Trendy Terracotta: 6 Ideas to Weave the Season’s Hottest Color Into Your Home This Spring

Morgan Rousseau
Written by Morgan Rousseau
Updated May 6, 2022
A nice terrace with plants
Photo: alexandre zveiger / Adobe Stock

These spring, earth-colored tones and soothing hues are what it’s all about

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From tiled terraces to rooftops, it’s clear—terracotta is about more than just potted plants. With linguistic origins from Italian that translates to “baked earth,” terracotta is a color most people think of when exploring earth tones for their home. 

And though it’s had waves of popularity over the years, it’s making a comeback this spring due to the momentum of earth-inspired accents and an attraction toward warm, comforting colors. Here are six ways to integrate this trendy spring 2022 color into your home this spring. 

1. Warm Up Your Walls With Terracotta-Colored Paint

A nice patio with terracotta paint
Photo: mefanti / Adobe Stock

Fire up your home this spring with a terracotta-inspired color, like Behr’s Bonfire Night or Sherwin Williams 2019 Color of the Year, Cavern Clay. Brighten up your trim by pairing your terracotta paint with a vibrant shade of marigold yellow, like Sherwin Williams’ Gusto Gold. Just remember, revamping your home’s siding is a big job that’s best left to a local professional painter.

2. Tone Things Up With a Terracotta Terrace, Patio Tile, and Deck Stain

Swimming pool border and tiled terrace floor
Photo: hanohiki / Adobe Stock

Terracotta tile has been a favorite material for outdoor spaces in warmer climates like Mexico and the Mediterranean for thousands of years. Hot, dry climates are perfect locations for tiled exteriors, whether it’s a patio, balcony, or even a wooden deck. 

For tiled surfaces like patios and terraces, you can call a patio professional near you to help you choose the best terracotta tiles to give your outdoor living area a down-to-earth feel. Or, if you want to warm up your wooden deck, you can tackle it yourself with a warm-hued deck stain.

3. Decorate Your Outdoor Space With Terracotta Patio Furniture

Rooftop terrace with green and terracotta furniture
Photo: Robert / Adobe Stock

If you’re not up for committing to terracotta in the long term, you can still enjoy its trendy moment with some outdoor decor. Pair some earth-toned cushions with a wood-colored wicker set, or paint a wooden picnic table with a red-brown paint to give it a terracotta glow.  Outdoor rugs can also add a touch of burnt warmth to your outdoor living space this season. 

4. Top Off Your Home With a Tiled Terracotta Roof

A ceramic tiled roof
Photo: Hennadii / Adobe Stock

Is your home due for a new roof? Consider a tiled terracotta roof to add a natural allure to your home. Beyond their beauty, terracotta roofs are one of the most durable roofing options out there. These roofs are reminiscent of Greek and Spanish-style villas and work to keep your home cool during the hotter months.

Consult with a roofing pro to get the best terracotta-style tile for your home.

5. Furnish Your Living Space With Terracotta Furniture

A living room in bright industrial loft
Photo: Malquerida Studio / Adobe Stock

You can give your living room a touch of terracotta by incorporating rust-colored couches, armchairs, and area rugs into your space. Leather furniture often comes in rusty shades of brown that can give off a terracotta vibe, but classic upholstery materials like canvas and linen can also give you a similar look.

Pair your terracotta furniture with a clay-colored wall to make the fiery tones of your furniture pop. Not interested in buying a whole new living room set? Opt for a terracotta-inspired rug with bold patterns, or keep it simple with a terracotta-colored throw rug or accent pillows. Be sure to add some greenery to your room—think hanging plants or a potted tree—to tie together the earthy atmosphere. 

6. Tie Some Pops of Color Into Your Terracotta Pots

Pots with red flowers
Photo: Chedges / Adobe Stock

Okay, okay, so terracotta isn’t only about pots—but it’s undeniable that potted plants are one of the most popular uses of the color. This spring, try adding some vibrant, brightly colored flowers to your terracotta pots, like zinnias, summer snapdragons, and lantanas. Or, if you’re really feeling the terracotta vibe, plant some warm marigolds with hues of flaming bronze.

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