DDIY: Leave These Home Improvement Projects to the Pros

Haley Johnston
Written by Haley Johnston
Updated June 15, 2021
kitchen with recessed lighting
While recessed lighting adds charm to a space, any project requiring electrical work should be crossed off your DIY list. (Photo courtesy of Lowe's)

A recent surge in the DIY movement has led many homeowners to roll up their sleeves and get more involved in their home improvement projects.

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This can be a cost effective way to revamp your home, as well as a creative outlet for those who take pride in the craftsmanship. Sometimes, however, it’s easy for homeowners to bite off more than they can chew. In this case, the benefits of DIY become drawbacks as homeowners may spend more money to correct the problem after the failed project or put themselves in danger to complete them. Leave these home improvement projects to the professionals. 

Recessed Lighting

While recessed lighting adds lots of charm to a space, any project requiring electrical work or new wiring should be crossed off your DIY list. Incorrectly done, electrical wiring could turn into a major safety hazard and make your home susceptible to electric shocks and fires. Cutting wires too short, reversing hot and neutral wires and installing cable without a clamp are all mistakes that could endanger your home. Avoid making a risky mistake by hiring an electrician to handle your recessed lighting.

Reroute Plumbing

plumber working on pipes
Hiring a professional for your plumbing project ensures it's done right the first time. (Photo courtesy of Moss Building & Design)

Remodeling a bathroom could add a lot of value to your home, but trying to save money on plumbing work could cost you in the end. If your remodel involves ground work plumbing, like moving plumbing lines behind walls or below ground, it can get messy if you are outside of your skill level. Other jobs, such as replacing old piping, installing septic tanks and gas line plumbing, should also be left to the professionals not only for the sake of your safety, but the sake of your wallet. Before you dive into a DIY plumbing project, ask yourself if you have a few thousand dollars to drop to repair the damage. 

Siding and Shingle Repairs

roof shingles
DIY projects and ladders don't always mix well. (Photo courtesy of iStock)

Installing siding quickly becomes an issue of safety the higher you go. Whether you are afraid of heights or have a steady foot is not the only problem. Distraction also plays a part when focusing on an intricate project. Following all the installation instructions without compromising quality on a windy fall day, all while 20 feet up in the air, is a recipe for disaster. And while it may be easy to spot damaged roof shingles safely from the ground, going up to fix them is another story. Stay on the safe side and leave the siding and shingle repairs to those with experience.

While we love a good DIY project and homeowners being able to channel creativity into their homes, we recommend always playing it safe when it comes to making updates. It could save you money and protect you from potential injury.

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