How Much Does Shou Sugi Ban Siding Cost?

Allie Ogletree
Written by Allie Ogletree
Updated July 14, 2022
Modern house with Japanese Sugi Ban siding
Photo: Tomas Ragina / Adobe Stock


  • Shou sugi ban siding costs between $11,000 and $33,000 on average.

  • The type of wood, size of your home, and location all play roles in the total cost.

  • Shou sugi ban siding originated in Japan and can last over 80 years

  • You can save money by DIYing your shou sugi ban siding, but it can be a dangerous project for the inexperienced.

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Shou sugi ban siding, or carbonized wood finish, costs between $11,000 and $33,000 on average. Shou sugi ban comes from an ancient Japanese wood-burning siding practice called yakisugi, which naturally preserves wood using a light burnt finish. The eye-catching material has the color of dark gray or even black.

How Much Does It Cost to Install Shou Sugi Ban Siding?

On the high and low end, Shou sugi ban siding costs anywhere between $7,000 and $45,000, depending where you live, the type of wood, the size of your house, and whether you DIY the installation. 

How Much Does It Cost to Install Shou Sugi Ban Siding per Square Foot?

Expect to pay around $15 per square foot on average, though you might pay as little as $2 per square foot or up to $25 per square foot depending on factors like wood type, labor, and geographic location.

Shou Sugi Ban Siding SizePrice Range (With Labor)Average Price (With Labor)
1,000 square feet$7,000 – $15,000$11,000
2,000 square feet$14,000 – $30,000$22,000
3,000 square feet$21,000 – $45,000$33,000

Shou Sugi Ban Siding Cost Breakdown

Closeup of a modern house built with wood burning siding
Photo: Tomas Ragina / Adobe Stock

How much you’ll pay for shou sugi ban siding depends on a few key factors, including the size of the area you are siding, the materials you choose, and labor costs.


The square footage of your home plays the biggest role in determining the total cost of your shou sugi ban siding project, with larger homes often costing three times as muchas smaller homes. 


Different wood types can significantly impact the price per square foot of your shou sugi ban siding. Wood that’s already charred will cost between $11 and $25 per square foot, whereas wood that hasn’t yet been charred costs anywhere between $4 and $10 per square foot. A few popular wood types for shou sugi ban siding include pine, cedar, spruce, and oak.

Wood TypePrice Per Square FootAverage Price Per Square Foot
Pine$11 – $15$13
Cedar$13 – $20$17
Spruce$16 – $22$19
Oak$14 – $25$20


Shou sugi ban siding costs between $7 and $15 per square foot for labor. Though you can hire a pro to do the shou sugi ban charring process, it’s far more affordable to buy the wood directly from a lumber distributor. 

Cost of Shou Sugi Ban Siding Near You

Pricing for shou sugi ban siding varies based on where you live, with rural areas generally costing more. This is because it’s harder to find a pro who specializes in—or is even familiar with—shou sugi ban wood siding in remote locations. 

Generally speaking, you’ll pay less in cities that have a variety of architectural styles, including New York City and Los Angeles, and you’ll pay more in rural Kentucky, Wyoming, or Wisconsin.  

Cost to Char and Install Shou Sugi Ban Siding Yourself

If you’re an avid DIYer and want to try your hand at charring or installing shou sugi ban siding yourself, you’ll pay around $4 to $10 per square foot for the wood. The materials for charring the wood yourself cost around $200 to $400 and include a propane torch, propane tank, wire brushes, and linseed oil.

Cost to Install Shou Sugi Ban Yourself vs. Hiring a Contractor

If you don’t have any carpenter experience, you shouldn’t try to install shou sugi ban siding yourself. The installation process is labor-intensive, involves working at high heights, and technical skills, and may require old siding removal. Instead, contact a siding company near you to do the job safely and effectively so that you can get the most out of your new siding. 

How You Can Save Money While Installing Shou Sugi Ban Siding

Bargains make the world go round—or at least they should! The best way to save on shou sugi ban siding is by DIYing the charring process. You’ll save anywhere from $7 to $15 per square foot in labor costs, and you’ll pay about $200 to $400 for the tools and supplies. Keep in mind, though, that charring wood is a potentially dangerous project and isn’t suitable for inexperienced DIYers. 


How long will my shou sugi ban siding last?

If you properly maintain your shou sugi ban siding, it can last over 80 years. Routinely wash your shou sugi ban siding, inspect the nails and tighten as needed, and re-apply linseed oil as needed to help your home’s wood siding last longer

Can transform siding that’s already on your home into shou sugi ban?

Yes, you can shou sugi ban existing siding, but it might pose a hazard to wooden structures, shouldn’t involve treated wood, and must be done by a professional. You can not char wood on a house without first removing the boards.

What should I consider when installing shou sugi ban siding?

Consider acclimating the wood for your shou sugi ban siding for around two weeks before installation to balance its moisture content and prevent warping.

What other projects should I do at the same time?

If you’re already paying for professional shou sugi ban charring and installation, you should also consider installing a wood-charred deck to your home.

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