24 Teen Room Ideas the Whole Family Will Love

Kristin Salaky
Written by Kristin Salaky
Updated December 10, 2021
Four teen girls laughing while looking at a phone in a purple bedroom
Photo: Monkey Business / Adobe Stock

When hanging up band posters just won’t cut it

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Is your teenager ready to upgrade from a childhood bedroom to a multipurpose hangout/homework/chill space? Then we’ve got some stylish teen room ideas for you to see.

Now, there’s a good chance that your kid has strong opinions about how they want their new bedroom to look. That’s why we recommend using this list as inspiration and letting your child ultimately decide how it all comes together. 

We’ve included a mix of traditional teen boy and teen girl room ideas, as well as gender-neutral ideas that work particularly well for today’s teenagers. The important thing is creating a space that showcases their individual personality and makes them feel at home.

1. IG-Worthy Coziness

Cozy gray teen bedroom with pastel pink accents
Photo: Photographee.eu / Adobe Stock

This instantly ’grammable bedroom makes the perfect backdrop for selfies and video chats. It elevates the color pastel pink—often stereotypically associated with teen girls—by pairing it with soft grays and taupes. Plus, the modern furniture keeps it from looking too young. 

2. Modern Comfort

White teen bedroom with comfy twin bed, modern furniture, and ampersand sign, chalkboard, and ball garland decor
Photo: New Africa / Adobe Stock

Since teens spend more time sleeping than everyone else in the house, with the exception of maybe the dog, it makes sense to upgrade their bedding. Invest in some breathable sheets and one of those big white fluffy duvets found in luxury hotels. For a contemporary look, decorate with modern furniture and cute but subtle decor, such as ball garland, chalkboard faux headboard, and ampersand sign. 

3. String-Light Photo Wall

Teen girl sitting on bed while decorating the wall behind it with photos and string lights
Photo: Viktoriia / Adobe Stock

This updated take on a classic teen bedroom idea combines glowing string lights with modern polaroids. The result? A personality-filled bedroom accent wall that looks chicer than the teen bedrooms of the past, with their photo prints taped to every inch of wall and door space. 

4. Boho

Boho bedroom with orange canopy over rattan chair, vintage suitcase, plants, and hats and fairy lights on the wall
Photo: brizmaker / Adobe Stock

This boho bedroom will be a big hit with free-spirited teens who appreciate the cozy maximalism of Bohemian style. And it’s especially perfect for teens who appreciate vintage decor in the form of rattan furniture, well-worn straw hats, and old fashioned suitcases. 

5. Boho Light

Sunny bedroom with white bedding and walls, platform swing, wheat wreath, and rattan chandelier
Photo: irinakuz9 / Adobe Stock

If a full-on boho bedroom is too much, copy this all-white modern bedroom with boho touches—a wheat wreath, rattan chandelier, and platform swing. The swing is definitely a conversation starter and makes the perfect hangout spot for when your teen invites their friends over.

6. City Loft

Black and gray mid century modern bedroom with rattan accessories
Photo: Photographee.eu / Adobe Stock

Another fun way to incorporate rattan accessories and vintage furniture? This two-tone mid century modern bedroom that looks more like a cool city loft than a teen bedroom—something a lot of teens would appreciate. 

7. Industrial with Yellow Accents

Black and gray mid century modern bedroom with rattan accessories
Photo: Photographee.eu / Adobe Stock

The popular two-tone gray and black scheme pairs with neon yellow and gold accents for a fun injection of color in this industrial room. The best part? Using the eye-catching bike as decor when it’s not in use. If you’re not confident in your bike-wall-attachment skills, you can always replicate this look with a metal bicycle sculpture placed behind the bed. 

8. Music Themed

Bedroom recording studio with microphone stand and guitar on the bed in the background
Photo: princeoflove / Adobe Stock

If your teen loves music, nurture that love with a music-themed room. Decorate with records, framed vintage music posters, and neon signs. If they’re a musician (and you’re very tolerant), throw in a microphone and some instruments or a DJ mixer and laptop. 

9. Hangout Area

ray bedroom with blue accents, couch, side table, bench, and ottoman
Photo: Pixel-Shot / Adobe Stock

The bedroom is often a social hub for teens and their friends, so if you have the space, add as much extra seating as possible. For larger rooms, go with a couch. For smaller rooms, opt for a few well placed floor pillows. You can also get a bench storage ottoman to place at the foot of the bed. 

10. Storage Wall

White modern bedroom with storage wall of shelves, a short dresser, and clothing racks
Photo: Pixel-Shot / Adobe Stock

Speaking of storage, having lots of storage space is key to your teen having a more organized bedroom. Now, will it encourage them to clean their room more often? Absolutely not. But it will at least give them plenty of drawers to cram stuff in when they “clean up.” If you’re dealing with a smaller room, it’s important to use your vertical space for shelves and even clothing racks.

