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How To Clean Your Rugs

Angi Staff
Written by Angi Staff
Updated December 17, 2019


Flex your DIY muscles.

Time to complete

15 minutes

  1. Vacuum your rugs regularly.

    Rooms with high traffic areas need to be vacuumed more often (we recommend once a week). On the front of the rug (the decorative part), only use the vacuum's suction feature. Don't use the beater bar/rotating brush because it sucks up the small fine wool fibers and will wear away your wool rug.

  2. Once a month, flip your rug upside down and thoroughly vacuum the back of the rug.

     It's okay to use a beater bar/rotating brush vacuum on the back because it won't harm the fibers.

  3. If your rug has fringe, do not use your vacuum to clean it!

    The fringe will be pulled into the bar and damage your rug. Fluff your fringe by hand to get rid of excess dust.

  4. Before you use a carpet shampoo or spray, check the label to be sure it's right for your rug type.

    Never use a carpet shampoo on wool rugs, because the shampoo will ruin the fiber of the rug. Only use a carpet shampoo if you have a synthetic rug and be sure to thoroughly rinse the shampoo out. If there is soap residue left, it will attract dirt.

  5. If you spill on your rug, blot the spill immediately using a clean white 100% cotton towel.

     Press down very hard from the outside of the spill to the middle. Blot (do not rub) repeatedly until you have absorbed as much moisture as possible. Rubbing will push the stain into the rug and cause permanent damage.


    Rinse the area thoroughly with mild detergent and water. If you don't, the milk will sour and ruin the rug.


    Use equal parts hydrogen peroxide and Dawn liquid dish soap. Don't apply the concoction straight on the rug. Apply it to a cotton towel and blot the spot until the color fades. Do not rub. Rinse the soap with cold water and let the rug air dry.

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