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Founded 2004 • With Angi since September 2009


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1249 Shoreland Drive

San Jose, CA 95122


Four Seasons Landscape & Design has over 20 years of experience in the business. We pride our company on reliability, great communication, integrity, and quality work. We are experts in our trade and will do our best to keep you as educated as we can on your particular task or project. We look

Verified Reviews

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Lance M.

They came out very promptly to assess my water heater, and provided an inclusive, fair quote. They then came out on Sunday evening to install the new water heater and bring the installation up to code, as well as took the time to give me a good overview of future maintenance. ! Dave and Dihn were both great to work with. I'm glad I hired them.

Description of Work
Replace water heater, improve safety

Category plumbing, water heater repair



Bret O.

Steven's team did a great job remodeling both of our bathrooms. Steven is very responsive, professional, and his labor rates are fair and reasonable. I would recommend Four Seasons Construction for home remodeling.

Description of Work
Completely remodeled both bathrooms.

Category home remodeling



Ann G.

The job went well. I was happy with the end result.

Description of Work
Cut and installed shelves in garage, laundry room and storage area.

Category woodworking



darrell C.

I supplied toilet and all parts as came in kit that I bought from Lowes, upon installation the new toilet would not set flush to floor was rocking, Dinh was confused, and said I had bad plumbing, as flange was to high, he also mentioned of building a higher mount for toilet to set on for proper height, I looked at it, bent over and popped out the plastic insert in wax seal, toilet set to floor perfect....wrong seal I provided, I dismissed him of his duty's and I went to Orchard Supply and finished the job myself, not his fault, but he lacks troubleshooting skills. They do make a seal for high flanges, he did not know that...............bottom line is, if I would have hired a professional Plumber, he would have had the knowledge and parts on his truck, I will let the $150 go and hire a real plumber next time. you pay for what you get.

Description of Work
needed old toilet removed and brand new toilet installed. Took the Angie's List deal of $150, Ad says remove old toilet, I took it as remove from premises also. Dinh say NO, but he took it anyway.

Category handyman service, plumbing




Dinh arrived and started fairly quickly, but seemed to be on his phone a lot. He did work while talking though. He informed me that the job would take longer than we had estimated and he would need to come back if he stopped when we had originally agreed. He said he need to remove the grout as well as the caulk to do the job properly and it would take longer. He finished cleaning out the grout the first day. The 2nd day, he returned to do the grout, worked about an hour and left saying he would come back the next day to caulk. We did not anticipate this taking an extra day and had plans, but found time to fit him in. When he arrived, he looked at the caulk we had purchased, at his request, and said it was wrong. It had been sitting there since the first day and apparently he had just noticed AFTER he began to use it. He needed to go to Home Depot to get the correct one, but did charge us less than the full amount of extra hours to make up for the lost time. This could have gone smoother with a little better communication. All in all, the work was done well when it was finally done.

Description of Work
I needed my master bath shower re-caulked.

Category handyman service



Roxanne C.

I wasn't that happy. I wasn't that impressed to tell you the truth. It seemed like he did a good job but he wound up having to come back 2 more times to fix the same thing. I won't use him again. I feel bad because he did come out but it's like you need to take more care. I had to be the one to reach out to him. After that it was very hard to get an appointment. I had to reschedule it once, there was just no way, and after that to get another one was ridiculous. It's too time consuming to chase him. And then there was a grout because it was open pretty much and I told him are you sure that's going to work? To keep a long story short, no because the hole kept coming back. Instead of packing it and if you're the expert on this, you should know this. I shouldn't be the one. I had to have him come back 2 more times. I've got to keep checking my bathtub to make sure the gap doesn't come again. After the third time that he came back, it seems he finally packed it enough. What really distressed me, he told me "Well, your bathtub may be falling". Wow you're going to tell me that? He seems like a nice guy but maybe he's overworked? I don't know. I paid a total of $300. He wanted to do something else and take it out which was going to be like a $1000. After it was finally done, I feel like just finish it. I don't have to call you anymore. I just want to be it to be done. At first I thought it was ok, but I was overlooking everything else. I was just disappointed. I was disappointed because I as a lay person to judge it no but it was a very big gap. If he didn't think he could do the job, he should have said I think you need this kind of person. That would have been great, honest and great. He tried but when a few days later after it dried and everything, I saw the gap again. I'm like wait a minute what happened here. It's not like it was rubbed off or anything else so I was just disappointed. And then when he had to come back, when I called him, I think I still have pictures, I told him, yeah there's still holes here. I just wish he'd have been a little more knowledgeable of what he was doing. I knew the price was going to be more but the problem is he tried to sell more. I would rather you do the job that you were hired for. If I have to pay more for that job because of the gap then it has to be the grout and something else, I have to have 2 things. OK OK I would expect another $100 or $150 but that was almost $200 more that I had to pay. I'm not going to use him again. He started talking about re-piping my and I was like oh no no no. He did try.

