5 Ways a Water Audit Can Save You Money This Summer

Chris Knippa
Written by Chris Knippa
Updated June 10, 2016
Backyard water slide
Conducting an annual water audit can save you loads of money this summer. (Photo courtesy of Kinetico San Antonio)

As rapid population growth continues, we see more and more consumption of water.

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Believe it or not, conducting a regular water audit into your homeowners list of ‘things to do’ could be extremely beneficial not only to managing your consumption of water, but to saving the dollar bills from flying out of your wallet as well. 

Take a look at the following ways a regular water audit can save you money as the heat of the sun rolls in this summer.

1. Leak detection

Conducting an annual water audit can save you loads of money on the energy bill, especially if your auditor finds a leak in your household. They will conduct a leak detection survey looking for the obvious, and not so obvious leaks such as faucets toilets, as well as phantom leaks (those found behind walls, under floors, and beneath foundations).

2. Landscaping

The proper landscaping in your yard can make or break your water bill. During a water audit, ask your auditor to provide ideas on what kind of ground cover, vines, shrubs, and trees you need to reduce water consumption. Over the course of a year, slowly landscaping your yard to optimize efficiency will lead to a nice decline in your water bill.

3. Irrigation

Similar to landscaping, consider getting a water audit to receive the best and most relevant tips for watering your lawn. For instance, your auditor can give you extremely handy tips like what hours to water, how much is needed and what restrictions are limited to your neighborhood.

4. Pool

Did you know installing a cover over your pool can save upwards of 1,000 gallons of water per month from evaporating? Not only this, but installing a proper filtration system, as well as checking the right signs for leaks, can reduce your amount of water consumption pretty significantly.

5. Personal water consumption

Personal water consumption is high in the United States - scaling to about 300 gallons of water per average sized family per day. A water audit will show you where you can start cutting corners in your household. 

Simple things like turning off the water while you brush your teeth, installing water saving shower heads, and installing water saving flush heads in your toilet are just a few of the extremely easy (and money saving) tips you can receive from completing a water audit!

When was the last time you had a water audit conducted for your home? Share your experience in the comments section below!

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