Essentials for an Apartment Rental Application

Lisa Pegues
Written by Lisa Pegues
Updated February 5, 2016
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No matter what your dream apartment looks like, there are three items you should take when filling out a rental application.
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Which documents or pieces of identification should you take along to fill out an apartment application?

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We all know the apartment search process can be very stressful and can often trigger a variety of emotions ranging from anxiety to confusion, even anger. After you find that perfect apartment, your next step will be to begin the application process.

Make these three essential items available to your landlord during the application process to prevent someone else from beating you to the apartment of your dreams.

1. Bring your checkbook

Most landlords will screen a prospective tenant by requiring them to complete an apartment application. However, the application alone cannot determine a renter’s reliability. Therefore landlords usually also run a background check and review your credit history.

When you submit your application you will need to pay an application fee, so have your checkbook handy. Many apartments will accept credit cards for your application fee, but they will likely charge a small fee for that service.

2. Don’t forget your photo identification

The landlord will require you to verify your identity on your rental application, so make sure to bring your driver’s license. If you do not have a driver’s license then you will need another form of photo identification, such as a passport, military ID or state-issued ID. Your potential landlord will likely use your official identification to review your rental history and help determine your creditworthiness.

3. Show proof of ability to pay rent

The landlord will want to verify you have a job or the funds to pay the rent. You may need to provide current paystubs or bank statements during the application process to show you can afford the apartment.

It is important to be honest when disclosing your financial information. Remember most financial advisors recommend that your rent does not exceed 30-percent of your monthly income.

Filling out an apartment rental application

Applying for an apartment feels like a lengthy process, but having your application in order can help speed it up. Working with an apartment finder can help you land the perfect apartment and navigate your application as quickly as possible.

Apartment locators are knowledgeable of qualification requirements. They can provide you with a list of apartment choices that fit your standards and criteria, ultimately saving you time and money on wasted application fees.

What issues have you had with apartment rental applications? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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