Organize Your Home and Repurpose What You Don't Need

Sue Anderson
Written by Sue Anderson
Updated January 13, 2015
Shelves and boxes of neatly organized items in garage.
While home organization often includes getting rid of things, don’t ignore the storage and organizing potential of items such as old shelving units and sturdy cardboard boxes.
Photo courtesy of Ruth Ellen Huebner

Getting organized usually means getting rid of stuff ... but you can re-use some items as organizing helpers.

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Have you decided it’s time to get organized? As you sort through your things, you’ll probably end up with a pile of stuff you no longer need or use but that you hate to throw away.

The good news is that yesterday’s floppy disk case can become today’s gift card organizer. Here are some simple organizing solutions you can create using things you probably never even considered before. Enjoy!

Organize with CD or video storage shelves

Repurpose a sturdy CD or video storage shelf into a great storage solution for your excess soda, water and juice bottles and cans. Store extra pet treats or other items in a basket on the top shelf.

This creative storage solution can be tucked anywhere that you find some empty space, such as the landing of your basement stairs.

Magazine rack organization

Magazine racks make great storage solutions for gift bags. Not only does storing them this way keep them in great condition, they can easily be organized by size within the magazine rack for easy and quick access.

Storage crates help you get organized

Storage crates fit perfectly in most deep freezers. Maximize storage space and ease of access by separating freezer items into crates by categories (e.g. breakfast items, meats). Stack two or more crates, use zip ties and handles to lift in and out. No more digging and searching for what you need!

Hardware drawer organizer

Use a nail and screw hardware organizer (the kind with the little drawers) to store jewelry. The individual drawers and compartments keep jewelry untangled and easy to find.

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