How to Prep Your Home for the Biggest Game of the Year

Dina Cheney
Written by Dina Cheney
Updated January 25, 2023
friends watching game in living room
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  • Put in a dark, soundproof home theater or media room for the ultimate game-watching experience.

  • Decorate your house with your favorite team’s colors and gear.

  • Clean the house from top to bottom or hire a professional cleaning service for extra help.

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Imagine this: A TV screen so large and crystal-clear, you’ll feel as if you’re in the stands. The cheers and jeers are so loud that you’ll swear your home is a stadium. The spread of cold, refreshing beers and crisp chicken wings is so tasty that you’ll think you’re in the owner’s box. Doesn’t that sound like an unforgettable Super Bowl party?

There’s no better way to root for your favorite team on game day than hosting a party for your fellow fans. Read on for tips on preparing your home for a game-day gathering. 

1. Set Up a Home Theater or Media Room

male friends watching sports game on projector
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For the ultimate game-watching experience, build your own home theater. This project may take several weeks to complete, so plan ahead if you want to finish by the Super Bowl. You’ll need a dark and soundproof space, a surround sound system, comfortable seating, an audio-visual component rack, and a high-definition flat-screen TV or a video projector and screen. For help taking this project into the end zone, contact a local general contractor. 

If a dedicated home theater is not in the cards, set up a media room with a wall-mounted TV. You can make small adjustments to your living room or basement, such as changing the seating arrangement or upgrading the sound system, to enhance the watch party experience.

2. Check Your HVAC 

Before the fans trickle in, adjust your thermostat to a comfortable temperature, and then monitor the heat levels throughout the party to keep everyone cozy. 

Of course, you also need to ensure your heating system is working well. A few weeks before the party, hire a local HVAC contractor to inspect your HVAC system for any potential issues. That way, you’ll have plenty of time to resolve any problems before game day.

3. Clean the House

couple cleaning up their apartment before company comes over
Photo: djoronimo / Adobe Stock

Anytime you open your home to guests, you also commit to cleaning your house from top to bottom. If you need help shaping up your space ahead of the party, hire a local cleaning service to take care of the cleaning tasks for you. 

You can also clean your house inside and out by yourself. Focus on the areas of the house that guests will use, such as the bathrooms, living room, and kitchen. Be sure to disinfect and deodorize the bathroom guests will use, set out ample toilet paper and hand towels, and replenish the soap. You should also consider deep cleaning tasks, such as cleaning your carpet and getting rid of any pet hair on the couch. 

4. Add a Fridge Or Cooler

Cold drinks are a requirement for game-watching. To make reaching for a beer a breeze, buy a mini refrigerator and place it in an easy-to-reach spot. Load it with sodas, brews, and other beverages to match your guests’ preferences. 

For a more economical alternative, fill a cooler or large galvanized steel tub with ice, lots of water and salt, and stock it with beverages. If there’s a lid, keep it closed. 

5. Hide Your Wires, Cables, and Cords

The last thing you want is for your guests to trip on wires and cords on their way to the couch. Hide these unsightly floor hazards by applying cord covers and attaching them to your wall or floor. You can also use adhesive hooks to affix cords to the backs of furniture, disguise cords by slipping them into your baseboards or tuck them into decorative containers.

6. Decorate with Team Colors and Merch

Show your team pride by decking out your home with your favorite team’s colors. Go all out by stringing balloons from your mailbox, hanging streamers from your ceiling and windows, and buying coordinating plates, cups, and napkins. 

To further support your team during your Super Bowl watch party, stock up on their gear and apparel to give away as party gifts. Shell out for T-shirts, jerseys, caps, and more. As a side benefit, guests who aren’t avid fans will find themselves coming around to your side. (We won’t tell them your strategy.)

7. Cook Up a Storm

man grilling at a tailgating party
Photo: seanlockephotography / Adobe Stock

A Super Bowl watch party is not complete without stadium-worthy snacks. Think chicken wings, pizza, bratwurst, and other Instagram-worthy eats. Stick to appetizer-size portions to make it easy for guests to pick up and eat food. Remember to set out condiments like ketchup, mustard, mayo, relish, hot sauce, and chili sauce.

If you’re entertaining a large group, use a slow cooker to prepare dishes and keep them warm throughout the game. Ahead of your cooking frenzy, organize your kitchen to ensure maximum efficiency for managing multiple dishes at one time.

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