How Much Does It Cost to Cut Glass?

Scott Dylan Westerlund
Updated April 26, 2022
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  • Costs to cut glass vary based on the type of glass you're cutting.

  • While simple mirror glass is the least expensive to cut, a shower door can cost a pretty penny.

  • Most glass cutting is priced by square foot and glass thickness. 

  • Smoothed edges and holes cost extra.

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Cutting class to create a custom glass tabletop, build out a recycled glass countertop, design an artisan window, or put glass in cabinet doors can be a creative way to add a one-of-a-kind touch in your house. The cost to cut glass varies from $10 to $200 per square foot based on the complexity of the project. While that places the average cost per square foot to cut glass at around $100, simpler glass types typically cost less to customize.

Average Cost to Cut Glass per Square Foot

Low EndAverageHigh End

Cost to Cut Glass by Type

Detail of a professional cutting glass
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The cost to cut glass varies based on whether you’re using decorative glass or utility glass. Expect your glass pro to ask about "glass type" before cutting you a quote.

Annealed Glass

This nearly shatter-proof glass costs about $20 per square foot to cut.


Chosen for its durability amid high temperatures, ceramic glass is commonly used around fireplaces. Expect to pay up to $60 per square foot to cut it.

Laminate Glass

A common security glass, laminate glass costs around $40 per square foot to cut.

Shower Door

The specialized glass used for shower doors is often the most expensive glass to cut due to its thickness. Expect to pay up to $200 per square foot to customize a glass shower door.

Tempered Glass

If you're having a table cut, you're most likely dealing with tempered glass. A budget-friendly option, tempered glass costs just $20 per square for cutting.

Tempered Laminate

If you're having "structural glass" made of tempered laminate cut, expect to pay up to $100 per square foot.


Common mirror glass is the least expensive type to cut— it costs roughly $10 per square foot.

Factors That Influence the Cost to Cut Glass

A worker cutting a perfect round glass
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Both decorative flair and practical considerations can influence the price to cut glass. 


Cutting a single square is the least expensive option. Expect glass cutters to increase the price per square foot for specialty cuts. Shapes that can substantially raise the cost of cutting glass include:

  • Arches

  • Circles and ovals

  • Half circles

  • Hexagons

  • Octagons

  • Triangles

  • Trapezoid

Polishing the Edges

If you plan to polish the edges of your cut glass, it’ll cost between $20 and $35 for a thick-seamed edge to between $30 and $55 for a flat-polished edge.


If you need holes drilled into your new glass piece, expect your glass cutter to charge between $20 and $40 per hole.

Glass Thickness

After glass type and shape, glass thickness is the next biggest cost factor. While the average glass window at 3/32” will represent the middle of the cost spectrum, common mirrors ranging from 1/8” to 3/16" might be less expensive. Shower doors ranging from 3/8" to 1/2" represent the highest cost.

Cost to Cut Your Own Glass

Most glass can be cut with a simple glass cutter costing between $15 and $20, plus the cost of the glass material you choose. Of course, when you hire a professional glass cutter, you’re also buying their expertise to complete a complex job.

DIY vs. Hire a Glass Cutter Pro

Cutting glass on your own versus hiring a glass pro is all about your skill and comfort level. Glass is difficult to work with for someone who doesn't have experience. If you're working with a piece that's expensive or irreplaceable, you may prefer the peace of mind of protecting your valued glass by handing it over to a pro for resizing. Working with glass also requires precautions against cuts and eye injuries.


Is cutting glass yourself dangerous?

While it’s not necessarily dangerous to cut glass yourself, it is a project that requires care and skill. It's important to wear proper safety gear when cutting glass because the glass can shatter and splinter to create shards that could end up in your skin and eyes.

Can you cut a shower door to size?

Yes, glass shower doors can typically be cut to a custom shape by a professional glass cutter. It's a good idea to have a pro look at a glass shower door before you cut it because some treated glass cannot be cut without shattering.

Can you turn old glass into a table?

Yes, glass can be turned into a table. Another popular option is to install a piece of glass over an existing table. It's very important to ensure that the edges of the glass are smoothed out to prevent injury for people sitting at the table.

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