23 Staircase Decor Ideas to Fit Your Style

Kaitlyn Pacheco
Written by Kaitlyn Pacheco
Updated January 11, 2022
A woman hanging a picture frame along a stairwell
Photo: nortonrsx / Getty Images

Step up your staircase decor

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You don’t have to be an interior designer to create a beautiful staircase in your home. From easy additions to DIY installations, these gorgeous staircase decor ideas will help you update your space.

Paint and Wallpaper Ideas

Add a new color or pattern to the surrounding stairwell walls or even the stairs themselves.

1. Subtle Wallpaper

A bright interior staircase with vintage pattern wallpaper
Photo: hiv360 / Adobe Stock

A subtle wallpaper can spruce up your stairwell without making a drastic change. If this is the style you want to achieve, opt for a wallpaper similar in color to the rest of your walls, but with a basic pattern or understated texture.

2. Painted Stencil Patterns

An interior staircase wall covered in black line painted patterns
Photo: The Good Brigade / Getty Images

Bold colors and custom patterns are trendy ways to bring a home interior to life. Try painting your stairwell walls using a stencil pattern. Search “wall painting stencils” to browse unique patterns available for purchase (or print if you have a vinyl cutter).

3. Ombre Steps

A young girl playing on a tablet while sitting on an interior staircase
Photo: Adam Hester / Getty Images

Walls aren’t the only way to add a fresh coat of paint and a pop of color. If you have wooden steps, add a trendy touch to your stairs by painting the front of each step. Paint each step the same color for a cohesive look, or step outside the box with an ombre pattern. 

For ombre stairs, simply choose your base paint color and use it to cover the front of the bottom step. Add a few drops of white paint to your base color after you paint a step so that each step up is a slightly lighter shade than the last.

4. Patterned Steps

A wooden interior staircase with patterned tile stair risers
Photo: Catherine Falls Commercial / Getty Images

Love the idea of bold stairs, but not in love with the ombre style? Try using wall paper, tiles, or a paint stencil on the front of your wooden steps for a more classic look.

Wall Decor

Get creative and show off your taste by adding personalized wall decor along your stairwell walls.

5. Statement Clock or Mirror

Interior staircase decorated with a large round clock
Photo: Craig / Adobe Stock

A large statement clock not only looks chic, but also helps you quickly figure out how late you are when you dash down the stairs in the morning (just us?). And a statement mirror on your staircase wall lets you check your hair one last time before heading out the door. Plus, it can help reflect light and make your space appear brighter and larger. 

6. Minimalist Gold Frames

A classic interior stairwell decorated with minimalist flower prints in gold frames
Photo: Siri Stafford / Getty Images

Hang simple prints or black and white photos in minimalist gold frames for a clean and classic look.

An industrial loft apartment with a gallery wall leading up the stairs
Photo: lechatnoir / Getty Images

Gallery walls are popular interior design choices for living rooms and staircases. There are a few different ways to style a gallery wall so it can get complicated quickly. Keep it simple by hanging photos and prints in matching frames.

An industrial loft apartment with a gallery wall leading up the stairs
Photo: lechatnoir / Getty Images

A gallery wall is one of those classic design elements that will never go out of style. For an eclectic and vintage feel, put together a gallery wall layout using mismatched frames in a variety of colors, materials, and finishes. 

A little girl looking into a gallery wall mirror
Photo: Elva Etienne / Getty Images

You don’t have to limit your gallery wall to just pictures in frames. Add dimension by including unique pieces such as fabric pendants, macrame, metal signs, canvas art, wooden letters, or even an antique mirror. 

10. Large Artwork

A modern interior staircase with a large piece of framed artwork on the wall
Photo: Camilo Morales / Getty Images

If a gallery wall isn’t your style, a staircase is a perfect spot to showcase a large piece of artwork. Consider hanging a large print in an antique frame or a canvas painting instead.

Surrounding Features

Use these decoration ideas for the spaces surrounding your staircase.

11. Sitting Nook

An interior staircase with a built-in seating area
Photo: Fuse / Getty Images

Depending on the design of your staircase, there may be extra space at the bottom for a seating nook. DIY an under-the-stairs seating spot by adding a bench and some decorative throw pillows. 

