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Advance Concept Construction

Founded 1999 • With Angi since August 2010


(18) Verified Reviews

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3167 San Mateo NE Ste 114

Albuquerque, NM 87110


Advance Concept Group is your one stop shop for contractor services. We will get your project done on time and on budget. We have designers, engineers, and craftsmen and we are self-performing – no subcontractors and no hassles. We pass the savings on to you. We do projects of all sizes, from

Verified Reviews

A few reviews for this pro...


Gwendolyn G.

One word for this contractor...unprofessional. I purchased a deal through Angie's list for 4 hours of electrical work for $149.00 based on their reviews on Angie’s List. I contacted the company prior to the purchase to confirm if they would be able to perform the work I needed. The person I spoke to was Kurt Bowker, the owner. I sent him an email detailing the work I needed performed. Below is the exact text of the email I sent him. “ On your Angie's list special, would 4 hours be enough time to install 3 ceiling fan braces and one exterior security light? For the fans, there are light boxes there now and I've purchased the braces that get installed between the ceiling joists. For the security light, I have an external conduit at the roof line feeding other outlets and lights on the exterior of the house, I was hoping to tap off of that for the additional light, I've already purchased the new light, box and wiring for that. “ Here is his exact response: “A couple of questions 1. Is the drywall open to install the ceiling all braces or did you get the remodel braces? 2. The security light is going to be installed how far away from the end of the current conduit? Is it flex conduit or rigid? Depending on how far we would need to run the conduit the 4 hours might be a little on the light side but would not be more than an 1 hour more I think.” The conduit he referred to in his question did not have to be run at all. The electricians simply opened the existing junction box and installed the light in its location. So here is what happened. Mr. Bowker sent two gentlemen to my home, they arrived 30 minutes late. They each started in different locations. The first one did the outside security light and that took about 30 minutes. The other started taking down the ceiling fan in the living room. By the time he got it down the first gentlemen came in from outside to help. In this room they discovered that the box was already attached to a stud and they said it just needed a screw added on the other side to make it more stable. They added three screws and reinstalled the fan. They went on to the master bedroom and removed the fan, added the brace and put the fan back up. At this point they had been there for just over one hour. My thoughts at this point were that they should have no issue completing the last fan within the 50 minutes remaining. Boy was I wrong. They took the fan down and started to install the brace. At this point they damaged the drywall in the ceiling leaving a big hole. While I understand that accidents happen I offered to purchase a medallion to cover the hole if they would deduct the cost to which they agreed. I felt this was a fair compromise. So I proceeded to leave and make the purchase. What I didn’t realize was that they were charging me to sit there and wait, which is ridiculous as the delay was due to their damage. When I got back they started to replace the fan and while one gentleman sat there trying to figure out how to rewire it the other just watched. When they left they told me that the owner would get in touch with me regarding what had happened. On December 17th I received an invoice for $655.38. I was shocked. They billed me for an additional 8 hours at $76.57 per hour. I contacted him right way by email questioning the excessive amount. Then I followed up with a phone call when I didn’t get a response. When I spoke to Kurt he apologized and said that he had incorrectly billed me and not to worry about it. On May 6, 2014 a year and a half later he sent me an invoice for $484.18 where he took off $20.00 for the medallion and two hours of labor at $70.00 per hour. I explained to him that he had billed me in error and that this was resolved a year and a half ago and he is now threatening me with legal action. To top it all off, the first ceiling fan in the living room that they claimed to have secured dropped out of the ceiling. I had a qualified electrician come out and he stated that the screws used by Advance Concept Group were too short and that I’m lucky this fan didn’t fall on my head! I would never use this contractor again, nor would I recommend them to anyone. They claimed they were sending two journeyman electricians, but it is clear from what I observed that these men lacked training and had difficulty wiring a simple ceiling fan.

Description of Work
Installed two remodel ceiling fan brackets and one exterior security light.

Category remodeling



Cindy E.

Chris was on time and great to work with. He installed hardware to all our kitchen cabinets and replaced the kick board under the kitchen cabinets. Chris fixed some loose boards in the upstairs bathroom and also reinforced one of the closets. I will use Advance Concept Construction again. Thank you.

Description of Work
Several woodworking projects that had been on the "to-do" list for way too long.

Category roofing, woodworking



Joshua G.

The owner was friendly and guided us through picking out the right doors. His crew was friendly, patient with my schedule. We're happy with our doors and we plan to use this company again on future projects.

Description of Work
installed French doors

Category roofing



Cathleen T.

