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Paint Ideas for a Perfect Playroom

Michelle Umbehauer
Updated June 15, 2021
custom train mural in kid bedroom
Commission a local painter to put a mural on your playroom walls, or try one of these fun DIY painting projects detailed below. (Photo by Richard Spahr)

Unleash your child's creativity — and yours — with these fun painting ideas.

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A child’s imagination can take them anywhere, but why not set the backdrop by painting them a perfect playroom? These ideas, along with a little bit of paint, are sure to bring a smile to your child’s face for years to come.

Add a chalkboard chair rail

What kid doesn’t love playing with chalk? Transform an entire room into their very own canvas by painting the walls with chalkboard paint — or a similar creative paint option.

Kids can write, draw and color their own creative masterpieces directly onto the walls. And they’ll know they won’t be getting in trouble, because it all erases right off!

To add some style and separation to the room, considering adding white wainscoting with a chair rail along the lower third of the wall. This feature not only gives a clean appearance to a usually messy room, but also serves as a perfect spot to rest their chalk and erasers, like a handy tray right at their level.

Also, many people don’t realize chalkboard paint is available in any color, so the kids won’t have to be confined to black and white walls.

primary colored painted playroom
Use bright colors and accessories to inspire your kid's imagination. (Photo courtesy of CertaPro Painters)

Paint a parachute ceiling

The colorful parachute — it’s been a beloved playtime activity for decades! Children especially love when they get to hide and play underneath it, and now they can every day. A painted parachute on the ceiling of a playroom is such an enjoyable and awesome idea any kid is sure to love.

Find the center point of the ceiling and paint patterns of blue, red, green and yellow triangles (or any colors you choose) stemming from the middle, all the way around. This style looks especially great in a square room with raised ceilings, giving the effect of the parachute lifting up in the air over their heads. 

Sparkle with a glitter wall

Got girls? Every girl loves glitter and if you don’t sprinkle it all over the walls, they probably will anyway! A glitter wall is usually used as an accent wall and is often seen in little girls’ bedrooms, yet if you host a house of girls, this would make a perfectly princess-like place to play.

Simply choose any color paint and while the wall is still wet, gently toss thick, crafting glitter from top to bottom and let dry. Sometimes blowing the glitter or using a fan is helpful if you’re not looking for much.

And what a memorable way to get your child involved in readying the playroom with you! She’ll feel like a fairy being able to sprinkle pixie dust on the wall and will want to show it off to all her friends.

Fast track a racetrack room

Let’s hear it for the boys with a revved up race track room. Parents of boys know they are practically born making “vroom, vroom” sounds and love anything that goes fast! A perfect playroom for boys boasts a painted racetrack looping and curving up and down the wall.

You can choose to make this an intricate accent wall or make a track which bends around the entire room. But give a boy a toy car, and he’ll be doing laps for hours.

Try a bold color on the wall like red, orange or yellow to contrast against the curving black and white track. And don’t forget some traffic signs to help guide the way!

Branch out with an art tree mural

If you have a blooming young artist in your family, you know all the crafts can take over quickly. But an art tree mural in the playroom provides not only a little outdoor inspiration, but also a beautiful place to hang their work.

After painting a branchy tree on the wall (anything from whimsical to rustic), put nails into different spots on the branches and hang ribbon or rope. Clip their best masterpieces onto the tree. They’ll be so proud, they’ll never want to leave.

An attic playroom or any room with vaulted ceilings would be ideal for this, allowing the tree mural to extend up and over your child. Everyone knows the best place to play is under a tree!

Whether it’s surrounded by chalkboards, under a parachute, sparkling with glitter, racing across a room or hanging out under a tree, paint provides endless opportunities to give your kids the perfect place to play. 

Don’t love painting as much as your kids do? Hire a professional! A reputable interior painter would be familiar with these techniques or can refer you to a muralist who is. 

What creative painting techniques have you tried in your kids' rooms? Tell us about your projects in the comments section below!

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