Should You Tip Professional Gutter Cleaners? Here's What to Know

Jacqueline Quach
Written by Jacqueline Quach
Updated April 29, 2022
Worker using gutter vacuum cleaner
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Here are a few tips on tipping

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After a job well done, you may want to show gratitude to your gutter cleaners for helping you with an important home maintenance project. However, the right etiquette around tipping can be unclear when it comes to professional gutter services for your home. If you’d like to show appreciation to your gutter cleaners for their hard work, here’s some know-how on tipping, from how much to tip to alternative forms of tipping.  

Should I Tip My Gutter Cleaners?

The general rule of thumb is: no, it’s not customary to tip professional gutter cleaners. But there is no set in stone rule. While contractors usually don’t expect tips, you can always ask them about their tipping policy. Still, if your gutter cleaners have done an exceptional job, you can show your appreciation through tipping. 

How Much Should I Tip?

In instances where you’d like to tip your gutter cleaners, $10 to $20 per cleaner is a typical tip. If the job is more challenging or takes more time, you can always tip a little more. The cost of gutter cleaning is usually about $160, so you can take your budget into account when you hire a local gutter cleaner. A 20% tip on that job comes out to about $32.

What Are Some Alternative Options to Tipping?

Green bucket filled with ice and drinks
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There are other ways to show your gutter cleaners your gratitude. You can order them breakfast and coffee to give them fuel for the job or provide a box of snacks for them to munch on throughout the day. If it’s a hot day, they’ll most likely appreciate a cooler stocked with ice and refreshing drinks.

Other simple gestures like leaving a great review or giving them a referral can also act as a memorable thank you. They’re effortless deeds that help their business reach more customers and take very little time. 

When Should I Tip?

If giving a monetary tip, it’s best to give your tip to your gutter cleaners once they’ve finished the job. You can give it to them in cash form, along with your payment for the gutter cleaning. 

If your way of showing appreciation is to buy food for the crew, check in with them to see when is a convenient time for them to accept it, and coordinate with their meal times. You can also offer smaller items like snacks or drinks if your gutter cleaners are taking a break.  

Who Do I Give My Tips to?

You may want to consider asking the team leader about tipping policies before attempting to give them anything. Some contractors may not be allowed to accept money or certain types of goods, like homemade food or non-sealed beverages. 

Once you know that it’s okay to give tips, hand cash tips directly to the gutter cleaners who have worked on the job. If tipping with food, you can always give it to the team leader to hand out to everyone. 

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