Advanced Concept requires a $6400 fee for the design floor plan and construction blueprints—half of which is due upfront. We paid the $3200 though we had only a verbal understanding about the work to be done: Advanced Concept would provide three preliminary floorplans based on the parameters provided for our addition, we would give feedback and the floorplans would be revised until we reached an acceptable plan. The first problem was that we were not offered a contract, even after requesting one, a contract was not provided. Second problem was that the design ideas offered were VERY subpar. Third problem, when things were delayed, Kurt lied to us. When we finally realized that we could not depend on Advanced Concepts to provide a descent design plan, let alone a completed addition to our home, we called and told Kurt we wanted our money back. First, we politely requested a return of money, then we pleaded for a return of money, then we begged,. Kurt continued to put us off and he lied to us. Eventually, we threatened Kurt with a lawsuit and Angie's list. I guess that's what finally did it, but still Kurt returned only 60% of our money. Advanced Concepts is probably fine for maintenance, repairs, and small projects but I have to agree with another reviewer who simply said that Kurt was in over his head with a larger project. Sadly, we did not see that review in time. Yes, it could have been worse. Advanced Concepts did return some of our funds but the lesson we learned was pretty expensive just the same.

Description of Work
We hired Kurt Bowker and Advanced Concept to design and build an approximately 350 sq ft addition to our home.

Category remodeling, home builders, architect




Bless their hearts. These guys got in way over their heads. The project manager, Kurt, will promise the moon and make you believe it. Unfortunately, much of his equipment is in need of repair and with the exception of his electricians, his people lack the experience to deliver. His big selling point is having licensed HVAC, plumbing, electrical, and other people all working for him so no subcontractors to worry about. Great theory I bought into it. So how could things be such a mess? Well I finally realized that my daughter was "licensed" to drive a car but that didn't mean she was qualified to drive professionally without supervision. Licensed Plumber - Ran 1/2" flex water line through the ceiling instead of hard lining through the foundation or walls. Forgot to put the outdoor spigot in until after I reminded him. Sink drain leaking onto brand new vanity. Catching drips in a pan for now, will hire plumber to repair. Concrete - Fail. Total disaster! wish I could post pics for ya. Foundation slab was poured in freezing temp and covered with tarps and dirt, followed by lumber and rocks. The lumber and rocks along with boot prints left large divots as deep as 2 inches and raised nearly as high next to the divots. While they did put lot of effort trying to correct this, it is still not level. The poured patio is horrible. Crooked wavy lines, unfinished edges, slopped concrete dried on existing concrete and of course cracks within a week beyond what would be considered "normal. Not to mention the paint stains from where they attempted to paint the patio ceiling. Roof - Fail. Did not have professional roofer so they used whoever was available. Failed final inspection but they did come back and make corrections. Construction - Fail. Comedy of errors. Like watching an episode of keystone cops. Truss snapped in half during installation. No communications between team members. Window placed in wrong location. Truss hit with BobCat tractor bucket. Holes drilled thru walls by mistake. Pallet of OSB lumber dropped on block wall. Chain link gate destroyed during truss delivery which they bent back enough to make closable and called it good. I could go on and on Communication with customer - fail. These guys lied every chance they got. In fact I once commented to them that they had blown so much smoke up my rear that I had to schedule a colonoscopy. Electrical - excellent. Professional. Stucco - excellent. Even though half way through the job I had to front I had to front the stucco sub-contractor thousands of dollars to finish the job because he didn't trust the contractor to pay him. Heck at one point Kurt emailed me to ask for an advance because he couldn't make payroll. I happily advanced him 20k to keep people working. I pretty much kicked them off the sight toward the end because I thought they were doing more damage than good. I'm not saying that you shouldn't hire them, but I would speak personally with recent clients. It is my understanding that my case was similar to other recent jobs. Just hear say from the crew. (none of which seemed happy with their boss. Again I believe this job was more than they could handle and hopefully was a wake up call for them to reconsider what they are getting into. I wish them well in the future. Share on Band of Neighbors: Yes

Description of Work
Removed existing Sun room and concrete. Design and install covered patio as well as room addition. Plumbing, electrical, HVAC, roofing, camera and intercom, etc..

Category concrete repair, decks, drywall, electrician, excavators, flooring contractor, picture framing, heating & air conditioning/hvac, insulation, lighting, plumbing, roofing, siding, replacement windows, home builders, skylights, window treatments, drain pipe, ceiling fans, structural engineer, architect, stucco, interior painters, doors, home automation, patios



Joshua G.

they did the job without needing anything from me, which helped; the office people were polite and helpful with scheduling and helping working around children's nap times

Description of Work
Cleaned gutters, did a good job, were late and that ran into children's nap times

Category gutter cleaning



Carol P.

Advance Concept Construction called me ahead of time to ask me what my list was so that they could send out the right person and my list was varied so they sent the right person. I was very happy with them. The man they sent completed the jobs quite quickly so that he could move on to another one. He was versatile with what he could do. He came ready to work and got to the job and was very professional. He was slightly delayed but he called me.

Description of Work
Advance Concept Construction went through my whole list of work in 4 hours. He installed water filters and a piece under my garage to keep the water out and several other things that we got done.

