Hiring Carpet Cleaners? Ask Them These 5 Questions

Lauren Wellbank
Written by Lauren Wellbank
Reviewed by Asya Biddle
Updated March 15, 2022
Professional carpet cleaner in someone’s home
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Dirty carpets can not only look bad, but they can harbor dust, pollen, and mold. Hiring a professional carpet cleaner near you can help you get rid of the dirt and debris while offering the added benefit of bringing your dingy rug back to its former glory. But there are a few things to ask your pro before you say “you’re hired.”

1. What Cleaning Solutions Do You Use?

Knowing what types of chemicals your carpet cleaners are using isn’t just about satisfying that need to know, it can help you be better informed when it comes to decisions about what they’re bringing into your house. 

"When hiring any contractor, the first thing to consider is the types of services they may provide," says Asya Biddle, Angi Expert Review Board member and manager of The Dust Busters janitorial company in Williamsport, PA. "Many professional carpet cleaning services offer various chemical solutions that are utilized depending on many factors, such as the carpet fiber, dirt, debris, or stains currently on the carpet, and the homeowner's preference of eco-friendly versus commercial cleaners."

Some professional carpet cleaners rely on highly corrosive detergents and brighteners that can not only strip your carpets of their natural coating, but can release harsh chemicals into your home. Avoid cleaners whose carpet cleaning arsenal includes acid or ingredients like tetrachloroethylene or perchloroethylene.

2. Are You Insured?

When you ask your carpet cleaners this question, what you’re really getting at is whether their company is bonded and insured. These types of policies mean they’ll be able to cover any accidental damage to your carpets, home furnishings, or other items on your property while they’re performing their service. 

If professional carpet shampooers near you were to accidentally knock over an expensive vase that’s been handed down for generations while moving furniture to shampoo the carpet, their insurance policy would cover the damages and pay to replace your broken decor item. 

3. May I Have Some Referrals?

Man talking on the phone to cleaners
Photo: Prostock-studio / Adobe Stock

There’s no better way to learn how good your carpet cleaning crew is than by talking to their past customers to avoid carpet cleaning scams. If they readily give up some names and numbers (who give glowing reviews), you can be pretty sure you’re working with a top-notch company. 

However, if they aren’t willing to let you speak to people who they’ve worked with in the past, there’s a pretty good chance the pros left a pool of dissatisfied customers behind them. 

4. Do You Offer a Guarantee?

You’re paying for a service, so you want to ensure you’re getting your money’s worth. Asking your carpet cleaners if they offer a guarantee can tell you two things. 

First, they stand by their work since companies lose money if they have to come back to a job already completed and work for free. When they say they offer a guarantee, it’s a good sign they’re going to do the best job possible the first time. 

Secondly, it says you’ll be sure you won’t have to worry about additional costs of carpet cleaning services if the first time doesn’t get the job done correctly. 

5. What Steps Are Included in the Standard Cleaning?

Will they move the living room furniture for you, or are you going to have to take your sectional apart and move it into the dining room for them? Will they put the table back once they’re done, or do you need to do some of the heavy lifting as well? 

There are many steps to the carpet cleaning process, so you want to know exactly which ones your payment will cover and what the extras are.

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