6 Ways to Create the Smart Home Gym of Your Dreams

Lydia Schapiro
Written by Lydia Schapiro
Updated January 24, 2022
A woman exercising on treadmill home gym
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Make your home workouts smarter, not harder

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If one of your 2022 resolutions is to commit to your at-home workouts, why not take it a step further and create a smart home gym? By incorporating smart home technology into your exercise routine, you’ll be able to control every aspect of your workout space with a few taps on your smartphone or other Wi-Fi-connected devices.

While there are many routes to take when creating your home gym, consider the following ways to make your home workouts easier and, maybe, even enjoyable using smart home devices.

1. Install a Smart TV

Out of all the wildly futuristic advancements in technology, smart TVs are at the top of the list. 

Smart TVs use your home network to allow you to stream practically anything with the touch of your remote. By installing one in your home gym, you can stream workout videos, utilize virtual environments, and blast your music during your gym seshes. 

Since many smart TVs include voice-recognition abilities, you can easily change your virtual program or TV setting mid-workout. Or you can schedule a last-minute meeting or appointment right from your smart TV. In addition, you can download apps to your smart TV to enhance your workouts, such as meditation or guided stretching apps. 

If you need help installing the TV, don’t hesitate to contact a TV mounting service to ensure your home gym setup is secure. 

2. Choose Your Smart Exercise Equipment

Interior of lighthouse room furnished with gym equipment
Photo: Cees / Adobe Stock

Customization is one of the main benefits of a home gym versus a commercial gym. Based on your workout regiment and goals, you’ll want to weigh your options when choosing which equipment to add to your smart gym. Start by narrowing down what type of exercise you’d like to incorporate into your at-home routine. No matter what type of workout you prefer, you can find a smart exercise machine that matches your fitness preferences.

For instance, if you’re a runner, you might opt to install a smart treadmill. These advanced models usually offer pre-programmed workouts and guided virtual classes. Some features that many smart treadmills boast include:

  • Built-in workout programs

  • Pulse monitors

  • Automatic fan

  • Bluetooth compatibility

Or, if you’re a fan of HIIT workouts, you can opt for a smart fitness mirror to follow along with virtual classes. If you’re considering taking up biking, consider installing a smart stationary bike. Smart bikes are a helpful workout tool because, unlike traditional models, they provide a variety of guided cycling classes and allow you to track your performance data.

3. Add a Smart Air Purifier

When dealing with any home gym, there’s bound to be sweat, which means unpleasant odors may linger for longer than you’d like. Consider investing in a smart air purifier for your home gym to get rid of any sweaty smells. Plus, an air purifier will reduce the amount of dust in the air—better air quality, better workout. 

Unlike a standard air purifier, smart air purifiers provide information about your home air quality. You can monitor this data about an app on your smartphone or other Wi-Fi-connected devices. Additionally, many models will alert you when it’s time to change your air filter.

4. Detox With a Far-Infrared Sauna

Several types of smart saunas utilize advancements in technology to help you detox after an intense workout. For instance, some far-infrared sauna models allow you to incorporate music therapy and heating schedules to help your body heal. 

You can also control your smart sauna through an app on your smart device, allowing you the freedom to set the mood through various temperature-control, lighting, and sound system settings. 

5. Install a Smart Sound System

Many gym bums can’t imagine working out in silence because exercising to a bop is far more enjoyable. To take your home gym sound system to the next level, install smart speakers that make your workout stress-free by alerting you when you have a phone call or text. That way, you don’t have to keep your phone attached to your hip. 

Plus, many smart sound systems work in tandem with other smart or voice-activated devices, meaning you can also control the lights and temperature to customize your workout space to your liking. When you want to work out to music at full blast, many smart speaker systems offer emergency notification alerts, so you can stay informed if something happens in another part of the house.

6. Control the Temperature Using a Smart Thermostat

Do you prefer to exercise in a chilly space or a high-temperature room? By installing a smart thermostat in your home gym, you can adjust the temperature to your exact preferences. 

Each smart thermostat model is different, but many offer the ability to program your device to lower or increase the temperature on a set schedule, plus monitor or change the settings from your smartphone or Wi-Fi-connected device. Some models even learn your temperature preferences and automatically adjust the thermostat accordingly. 

Additionally, some models can notify you when there’s an issue with your HVAC system, meaning you can fix it before it prevents you from using your home gym. 

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