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exterior of white home with black accents and gutter system

How Do You Repair Fascia Boards?

Fascia boards play a vital role in extending the lifespan of your roof, but they take a lot of punishment. Knowing how to maintain and repair your fascia can protect your home’s structural integrity, preserve your roof, and prevent water damage.
breakfast nook in kitchen

Learn What Moods Warm Colors and Cool Colors Evoke

Interior designers use color as one of their main tools when creating beautiful interiors. Learn the psychology behind colors to plan your interior design.
girl bedroom

A Style Guide for Kids’ Bedroom Design

Kids' rooms should be easy to change as kids' interests change. Learn bedroom design tips to create a space that adapts seamlessly as children grow.
drinks on outdoor patio

Use Accessories to Give Your Home a Designer Look

Interior designers have some go-to home decor accessories they use when creating dream rooms. Learn how to accessorize to give your home a designer look.
Septic tank workers

5 Questions To Ask About Septic Tanks

Here are five crucial questions that every homeowner should ask before hiring a contractor to pump their septic tank to get the best company.
Paver driveway

Paver Driveway, Walk Step up Home's Curb Appeal

Miami, Florida-area homeowner says sayonara to his asphalt driveway and welcomes a custom front walkway and driveway constructed from brick pavers
skylights in wood-covered ceiling

Why the Right Wood for your Home Makes a Difference

A 74-year-old beam in a classic home on Miami Beach tells a lot about why the right type of wood — and the right location — really matters in your home.
classic bathroom vanity

How to Design a Timeless and Luxurious Bathroom

Home design tips and tricks to transform your bathroom into an oasis with a classic look, from the best type of wall paint and lights to advice on accessories.
empty swimming pool enclosed by fence

Worst Miami Contractors of 2011

Angie's List names the worst Miami contractors for 2011.

Miami Best & Worst Contractors of 2013

The Angie's List Newsroom reveals the Best & Worst Miami Contractors of 2013, chosen for their superior or shoddy service. Did your contractor make the list?