3 DIY Solutions to Apartment Living Problems

Bubba May
Written by Bubba May
Updated July 19, 2016
apartment living
Make your apartment feel like home by hacking these three problems. (Photo courtesy of Jeremy Martinez)

Use these apartment decorating, storage and privacy ideas to work around your home's issues.

Renting has a lot of benefits over owning. For example, you typically aren’t locked into a location for more than a year, which gives you more freedom. You don’t have to worry about paying for major repairs, such as a broken air conditioning unit or water heater. You typically have a landlord or maintenance person to handle minor issues.

But as anyone who has rented before knows, apartment living isn’t always perfect. Here are three easy fixes for common renter problems.

1. Restrictive apartment decorating rules

You want to feel comfortable in your apartment. You may be renting, but it is still your home. While some apartments won’t let you paint the walls of your apartment, most apartments do allow you to hang things on the wall.

One way to spruce up your apartment is hanging photos or art to create a gallery wall. You can buy reasonably priced frames at resale shops and spray paint them different colors to add bold colors to normally dull white walls.

Does the apartment have strict rules about the walls and hanging pictures? Use sticky strips to hang things or pick bold colors for furniture and décor to liven up the apartment.

gallery wall apartment decorating
One apartment decorating idea is to create a gallery wall that reflects your personal aesthetic. (Photo courtesy of Darcy Barrett)

2. Not enough apartment storage space

Another annoyance apartment renters deal with is not having enough storage space. Who wants to pay rent on both an apartment and a storage facility?

Your bed probably takes up more space than any other item in your apartment, so research under-bed storage to maximize your space. Don’t let it go to waste!

Depending on how low to the ground your bed frame is, you can probably use the space under your bed to store shoes and clothing. You can also look into getting closet vacuum pack storage to store bulky seasonal clothes under the bed that would normally take up closet space.

Another trick is to put extra bedding in between your mattress and box spring. Lay it out evenly to avoid lumps.

3. Apartment living’s lack of privacy

Depending on your floor plan, you may not feel like you have a lot of privacy. If you want to give your apartment the illusion of more space or more rooms then, look into privacy screens. You can either buy one or create your own. Separate your children’s room to give an older sibling some privacy or separate the dining area from the living room to make the place feel more spacious than it is.

The 3-in-1 apartment design hack

Want to solve all three problems with one solution? One crafty idea is to stack milk crates and have them double as storage and a divider. Spray paint the crates to go with your décor or just buy the color your want.

Making your apartment feel like home is easy with creative design and decorating.

Have other apartment decorating ideas worked for you? Share your tips in the comments section below!

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