Description of Work
It was just caulking.

Category bathtub refinishing



Patricia B.

It didn't, the person kept canceling appt. 2 times and did not ever reschedule new one.

Description of Work
Caulking in bathroom

Category landscaping



Arletta B.

Very good job, cleaned up after, left my home in excellent condition.

Description of Work
Caulked bathtub, shower and two toilets.

Category handyman service



gloria B.

Things went well. Especially cleaning the gutters because soon after he left, the rains came down.

Description of Work
Attaching knobs to a bathroom vanity and chest of drawers. Caulking floor tile next to tub. Cleaning gutters on my house.

Category gutter cleaning, handyman service




Took way too long just to caulk a small area when work took longer to finish requested caulking I was asked to pay $40 additional for a 10 min job of just squirting some caulk somewhere. I asked if he could squirt only a line of caulk on my sink. He said no problem but when all was finished I was asked to pay $40 extra.Some area of wall has caulk residue I will have to scrape off.Had to clean off some caulk off bathtub spout.I had to buy all materials including a new large roll of paper towels of which he only used 8-10 towels and took the large remaining roll home with him.That should have been mine as I bought all materials.

Description of Work
caulk bathtub and area

Category ceramic tile



Richard V.

He ground out the old grout but had no more time to replace it. He had to leave so we were left to finish ourselves. We already had the supplies as we were told to buy them. The offer was only for labor. Our job did not come out as nice as expected. He told us to silicone over the grout and that's when it turned ugly. Not sure that is the way to finish. Anyway the tub is sealed again but the grout looks ugly even though he didn't do it.

Description of Work
Bath grout redone around the top of tub.

Category handyman service



Joy W.

FOUR SEASONS CONSTRUCTION & LANDSCAPING turned out okay but he took a whole lot longer than needed and he's very inquisitive; asks too many questions and personal questions and stuff and took too long. I wouldn't hire him again. He's a nice person but it took him way too long to do everything and he didn't seem like he was in business for long. He said he'd been in business for, I don't know, how many years, but he did not seem like a good businessman. He was late, Well, I don't know what he's learned as a businessman but I didn't think he was very professional. He put in a lot of time but I think it's because he didn't really know what he was doing. It was going hourly and he just didn't know what he was doing.

Description of Work
I had a big deal purchase made with FOUR SEASONS CONSTRUCTION & LANDSCAPING from Angie's List. The guy fixed my sprinkles. I had sprinkle heads that needed changing and stuff like that.

Category irrigation systems



Ann G.

I was very happy with the work by Dinh. He listened to my needs and communicates well. I thought he was some what of a perfectionist; double checking everything that was done to my satisfaction.

Description of Work
I needed to have 9 shelves cut, hung in the garage, laundry room and storage shed to include installing the tracks and brackets. In the patio, I had 4 hooks drilled in for my hanging plants. I also need the replaced and change out some electrical outlets.

Category handyman service



paulette S.

The job went very well. Dihn was very responsive and communicated with me several times regarding the job. He arrived on time, and was very personable and professional. He was eager to please and made several suggestions along the way. The job was a difficult one, because the mirror was so heavy, but Dihn worked hard and got the job done.

Description of Work
I needed a heavy mirror hung in the bathroom.

Category handyman service, hardscaping



Rui L.

Dinh was the first one responded, and said he could come over Monday morning to buy a new water heater with me from Home Depot and install it. One hour later Dinh called again saying that he could come over to do it today. Dinh showed up around 6:30 and took me to Home Depot with his truck and bought back a new heater. Unfortunately while tearing down the old water heater we found out that the old stand could not be used with the new heater. Dinh said he could build a wooden box for me as the heater stand the next day. The next morning Dinh came around 9:45, bit later than he said, with some 2x4s in his truck. I was eager to have the job done, so ran to home depot to buy a metal stand instead. Dinh assembled it and installed the heater on it. The whole job was done at around 12. Dinh was very nice in the whole process, tried very hard to help, but sometimes a bit too rush without good planning.

Description of Work
I had a water heater broke down Sunday morning, and the garage was flooded. It seemed to be not fixable, so I sent queries on Angie's list after 3pm.

Category plumbing, water heater repair




We expected two persons, one for each area. Dinh himself arrived alone.We requested the kitchen job first. He didn't like the color and type caulk we provided (he supplied none), so we had to provide a different type and color.He spent the hole day at the kitchen. He returned the following day to do the shower. Again the caulk had to be replaced. The shower also required pretty much the whole day. We are still spending odd times removing overcover on the kitchen sink (a job!). The shower is far less objected. His charge was $200; we did not argue.

