Everything You Need to Know About ‘Bedscaping,’ the Trend That Can Improve Your Home Decor and Relaxation

Lawrence Bonk
Written by Lawrence Bonk
Updated May 5, 2022
A woman writing in her notebook while laying on her comfortable bed
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  • Bedscaping means making your bed look aesthetically pleasing but goes further than making the bed.

  • Bedscaping involves adjacent furniture, like area rugs and nightstands. 

  • The perfect bedscape is color-coordinated and representative of your personality. 

  • Many believe bedscaping can help increase sleep quality, as you’ll look forward to sleeping each night.

  • Some bedscaping tips include sticking to warm colors, layering lights, and creating calming aromas.

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If your bedroom is a sanctuary, then your actual bed is a sanctuary within a sanctuary. Your bed is probably one of your favorite places in your home, so why not give it the love it deserves? Enter bedscaping, a relatively new and searing-hot bedroom design trend that’s all about making your bed the focal point of your room. 

Before contacting a local interior designer and picking out new pillows, read this guide and get the full scoop on bedscaping.

What Is Bedscaping?

Simply put, bedscaping means focusing on curating your bed to be a dreamy, aesthetically pleasing spot for you to look at during the day and get cozy in at night. Yes, this means making the bed as you normally do, complete with pillows, blankets, duvets, and comforters, but bedscaping goes many steps beyond regular old bed-making. This process also involves carefully choosing all of the furniture and centerpieces surrounding the bed, like nightstands, wall decor, and rugs. 

If you’ve ever walked into a bedroom where everything looks pulled together—from the throw pillows on the bed to the picture frames on the nightstand to the cozy throw perfectly adorning the comforter—this is a great example of bedscaping. 

The result? A coordinated space that evokes calm and puts a smile on your face every time you look at it. That means no more shutting the bedroom door when company comes around: You’ll definitely want to show this space off.

The Biggest Benefits of Bedscaping

The primary benefit behind bedscaping is creating a personal space you look forward to entering each night. Many believe that this, in turn, can increase sleep quality. As a matter of fact, a study conducted by Travelodge found that calm tones, such as green and blue, lead to better quality sleep and a healthy amount of sleep. 

Another benefit? The sense of accomplishment of a job well done, as properly arranging your perfect bedscape is sure to give you a sense of pride and a killer Instagram photo.

What Does Bedscaping Cost? 

Bedscaping can cost as much or as little as you want. Hiring an interior decorator costs $50 to $500 per hour if you want to pull out all of the stops. However, some simple rearranging and colorful bedspreads also go a long way to creating a calming sleep space. 

Start small to know if this trend is for you. Buy a simple duvet cover and new pillowcases, or move some colored lamps in from another part of the house into your room.

6 Bedscaping Tips to Get Started

A man meditating with his eyes closed on his bed
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Looking to start creating your perfect sleep space with bedscaping? Here are some ideas to make bedscaping a breeze, allowing you to bask in the glow of a perfect night’s sleep. 

Create Your Happy Place 

The whole point of this exercise is creating a space you love, so lean heavily on your personal aesthetic to determine how your ideal cozy space looks. Think about what calms you down in your daily life and find a way to bring that into your room. There is no “right” or “wrong” way to bedscape a sleep space. Try different combos until your perfect bedroom is within sight. 

Pick the Right Color Combos 

Choosing the right colors is crucial when implementing the perfect bedscape. Blue, green, and yellow increase sleep quality, according to Amerisleep, while brown and purple generally impede a good night’s sleep. However, everything is subjective, and each person is different. If brown or purple calms you down and helps you sleep, roll with it. As a starting point, though, experiment with blue and green to see what happens. 

Declutter Your Space

Although you may be tempted to start adding things during bedscaping, you also may want to cut down on unnecessary items to really tap into the beauty of your space. That means donating any books you’ll never get around to reading that are cluttering your nightstand and regularly clearing away any shoes you kicked off and forgot. Then you’ll have more room for the things that bring you joy—or you can just revel in a more minimalist design style

Promote Increased Comfort

If your mattress is older than you’d care to admit, think about replacing it to get a better night’s sleep and a better canvas for your new setup. As for bedspreads, natural fibers are a good bet as they absorb sweat and keep you cooler.

For pillows, take your time and choose the right pillow for you. Pick one created for your sleep style (side, back, stomach, etc.) and do your research before making a purchase. 

Don’t Forget the Extras

While the bed is undoubtedly the star of the bedscaping show, don’t neglect any additional accessories. Beyond bed-related items, try adding a color-coordinated area rug or nightstand. Experiment with different lighting schemes, which is a good excuse to pull out the holiday string lights out early. Also, remember the importance of smell when it comes to relaxation. Try your hand at aromatherapy via scented candles or dedicated aromatherapy diffuser machines.

Look Around for Ideas

The world is chock full of bedscaping designs. Check out online resources like interior design message boards, social media, and home decor websites, as well as magazines, TV shows, and even your friends’ homes. You never know what might catch your eye and help you catch some z’s.

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