DIY Kitchen Cabinets Add Storage Space to Family Room

Written by Angie's List member Lydia Bellknap of Columbus, Ohio
Updated May 4, 2016
DIY cabinet installation
This finished DIY cabinet project added storage and functionality to the family room. (Photo by Angie's List member Lydia Bellknap of Columbus, Ohio)

In need of additional storage space, one Angie's List member takes matters into her own hands.

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Project details

Project: Added cabinet storage to family room

Approximate cost: $622

Timeline: Four extended weekends

With my family room in need of additional storage, I decided to add some kitchen cabinets to the space. The cabinets were made of old wood and composite materials purchased from the Habitat for Humanity resale store. For just over $600 I was able to turn the cabinets into an appealing storage space that adds functionality to the room.

DIY with just a little help

I refurbished the cabinets on my own over the course of four long weekends, slowly transforming the material to fit the space. Help came in the form of a friend who helped me cut the 10-foot top of the cabinets and another friend who helped me carry and place the top on the units when it was ready. 

DIY cabinet installation
Kitchen cabinets purchased from a Habitat for Humanity resale store included wood and composite materials. (Photo by Lydia Bellknap of Columbus, Ohio)

Lessons learned

Quite frankly, I learned a lot during the course of completing this project, including how to level and install the kitchen cabinets in my home. I also learned how to “rip” a 10-foot piece of plywood with a circular saw. I’m not certain that it’s my best project, but it’s the most challenging project I have taken on so far.

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Lydia Bellknap, a native of Ohio, loves to travel and improve her residence. Her most recent project was her most challenging – how to add more storage space to her home.

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