500 agreement. Only due to that fact we waited up around 6 months just to get him to remove his equipment before paying the final amount. It would be insane to consider paying that fabricated invoice due to his violent, verbal scare tactics. Come to find out, his business isn't a business at all. He uses his father's home address instead of having a real office and his cell phone as his business number. This explains some of the reason why he scatters his equipment over people's property when he doesn't have a job site to store his own stuff. I never been in such drama over ignorance from an adult. When you come from a year long deployment looking for some rest and peace with family at home; it's unbelievable that a so-called 'friend', a fellow American, would stoop low in an instant to attempt to take advantage of your loved-ones while you're away. If a former friend, like this guy, can turn out to be such a greedy bully to his friends then there's no telling how worse he made situations for his other customers over the involvement of money
    DeForrest C.

Last update on February 2, 2018

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