Category handyman service



Chris B.

Kurt Bowker, the "owner" is an absolute clown! He's a smooth talker and was able to convince me the work he did on my front yard would result in drainage for the heavy rains. Even his father-in-law (who was working with Kurt) told me and Kurt he didn't think the work they completed would work. However, Kurt over-ruled him and convinced me the work was good. During our first heavy rain (within a week of the work), my yard flooded worse than before Kurt tore up my yard. I called Kurt, and he agreed to come over and work on my yard again. However, my yard continued to flood severely. I called Kurt again, but he would not answer his phone or return calls. I finally called his father (animal veterinarian in Edgewood) to find out where Kurt was. Apparently I'm not the only one to have to call Kurt's parents. All in all, Kurt Bowker is an incompetent businessman, and I will NEVER use his "services" again.

Description of Work
I found Kurt's number on a business card at a veterinarian hospital in Edgewood, New Mexico. I called him for an estimate to do some landscaping. Kurt came over in a dump truck and described how he would move dirt from some areas of my yard and add gravel in order to ensure the water form the heavy rains would run away from my house. He was very convincing he knew what he was doing.

Category landscaping




,Very positive fellow and anxious to be of help. I would have liked for him to bring the sealant for the roof flashing and do the job on the spot but that might not have been possible.

Description of Work
Repaired faucet leak Repaired couch leg repaired garage door gave estimate on decking and roof repair of porch spent alot of time diagnosing Rev Osmosis problem and installed new parts, but requires more equipment still. Opened new dining table which I could not open. The roofing listed above is a mistake. I did not request it. the garage door was great job the glue on couch leg expanded and dripped down the leg.

Category decks, furniture repair, garage doors, handyman service, plumbing, roofing



Yvonne S.

When I went out to the house to see the job I realized the were re-stuccoing the whole house. They did a good job for cheap since the did the whole house. In the end they went above and beyond for what they did. I should have gotten more clarification in the beginning as to what was being done. They did not finish the job in the time they said they would.

Description of Work
I needed some stucco patching done on a house. I thought that the bid they gave me was a little high.

Category stucco




Everything went well, and he did a good job with the cleaning.

Description of Work
He cleaned my gutters and inspected my flat roof.

Category gutter cleaning, roofing



Richard C.


Description of Work
Gutter cleaning and repair

Category gutter repair, roofing




We bought an old house in Los Alamos that had not been updated since it was built in 1968. KTM completely gutted the kitchen took out a wall between the kitchen and the living room. We also expanded a 7'x25' area just off the kitchen into the garage area for additional pantry storage and relocation of the washer and dryer from downstairs. We reconfigured the cooking area and moved the appliances around. We added a large window over the sink and counter top area and a sliding glass door just off the dining area. KTM custom built all the cabinetry from alder wood. We contracted out the granite counter tops separately. We had a lot of trouble with counter tops because the contractor we contracted through Home Depot went bankrupt during the process. KTM worked with us and installed temporary plywood counter tops and sinks and drains for no extra charge. KTM came back and finished the plumbing after the granite counter tops were installed. KTM does beautiful work and they are willing to work with the customer so that the customer can do some of the work to save money. We did most of the demolition (tearing things out is the easy part), all of the flooring and painting. Kurt is easy to work with and his crew are hardworking and clean. No bad language and they clean up after themselves as they go. People should realize that they have to live with the construction crews for a while when they undertake large interior remodels. I found KTM to be very professional and conscientious about their work. KTM may not seem like the cheapest contractor around and their estimates seem high at first but what I discovered was that Kurt does not low-ball his estimates and there are no change orders unless you want to change the original scope of work. Other contractors low-ball the original estimate and then they play dumb about things you thought were included in the estimate and then they get you with change orders. Overall the costs are reasonable and commensurate with the quality you get. I also like the fact that when KTM starts a job they stay on the job until it is finished. Finally, and most importantly, I found Kurt to be completely honest, up-front and a man of his word.

Description of Work
Complete kitchen remodel and expansion into garage area.

Category custom cabinets, countertops, flooring contractor, hardwood floor, plumbing, remodeling, replacement windows, home remodeling, interior painters, doors




The company wasn't prompt. They had little to no customer service. All they were concerned about was getting their money and making sure we knew there wasn't any warranty for the work. Now I know why.

