How to Meet Your New Neighbors

Tara Chila
Written by Tara Chila
Updated January 8, 2016
Learn how to feel at home in a new neighborhood. (Photo by Eldon Lindsay)

Moving to a new place means meeting new neighbors.

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Sometimes meeting new people can feel like high school or dating all over again. Your new neighbor might be someone you could have cookouts or go golfing with, but it all starts with an introduction. Try these methods to break the ice. 

Sit outside

Sitting on your front porch is a simple, non-aggressive way to meet your neighbors, so go enjoy a book in the nice breeze. Most of the neighbors know you’re new, and the friendly ones will more than likely introduce themselves. 

Take a walk

Try walking during popular times, such as the morning or afternoon when parents are at the bus stop or people are walking their dogs. This will help you get to know some of the faces as you walk by and say hello.

Attend a neighborhood meeting

While they don’t sound too exciting, neighborhood meetings provide a great opportunity to get involved in your neighborhood and meet new people. You can also get any of your questions answered about trash day, the community pool or snow shoveling policies.

Have a garage sale

If you didn’t purge before you moved, you’ll likely find many items during the unpacking process that you can do without. Throw a garage sale for a fresh start. You’ll meet neighbors and may even find common interests with them.

garage sale sign
The best way to get people to your sale is with signs and arrows. (Photo by Frank Espich)

Throw a housewarming party

If you really want to meet the neighbors, invite them over for a housewarming party. Make some fun finger foods and desserts. You’ll have a chance to mingle with everyone in one place. 

Meeting new people is supposed to be fun, so do it the right way and enjoy yourself! Good luck.

Have you ever had to start over in a new neighborhood? How did you meet the new neighbors? Tell us about it in the comments section below.

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