Brighten Up Your Home’s Exterior With These Soffit and Fascia Color Combos

Amy Pawlukiewicz
Written by Amy Pawlukiewicz
Updated January 25, 2022
Gray roof white brick house
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While Soffit and fascia serve a vital function for your roof system, they also offer a fantastic opportunity to dress up your home with a pop of color. Soffit is the siding on the underside of your roof’s overhang, and fascia is the area of siding directly above the soffit. Here are some color and material combination inspirations to get you started on your home painting project.


If you’d like a more traditional look, matching the color of your soffit and fascia is the way to go. When picking neutrals for your soffit and fascia, it’s always best to complement the color of your siding and roof.

Dark Gray

White house with gray trim
Dariusz Jarzabek / Adobe Stock

Choosing a darker gray to offset white siding will give your home a more dramatic look, and this combination is popular now in the modern farmhouse style. Dark gray can also be a good choice for lighter gray siding or beige siding, but make sure you don’t go too dark on the siding choice, or your grays will all start to blend together.

Light Gray

Gray wooden roof detail
Photo: Inga / Adobe Stock

Light gray soffit and fascia options are a versatile combination that can go with many siding colors. If you want a slightly less dramatic look than dark gray, light gray is a good option with white siding. Light gray also complements blue siding well, but make sure your blue siding has gray undertones instead of red.


White house black roof sunlight
Photo: slavun / Adobe Stock

Like the dark gray option, black fascia and soffits go very well with white siding, especially if you’re going for the modern farmhouse look. Matching black soffits and fascia with black window grills and frames can be an especially striking touch.


Navy House white detail stone
Photo: hikesterson / Getty Images

As with other neutrals, white is a good complement to just about every color. White soffits and fascia look good with darker primary colors, such as navy blue, moss green, and brick red. White also matches well with grays and beiges, if you’re going for a more traditional feel.


Green house painted trim wood door
Photo: irina88w / Getty Images

If you’re looking for something that’s not quite as stark as white, beige soffit and fascia paint color options go well with blues, greens, reds, dark grays, and blacks. What you’ll get is a slightly less stark contrast between the colors, for a softer visual experience.


Brown detail stone house windows
Photo: tamas / Adobe Stock

Brown or natural wood Soffit and fascia goes with just about any color. With lighter colors like white or light beige, you’ll have a nice contrast that’s a bit softer than black or dark gray. Keep in mind that when choosing dark colors, they fade in the sunlight, and though the Soffit is shielded from the sun, the fascia might tend to lighten with time.


Though it’s a popular choice, your soffit and fascia don’t have to be the same color. Choosing a different color for your soffit can add a cool pop of color when paired with a neutral fascia. 

Bright Colors

Bright pastel colors wood painted buildings
Photo: Michael Pop / Adobe Stock

If you’re going for a beachy look, pairing white fascia with a light teal adds a pretty pop of color. Be careful not to go too dark or you’ll end up dragging down the design choice.

Greens, Reds, or Blues

Stone house green detail garden
Photo: Image Source / Adobe Stock

Pairing a navy blue, forest green, or darker red Soffit with any neutral fascia color can be a great way to bring color into your design scheme without painting your entire house one of those colors.

Natural Wood and Black

House wood and white detail
Photo: bildlove / Adobe Stock

A natural wood soffit with black fascia and white siding brings a slightly different look to the modern farmhouse design. It softens the feel of the design without losing the drama of the contrast between the black and white.

No matter what soffit and fascia colors you opt for, remember to factor in your roof and siding, so you don’t end up with a design disaster. If you’re also redoing your roof, choosing a roof color will play a big part in the color scheme for your home.

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