Description of Work
The caulking in the edging of our kitchen sink needed the present caulking to be replaced with fresh. Similarly, our main bathroom shower needed a similar re-caulk.

Category handyman service



Sudeep M.

He just came and told that the work required 5k and no use in doing whatever package I had brought and went off

Description of Work
Fix the sprinklers

Category landscaping



Osamu M.

Dihn is a very nice, hard working man. He is conscientious and did a great job!.

Description of Work
Shower grout replacement

Category ceramic tile



Randy S.

Initially hard to reach contractor - - also his email went into my spam, but eventually scheduled the work and it looks nice. Arrived on time, was pleasant, professional. Would use again. Tried to upload picture but I'm not sure if it's working.

Description of Work
Kitchen: Remove stained grout around sink and re-grout

Category ceramic tile



Ray G.

Dinh did a very meticulous job re-caulking the shower and bathtub in our home. My wife and I are very happy with his service. He also gave us a tip for an issue we are having with one of our doors.

Description of Work
Remove old caulking from a bathroom shower and bathtub.

Category handyman service, home remodeling



N P.

OK but I had/have some issues: -He did not have any power caulk-removing tools. Did the removal with a plastic caulk removal tool which made it a pretty long process. -He didn't use mineral oil to clean off the residue caulk, old and new. We will have to wait to judge the quality but it looks ok, but won't really know for many months down the road. -Did not really estimate the project, just started working. So, I figured it would the the amount we paid Angies List. After he completed the job, he said that we owed him $80 for the extra time. He does not accept credit cards so we gave him $80 cash and he turned around and left. No receipt still. -His business license is for a "general contractor" but "I" think he's really just a "handyman". *He's really nice; very cordial. Also arrived on time. The overall cost is certainly within general guidelines but with the proper tools, I think the job could have been done in a lot less time resulting in him making a better hourly rate and us being able to leave the house sooner.

Description of Work
Remove and re-caulk a shower stall

Category ceramic tile, landscaping



dwight M.

i would not have Four Season do plumbing work. I could have did the work he did better.

Description of Work
caulked toilet and bathtub

Category plumbing




It did not go well, due to a lot of communication issues. The provider never ended up calling me back and setting up an appointment to come out. I felt that he most likely did not want to do the job.

Description of Work
The provider was supposed to come out and perform grout cleaning from a deal I had purchased through Angie's List

Category ceramic tile



Les N.

I purchased a caulking and grout restoration deal from Four Seasons that had been advertised several times. The automatic email from Angie's List said the vendor would contact me soon. When I'd heard nothing the following week, I emailed the vendor. Still no contact more than two weeks later so I got a refund of the purchase before the 30 day guarantee expired. I could've tried harder to chase down the vendor but that didn't bode well for actually getting the work done.

Description of Work
Bathroom caulking and grout repair

Category ceramic tile, handyman service, home remodeling



roberta W.

The only problem was trying to get the initial appointment, a lot of phone tag. when the appointment was made, he was very prompt and very professional.

Description of Work
Replaced the grout in a large shower. Dinh did a very good job, was very meticulous in removing the old grout. The new grout looks great, We just need to caulk to finish the job.

Category ceramic tile

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    FOUR SEASONS CONSTRUCTION & LANDSCAPING accepts the following forms of payment: Check, Financing Available

    Does FOUR SEASONS CONSTRUCTION & LANDSCAPING offer free estimates?

    Yes, FOUR SEASONS CONSTRUCTION & LANDSCAPING offers free project estimates.

    Does FOUR SEASONS CONSTRUCTION & LANDSCAPING offer eco-friendly accreditations?

    No, FOUR SEASONS CONSTRUCTION & LANDSCAPING does not offer eco-friendly accreditations.

    Does FOUR SEASONS CONSTRUCTION & LANDSCAPING offer a senior discount?

    Yes, FOUR SEASONS CONSTRUCTION & LANDSCAPING offers a 10% senior discount.

    Does FOUR SEASONS CONSTRUCTION & LANDSCAPING offer emergency services?

    Yes, FOUR SEASONS CONSTRUCTION & LANDSCAPING offers emergency services.

    Are warranties offered by FOUR SEASONS CONSTRUCTION & LANDSCAPING?



    FOUR SEASONS CONSTRUCTION & LANDSCAPING offers the following services: Outdoor BBQ, Stones, Retaining wall, Concrete, Irrigation, flagstones, Paver, Walkway, Driveway, Pergola, Arbor, Gazebo, Plumbing, Electrical, Decking, Cement, Home Builder, Remodel, Foundation, Footing.

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    No Maintenance, no mowing the lawn.