Description of Work
I contacted KTM to repair my mother's concrete driveway which had some spalling and a couple of holes. They looked at it in April of 2011. The first attempt at repair was done on 10 June. It was a shabby job that only put a "skin" on the concrete and didn't fix the problem, so I called and complained. They sent the same guy out on 30 June. He was supposed to be there at 5PM and I was told he would call. He came at 7PM, made no contact with my mother, refused to use a hose that was long enough for the job and left a mess on the gravel on either side of the driveway. He only tried to fix 1/2 as that was all the hose he used would reach. I complained again and asked for the owner to come out and check the work. On 21 July, the same guy came out and without contacting my mother, redid the job, put a block on the driveway and basically confined my mother to the house until the driveway dried. The bill was submitted and paid. The first rain came and the material used to skin the concrete has begun to crumble and blow away making a mess of the driveway, the gravel on either side of the driveway, and everywhere else. The job was shoddy from beginning to end. There was never any supervision of the worker who apparently didn't know what he was doing, and as far as I'm concerned it was $400.00 thrown away. I will never recommend this company for any work anywhere.

Category concrete repair



John R.

Didn't return calls for about a week. Took another week to come out and estimate work, then another week to email the estimates to me. Estimates almost double what other estimates were. Called for further estimates in November, and haven't even gotten a response as of 5 Jan, 2012.

Description of Work
Called to ask to schedule an estimate.

Category electrician, plumbing, remodeling, roofing

Service Provider Response

We are sorry that it took a while to get out, as we are very busy that was the soonest we could get out. As far as the price there are many companies that will give a low bid to get in the door and then charge change orders to make it up. Also there are many unlicensed and and uninsured contractors that do not have the overhead of licensed and insured contractors. We take the approach to make sure that we cover as much as possible in the original quote so that we do not have change orders. The fact that our quote was twice what the other quotes says that it was not a true comparison and that the scope of work bid on was not the same. Are quotes are broken out by the CSI (Construction Standard Industry) codes so they are very detailed.


Kathryn I W.

Very professional. very thorough and easy to work with!

Description of Work
Engineering floor survey.

Category remodeling



jimmie D.

He does excellent work I recommend to anyone I know. I hand his cards out like candy. He's done electrical, plumbing, and roofing work for me. He's always been excellent and on time. He's clean, friendly, and nice. I haven't used somebody like him in years.

Description of Work
He came back to do some roof repair. It didn't cost anything because they did some before and this was a little piece that needed to be fixed.

Category electrician, plumbing, remodeling, roofing



jimmie D.

I could not be more pleased with a company, I have recommended him to several other people and will continue to do sol

Description of Work
I have used this company for several different jobs including some carpentery, electrical work, and roof repairs. All the work has been most satisfactory. The owner, Paul David Miller, gave estimates which held up the work was started and finished as promised, not always by him, but by those in his employ. In each case we discussed what was needed and why, in the case of the roof his explanation was right in line with other estimates, only he did not try to sell me a new roof. In the case of the carpentery we needed some rails along side a set of steps for my wife to use and Paul made suggestions that saved us a considerable sum of money.

Category contractors, electrician, plumbing, roofing

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    Angi Certified

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    All statements concerning insurance, licenses, and bonds are informational only, and are self-reported. Since insurance, licenses and bonds can expire and can be cancelled, homeowners should always check such information for themselves.To find more licensing information for your state, visit our Find Licensing Requirements page.
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    Handyman, carpentry, plumbing, electrical, stucco work, tile, property maintenance, remodel & upgrade, new home construction, barns, garage and storage building, bathroom, drywall repairs, appliance replacement, landscaping installation, irrigation, framing, sheetrock installation and finishing, painting and staining & custom wood working.

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    Frequently Asked Questions & Answers about Advance Concept Construction

    How is Advance Concept Construction overall rated?

    Advance Concept Construction is currently rated 3.8 overall out of 5.

    What days are Advance Concept Construction open?

    Advance Concept Construction is open:

    Sunday: Closed

    Monday: 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM

    Tuesday: 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM

    Wednesday: 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM

    Thursday: 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM

    Friday: 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM

    Saturday: Closed

    What payment options does Advance Concept Construction provide

    Advance Concept Construction accepts the following forms of payment: MasterCard, Check, Visa, Financing Available, American Express, Discover

    Does Advance Concept Construction offer free estimates?

    Yes, Advance Concept Construction offers free project estimates.

    Does Advance Concept Construction offer eco-friendly accreditations?

    Yes, Advance Concept Construction offers eco-friendly accreditations.

    Does Advance Concept Construction offer a senior discount?

    No, Advance Concept Construction does not offer a senior discount.

    Does Advance Concept Construction offer emergency services?

    Yes, Advance Concept Construction offers emergency services.

    Are warranties offered by Advance Concept Construction?

    Yes, Advance Concept Construction offers warranties.

    What services does Advance Concept Construction offer?

    Advance Concept Construction offers the following services: Handyman, carpentry, plumbing, electrical, stucco work, tile, property maintenance, remodel & upgrade, new home construction, barns, garage and storage building, bathroom, drywall repairs, appliance replacement, landscaping installation, irrigation, framing, sheetrock installation and finishing, painting and staining & custom wood working.

    Are there any services Advance Concept Construction does not offer?