11. Cozy Throws

Bedroom with white brick wall, white bedding, knit and fur throws, red heart pillow, and plants
Photo: skif / Adobe Stock

Create a space that your teen will love to come home to with the help of cozy throws and knits. Oversized chunky knit blankets encourage snuggling on chilly days. And faux fur throws on hardwood floors make getting out of bed on winter school days slightly more palatable. 

12. LED Lights

Bedroom with purple neon lighting, red rope lights, and white neon star on the wall
Photo: Pixel-Shot / Adobe Stock

Is your teen constantly scrolling TikTok? They probably have stumbled across “TikTok lights” on their For You page. This trend involves using LED lights to decorate a bedroom to add fun pops of color. Here, LED lights pair with neon for the ultimate vibe-y atmosphere.

13. Light-Up Sign

Bedroom with purple flower wallpaper, white ball garland on white tufted headboard, and Love light-up sign on purple bedding
Photo: kyrychukvitaliy / Adobe Stock

Light-up signs may be a good compromise if you can’t get on board with a full LED-covered room. You can find both LED wall signs and light-bulb desk signs that spell out words such as “love” or “dream” or in fun shapes. 

14. Canopy Bed

Bed with white canopy, dark gray bedding, pink and gray throw pillows, and pink faux fur throw
Photo: aprilante / Adobe Stock

Canopy beds transform a teen bedroom into a relaxing retreat while creating a stylish focal point for the space. Plus, they add a tiny bit more privacy, something many teens crave. 

15. Bold Wallpaper

Bedroom with forest wallpaper, graphic black-and-white bedding, and a pink bed blanket
Photo: Photographee.eu / Adobe Stock

Nothing expresses personality quite like bold wallpaper, making it perfect for teens who want a statement bedroom. We recommend peel and stick wallpaper because it is easy to remove when your teen wants to update their room or goes off to college. 

16. Colorful Accent Wall

Teen room with desk and comfortable bed against green wall
Photo: New Africa / Adobe Stock

Updating your teen’s childhood bedroom doesn’t have to involve a whole design scheme. It can be as simple as grabbing a gallon of paint and creating an accent wall in a bright color. Just don’t be afraid to let your teen pick something unconventional. 

17. Gamer Setup

Teen gamer using dual computer screens in her bedroom
Photo: Monkey Business / Adobe Stock

If your kid is a big gamer, set up their room with an epic gaming area complete with a sturdy desk, multiple computer monitors, and a gaming headset. A comfortable gaming chair is a must, too.  

18. Travel Themed

Travel-themed bedroom with chalkboard wall
Photo: Photographee.eu / Adobe Stock

Travel-inspired bedrooms are perfect for teens who can’t wait to explore the world. The best travel-themed decorating ideas incorporate a map marked with the places your family has been and souvenirs you picked up along the way. You can also create a chalkboard accent wall and decorate it with travel-themed word art. 

19. Hanging Egg Chair

Bedroom with egg-shaped swing chair in the corner
Photo: New Africa / Adobe Stock

We can’t explain why teens love egg-shaped hanging chairs, but they do. Perhaps it’s the sense of seclusion they get while curled up inside the chair. Or maybe it’s the enveloping sense of comfort of being tucked into a snug space. Whatever it is, these chairs are always a hit. 

20. Reading Nook

Window seat with throw pillows
Photo: MariaJos / Adobe Stock

Want to get your teen more excited about reading? Or maybe you want to give your bookworm a cute reading space that’s all their own. Either way, a bedroom reading nook may be just the thing you need. Tuck a comfortable bench under a window and add lots of throw pillows, or convert unused space in a closet into a nook with floor pillows and a reading light. 

21. Minimalist Decor

minimalist teen bedroom with grey sofa and bicycle
Photo: Prostock-studio / Adobe Stock

Your teen may prefer soft neutral colors and minimalist decor, and if that’s the case, focus on outfitting the room with quality essentials. Light also plays an important role in a minimalist room, so emphasize it with white paint, light hardwood floors, and sheer curtains.  

22. Modern Craft Area

Modern wooden desk with pegboard in teen bedroom
Photo: 290712 / Adobe Stock

Teen crafters and artists will appreciate this long modern wood desk with an oversized pegboard that helps organize supplies. What’s more, the workspace doubles as a computer desk, and the pegboard doubles as a place where your teen can display their artwork with the help of some pegboard shelves. 

23. Attic Room

Teen bedroom and lounge in remodeled attic
Photo: ostap25 / Adobe Stock

If you have a teen that currently shares a room with a sibling and is ready for their own space, consider converting your attic into a teen bedroom. It should give them plenty of room to sleep, study, and hang out with friends. Just remember, you’ll need to talk to a local insulation pro about insulating the space so it stays comfortable as the seasons change. 

24. Dorm-Style Bunk Bed

Room with desk, bunk bed, and sofa
Photo: irena_geo / Adobe Stock

Prepare your teen for dorm life by replicating it in their bedroom at home. Disassemble a bottom bunk bed and replace it with a futon or pull-out couch. That way, they can have a place to hang with their friends that doubles as a sleepover spot, and you can save space in a small room.

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