12. Built-In Coat Rack

An interior staircase with a built-in coat rack at the base
Photo: EricVega / Getty Images

If your stairs are located near your front entrance, it’s likely your first few steps have defaulted into a shoe rack and your railing a make-shift coat hanger. A built-in coat rack can keep your entryway organized and your stairs clear—preventing trips and falls. 

13. Decorative Side Table

A farmhouse decorative table on an interior stairwell wall
Photo: PC Photography / Getty Images

A decorative side table allows you to add your personal style to an empty space. If you can, choose a side table with drawers or cabinets for extra storage. 

Stair Runners

These runner ideas are for style and safety. Add a stair runner on wood, cement, or even carpeted stairs.

14. Basic Runner

An interior staircase with a carpet runner
Photo: Iriana Shiyan / Adobe Stock

If your wooden staircase tends to feel slippery or unsafe at times, it’s a good idea to add a basic runner. This type of runner is made of plain carpet material and expands the entire length of your staircase. Match the runner with the surrounding carpet to pull both areas together for a cohesive look. 

15. Decorative Runners

A large interior staircase with a decorative carpet running
Photo: Iriana88w / Getty Images

Decorative runners have patterns or designs that give your staircase a modern or vintage feel depending on the style of runner you choose. Go bold with funky colors or neutral for a clean, modern style. 

16. Non-Slip Runners

A young girl going down an interior staircase with a no-slip runner
Photo: Stígur Már Karlsson / Heimsmyndir / Getty Images

Non-slip runners have a textured rubber back to keep the carpet in place, even on smooth, slippery surfaces like wood. Don’t worry, this doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style for safety. Search for trendy vintage or modern non-slip runners to complement your current decor.

Staircase Lighting

A decorative element with a purpose. Add staircase lighting to safely get up and down the stairs at night.

17. Night Lights

A modern wooden staircase with built-in lighting
Photo: Photographee.eu / Adobe Stock

Add night lights on the wall above or underneath each step as a safety feature to help you safely navigate the stairs at night. This also creates an exciting “up lighting” effect that illuminates your space. Install permanent fixtures that hook up to your electrical, or go for a temporary solution such as adhesive puck lights with bluetooth control.  

18. LED Light Strips

 man installing LED light strips to a wooden interior staircase
Photo: Tomasz Zadja / Adobe Stock

LED light strips are an easy way to add lighting to your staircase. Most options hook up to an app on your phone and allow you to pick custom colors that best fit the mood or the style of your space. To install, simply stick the adhesive back of the strip to the baseboard along the stairs. 

19. A Stunning Chandelier or Pendant

A starburst light pendant over an interior staircase
Photo: PC Photography / Getty Images

A grand stairwell and statement chandelier can take your breath away. Even if your staircase isn’t in a fancy foyer, a vintage chandelier or unique lighting pendant can have the same eye-catching effect. 

Other Stairway Decor

Add the finishing touches to your staircase with any of these simple decor ideas.

20. Potted Plants

A couple sitting on a loft staircase decorated with potted plants
Photo: Westend61 / Getty Images

Displaying real or faux potted plants on your staircase can give your space a homey, relaxing feel. This decor choice can potentially become a tripping hazard, so install hanging plant baskets instead if you have narrow stairs, young kids, or curious pets.

21. Decorative Vase

An interior staircase with decorative sticks in a blue vase on the corner step
Photo: Lawcain / Adobe Stock

If your staircase has a corner step with space for decor, a large decorative vase with faux sticks or greenery can add a touch of style without looking cluttered. 

22. Unique Antiques

Young girls running down a staircase decorated with antique telephones
Photo: Klaus Vedfelt / Getty Images

The stairwell is a great space to display your eclectic and whimsical style. Use floating shelves to place your favorite antique store finds or the knickknacks you’ve collected during your travels throughout the years. 

23. Small Accent Table

An interior staircase with a decorative accent table on the corner step
Photo: John Keeble / Getty Images

Use the corner step of your staircase for decoration and extra storage with a small accent table. Top it with a vase and fresh flowers or a frame with your favorite family photo. 

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