Quick Ideas to Make Your Home Feel Cozy

Emily Udell
Written by Emily Udell
Updated October 10, 2016
couch with four throw pillows
Adding throw pillows and blankets will instantly up the cozy feeling in your home.
Katelin Kinney

Follow these tips to cozy up your space with house plants, lighting, home decor and more!

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Sight, sound, smell, taste and touch — if you want to make your home feel cozy, it helps to start thinking about the five senses. What elements can you add to your environment to make the atmosphere immediately more appealing and cozier?

Get started with our quick tips, but feel free to experiment with your home decor to make it most comfortable for you.

Install Dimmer Switches

Nothing creates a mood like lighting! Give yourself the option to create different vibes by putting your lights on dimmer switches. Slide a switch to cozy up the dining room for an intimate dinner, the living room for a relaxing yoga session or the rec area for a family movie night.

If you have limited experience with electrical work, hire an electrician to update your switches. Add a few mood lamps or pendant lights to a room for a similar effect.

three small plants on window sill
Indoor house plants not only make a space feel more comfortable but also help clean the air. (Photo by Joe Hodgson)

Place Plants and Flowers

A touch of greenery gives any interior an infusion of charm and life, and it has the added benefit of helping purify the air! Place pots with any flora you find attractive around your living area or install hanging planters if you feel like being fancy.

Fresh-cut flowers in vases or jars offer a temporary burst of color, and make your space smell great. Dried eucalyptus branches or containers of potpourri also add an appealing aroma.

Add Pillows and Blankets

Nothing says “relax” like home accessories that make it easy to snuggle up with a good book or movie — or even take a quick catnap!

Add a few extra comfy throw pillows to your seating areas to elevate their lounge factor. Store a few soft throw blankets inside an ottoman or trunk within reach, or drape them over the backs of your couch and chairs.

Hang a heated towel bar

If the idea of a heated bathroom floor sounds amazing, but a little pricey of a project, why not install a heated towel bar or hire a handyman to do it for you?

Home improvement stores sell heated towel racks for less than $300, so treat yourself to the luxury of warm towels when you emerge from the shower. Give yourself a little high-end hotel luxury at home!

rainbow colorful wind chime
A colorful wind chime can add a pleasant background sounds to your space. (Photo courtesy of Ashton Hansen)

Create sound experiences

Sometimes soothing music and soft sounds help generate a relaxing vibe. If you don’t have a home automation system that fires up your favorite album or playlist when you get home, streamline your stereo so you can easily turn on some tunes when the mood strikes. Hang up a wind chime on your eaves for another appealing auditory element.

What's your favorite way to make a space relaxing? Tell us in the comments below what features of your home make it feel cozy to you.

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