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About York

Angie's List members living around York have discovered a valuable resource for finding services for their homes' upkeep.

York prides itself as home to many historical landmarks and buildings that require constant restoration and maintenance. Historical buildings abound throughout the region, from Camp Hill to Linglestown. Downtown you’ll discover the 1741 Golden Plough Tavern, the 1766 York Meetinghouse and the 1888 York Central Market in addition to the Northwest York, Springdale, Fairmount and York Historic Districts.

Historical heritage such as this requires careful preservation. Angie's list provides a resource for city residents and the surrounding towns of Carlisle and Mechanicsburg seeking help in that preservation. In a city dubbed an “architectural museum,” member recommendations are vital to finding qualified service providers to maintain the richness and beauty of the area's buildings.

Find the best contractors and plumbers on Angie’s List, and keep your York-area home in perfect condition. Join Angie’s List York.


Local York, PA Home Improvement Tips, Trends, and Hiring How-tos

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When hiring a contractor to make significant structural changes to a home, hiring a home inspector, structural engineer or architect offers peace of mind.
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Tips for Hiring Tri-State Locksmiths

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