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Angi How To Store Your Summer Clothes

Date Published: Nov. 12, 2019

Time: 15 Minutes

Whether you're ready for it or not, the weather is getting colder, and with the changing seasons comes a new wardrobe. It's time to make room for sweaters, coats and other cold-weather gear in your closet. Store your swimsuits and sandals properly now and they'll be ready to wear next summer.

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1Prepare storage location.

Prepare your storage spot before you put in your summer clothes. Thoroughly clean out your empty drawers, storage bins or closet. If it's a closet, make sure the floor is vacuumed and the shelves are dusted. If you suspect mold or mildew lurking in your storage space, try one of these eco-friendly cleaning products to take care of the problem.

2Wash your storage containers.

If you store your summer clothes in fabric storage bags, run them through your washing machine to remove dust and mold spores. If your containers or bags are plastic, clean them thoroughly with a disinfectant cleaner. Let them dry completely to keep mold and mildew from growing when the container is sealed tight.

3Line bins with cotton sheets.

If you use plastic containers to store your clothes, line the container with a cotton sheet to keep fragile clothing items from touching the plastic container. It's best to store the clothes in airtight plastic because pests and moisture can't get in, but if that isn't possible, any plastic container will do.

4Sort your clothes before you store them.

For step-by-step instructions on sorting your clothes, read: How to Organize Your Closet.

5Clean before storing.

Make sure all of your clothes are clean before you store them. Small dirt flecks can turn into permanent stains if they’re left unlaundered!


Note: Don’t use starch on shirts because the starch will attract insects.

6Add lavendar.

To keep moths away and your clothes smelling fresh, add a small breathable bag (like a cotton bag) of dried lavender to your storage containers or drawers. The smell of lavender repels moths and will keep your clothes smelling fresh.

7Store clothes in a ventilated location.

Store your clothing in a cool, well-ventilated area. It’s best if the clothes are stored away from natural light.


Note: Avoid basements and attics unless you live in a very dry climate. The added moisture in these areas will make your storage containers a mold paradise.