How Much Does it Cost to Repoint a Brick House in Metro New York City?

Updated November 13, 2020
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Question by Guest_9880981: How much does it cost to repoint a brick house in metro New York City?

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Answered by LCD: The tough part is going to be to find a mason who does entire houses rather than just localized spot repairs, and who knows how to determine what type of mortar you have now, because there are different types of line and cement mortars, and the lime and cement based ones do not get along. Also, before about 1940 bricks were fired differently, so some were soft "clay stackers", some "surface fired clay bricks", some "hard surface soft gut", some "fully fired" like modern bricks - each takes different mortar types, and using the wrong type can cause joint popouts and cracking of the bricks themselves, especially if too hard a mortar is used.

Your bids are going to run amuck - both due to likely access issues and to the shortage of good masons these days, Bid amounts are likely to run from $1-25/SF - anything below about $5/SF is probably someone who does not know what he is doing or is talking tuck pointing rather than repointing. Normal repointing of large areas will probably run $5-10/SF, and over two story and heritage brick home jobs can run from $10-25/SF, and if you have the softer type bricks that make machine removal of the grout risky, don't expect anything below $10/SF to be realistic. Expand that out to a full house of maybe a couple to as many as five thousand square feet, and you are talking REAL bucks - which is one reason there are a LOT of brick houses out there with bad mortar condition.

Read up on the process a bit, and especially the difference between "repointing" - repairing deteriorated mortar joints at depth - and "tuck pointing", which is just touching up the surficial mortar surface to bring it close to flush with the brick surface. And for a whole house repointing, expect a LONG time with scaffolding aroundthe house - as a two man crew can do about 50-100SF/day - to count on weeks for a full repoint, not days.

Here is an interesting case history on This Old House about old home repointing and the problems with portland cement mortars with "soft" bricks -,,232787,00.html

Answered by topsy788: Hello I am a certified sales person at topsy construction inc nyc .

Cost for brick pointing in nyc is depend on couple of things

Work Area (Manhattan,Lower Manhattan , Upper , Middle, Bornx, Queens , Brooklyn)

Residential or commercial Brick pointing

Age of brick

Does it also required Grinding the brick joints and steam cleaning wiht power wah

Does it required Suspended Scafolding or Weight scafolding

Does it require a sidewalk shed

Does it require weight scafolding etc

As you see above couple of things matter while estimating a brick pointing job . For a just normal brick pointing without grinding in bronx it cost around $4 / per square feet while at the same time it cost $9 to $15 in manhattan nyc .

In bron with grinding and steam cleaning it cost around $9 to $10 while in manhattan might be $20 $25

The cost might go down if the square feet are more than a 1000 .

The zero sand and waterproof portland cement is number one choice for brick material .

Picking the top quality company which have highly skilled worker is also a must . If you hire someone not much professional in this job might can destroy the look of your bricks.

Always Hire Licensed and Insured contractor for your brick pointing job !

As a sales person i recoemend

Topsy Construction Corp(888) 504-5546


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